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Old 2009-03-10, 02:14   Link #161
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Originally Posted by masterwok View Post
i think sy tao is talking about the bread episode where they have to guard it for a week and the PE teacher is trying to mess up the bread. sousuke sets traps so that the bread cant be tampered with
lol i still don't recall it, maybe i missed it? its in Fumoffu right?
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Old 2009-03-10, 06:47   Link #162
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Originally Posted by Revalent View Post
lol i still don't recall it, maybe i missed it? its in Fumoffu right?

It starts off with Kaname eagerly waiting for class to end. When the bell rings she springs from the class, seeing the corridor packed she jumps through a window and runs along the roof of the corridor before jumping to the bread line.

My favourite part of the episode is when she is talking to Sousuke about how to get bread. After her advice Sousuke draws his Glock 19 and fires off a round only to ask for the plain rolls...

"It doesn't mean much, we never had a chance."
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Old 2009-03-11, 02:00   Link #163
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ha yeah and before that kaname was complaining that she had to get to the front because if you weren't quick enough you would just get a plain roll and no body ever wants a plain roll. that's such a good one
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Old 2009-03-11, 10:26   Link #164
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the pony maniac episode was the most hilarious for me *well, fumoffu is pure comedy*
the way kaname run and scream was ROFLMAO XDDDD
I admire satsuki yukino for her act
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Old 2009-03-20, 10:45   Link #165
sy tao
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hehe, yes it is the episode wherein the P.E. sensei wants to sabotage the food so as to cause trouble^^ ahaha,,, the face of the teacher is so hilarious!! check it out to experience fun^^
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Old 2009-04-28, 23:15   Link #166
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Originally Posted by asuka_kirisawa View Post
the pony maniac episode was the most hilarious for me *well, fumoffu is pure comedy*
the way kaname run and scream was ROFLMAO XDDDD
I admire satsuki yukino for her act
lmfao, the Pony Maniac episode was win xD

That was one of my fave epis of fumoffu.

I too adore Yukino... she's so emotive and amazing with her voice acting. She gives a lot of life to Kaname's character... Kaname's just not the some with the english voice actress.

I personally loled during that one Fumoffu episode where they were at the beach and Sousuke thought Kaname was kidnapped, and how he was picturing hentai stuff happening to her xD

And I agree with everyone who mentioned the last episode. I love when everyone got murderous and looked like they were about to attack Sousuke xD

Oh and the episode where Sousuke forgets Kaname's homework and they go out to get it in a certain amount of time. I love the crazy policewoman, and Kaname trying to push Sousuke out of the train...

Gawd I miss fumoffu. I hope they do come back with more lighthearted episodes like this for FMP one day (though that's unlikely given the very serious direction the series has taken).
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Old 2010-11-15, 14:40   Link #167
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I especially like the Fumoffu season where Sousuke forgotten Kaname's notes. Chaos and hilarity ensues! xD
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Old 2010-11-16, 04:14   Link #168
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The "Getting back the note book" episode
The "Rugby"
The "Seed" at the Hot spring"
THe "Biohazard Thingi"
The "Ghost"
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Old 2011-07-23, 08:40   Link #169
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Originally Posted by eMpTy265 View Post
FMP:F? had too many funny moments to mention 'em all.

#1: Rugby training incident... (All the *beep*ing, the FMJ parody, and the punt that Sousuke does... ROFLMAO)
hahaha love that one...
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