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Ookami taii cho
OOkami Taii cho
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Wisconsin unfortunately
My zanpaktuo Alpha Dansei

My zanpaktuo takes on the form of an all white wolf with cold calculating ice blue eyes he's the epitome of dominance and animal instinct. His anger is slow and deadly and his cold blue eyes speak to the deepest most primitive roots of the brain. Cold, calculating, and composed he is natures perfect weapon.

Sealed Form
Nothing too special here just a 4 foot white reverse blade katana, the only thing that stands out in this form is the guard which is shaped to look like a canines fangs.

Hantaa Kaiketsu Shimasu
The Hunters Resolve
Now my zanpakuto takes on the form of bladed ton-fas the ton-fas are all white and have three double edged blades like claws. In this form i can also draw on one of Alpha Dansei's abilities. Every time i cut my opponent it wears on their morale and can take away their will to fight.

Hantaa Kokudo
The Hunters Domain
In this form my zanpakuto takes the shape of white triple bladed gauntlets again like claws, but most of the changes happen im my own appearence. My hair turns white and gets longer and shaggy, my eyes turn an icy cold shade of blue and my teeth lengthen into canines. in this form my speed, agility, stamina, and power all get a boost and my senses of smell, hearing, and sight are heightened. I also gain the ability to use two more attacks Hantaa Nagekimasu- The Hunters Lament a howl that the brain reacts to on a primitive level it brings about fear and despair and makes it difficult to think clearly and keep the will to fight. And last but not least Hantaa Nagememasu- The Hunters Gaze this happens when i look my opponent directly in the eyes, the brain reacts to this look of pure predatory instinct by freezing up like a rabbit thats seen a fox. Like a deer in the headlights they are frozen with fear and helpless to move as the hunter swiftly delivers death. Survival of the fittest is a natural law.

My release cry when i release my zanpaktuo would sound like this, "Shihai shimasu kimi no emono, Alpha Dansei!!" which means roughly Dominate your prey Alpha male for those who don't speak Japanese.
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