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Old 2010-11-22, 19:46   Link #81
Join Date: Oct 2008
There was Twister in Rihoko's arc? And they didn't animate it? MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. Epic fail.
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Old 2010-11-22, 21:52   Link #82
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Originally Posted by Sai Feng View Post
They better make a 45-minute OVA retelling Rihoko's arc.
No need for an Ova, the arc would easily fit in an ordinary 25 minute episode. One episode would've been more than enough for her, with the three remaining ones, they should've done a Miya arc!

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Old 2010-11-22, 22:06   Link #83
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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
I think that's going just a tad bit to far..
How about water-boarded instead?
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Old 2010-11-22, 22:21   Link #84
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It is refreshing to have an ending like this, even if it's not that satisfying.

Next arc will be good though. I hope my expectations won't be let down.
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Old 2010-11-23, 00:12   Link #85
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Originally Posted by pikachuwei View Post
that hitler's vid

and the start of ep 20 basically described our thoughts


my theory that haruka end is the real ending of all paths of amagami still stands~

No one appreciates subtlety. I think there was plenty of hints that he sees her in a better than friends light, he's just not as overt with it than in previous head bludgeoning arcs.
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Old 2010-11-23, 06:39   Link #86
Join Date: Oct 2006
Meh I think its all been pretty much said by now *late as always*.

Now to decide if I want to even bother with the final arc or not...

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That is...

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Old 2010-11-23, 06:53   Link #87
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I agree about the subtlety. This was *not* what is called a bad ending. She was not even friendzoned, except as far as she did so herself. As far as I can see, this is the path that leads up to the "I was devoured" chapter in the Precious Diary manga, but obviously I would have liked to see that as the final episode and the four episodes of "eating with Rihoko" condensed into three. I blame the proximity to Ayatsuji's arc, and inexperience with the omnibus format.

And in any case, it was good to have an actual likable male lead for once.
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Old 2010-11-23, 08:45   Link #88
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
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Originally Posted by Itlandm View Post
I agree about the subtlety. This was *not* what is called a bad ending. She was not even friendzoned, except as far as she did so herself. As far as I can see, this is the path that leads up to the "I was devoured" chapter in the Precious Diary manga, but obviously I would have liked to see that as the final episode and the four episodes of "eating with Rihoko" condensed into three. I blame the proximity to Ayatsuji's arc, and inexperience with the omnibus format.

And in any case, it was good to have an actual likable male lead for once.
Yeah. I do hope this would be the Junichi template they use for the last arc.
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Old 2010-11-23, 09:02   Link #89
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I'm feeling generous today so I'll go easy on Rihoko.

Just as I expected there would be no confession only mutual understanding between Junichi and Rihoko. Even though there was almost zero romantic involvement between the two characters I still enjoyed watching this episode. The arc has wasted its potential but I guess the writers purposely dumbed down the story so the other girls will not outshine Tsukasa's arc...

Well, as always, Haruka stole the show again by doing the irresistably cute dog tricks.

Anyway after watching disappointing arcs after another I will not give high expectations to Tsukasa's arc :P
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Old 2010-11-23, 14:48   Link #90
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Canada

Entire Arc had barely any romantic flag, main heroine of the arc gets FRIENDZONED, in her own arc. Seriously, I was never a big fan of Rihoko, but this is pure horsecrap, I laughed so hard on the "Downfall" dub, it never gets old.

The point of these resets is to give each female lead her own spotlight, a chance to tell their own story, what's the point of the omnibus if you can't even do each character's best end?

Even if this act was dumb down to set up for the last arc, I still don't agree as it doesn't do Rihoko fan justice, terrible decision.

EDIT: Jun'ichi repeated stated Rihoko's just a childhood friend, he ended up helping her with the Tea club but that does not mean they have moved past that. Jun'ichi finds Rihoko somewhat attractive, but not once did he even considered to himself that maybe he can move past the friend phase with her, at least not to the viewers; that is known as friendzoned. Unlike the Koaru arc, where Jun'ichi actually questioned himself how he views Koaru.
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Old 2010-11-23, 16:32   Link #91
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Rihoko is doomed for failure the moment she became fully reliant on him "noticing her feelings" I'm sorry these sorta things never work out, you either become proactive with your feelings or you lose your chance.
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Old 2010-11-23, 19:12   Link #92
Join Date: Mar 2007
Rihoko deserves some romantic moments, definitely.

Though on a plus note, I think I felt more emotional during that graduation scene than I did for most of the romantic moments in this anime.
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Old 2010-11-23, 22:41   Link #93
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1/10 What a wasteful 25 minutes. I'm not a Rihoko biggest fan, but there are something wrong in this "Tea club" arc. The first two episode is fine but you gotto admit that it was wrong when there are no progress at all.

Somebody might say that Junichi romantic feeling are subtlety. They might be right. But I would like to add that he never consider Rihoko as his romantic interest. He might blush sometime but it is only a blush. People like him will blush all the time when they think about cute girl.

Junichi might think that Rihoko is cute and want to help her and that's it. Nothing more than that. It's normal if you find your close friend cute, help them out, and didn't tangle with them.

At least the ending should have a scene that they have a start to serious about their relationship.
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Old 2010-11-24, 01:40   Link #94
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This episode just frustated me. Friggin. :/
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Old 2010-11-24, 14:00   Link #95
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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I think I ended up liking Rihoko best of all the girls so far. Too bad most of the romantic development for her is in the future. I do think we can imagine it, but I wish we had seen it. That frustration aside, I did enjoy this episode quite a bit. Nice feeling. The senpai were good. I may have liked this scene best:

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Old 2010-11-25, 05:13   Link #96
Pocky Yoshi
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Despite not having a romantic ending, this arc was more on the fuzzy friends side for me.
I'm sort of glad they didn't put too much rush into it. However, it looks a bit obvious that Rihoko and Tachibana will probably date in the future. Overall it gets a 8/10 from me.
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Old 2010-11-25, 05:28   Link #97
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Haruka saved the day by using her using her legendary dog handling techniques.
Credit to grylsygaeger
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Old 2010-11-25, 21:11   Link #98
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hm, really liked Rihoko's moments and she's a really sweet character to watch, but the whole 'climax' if you can it one and overall, Junichi and Rihoko made next to no progress at all during her entire route..which to me is a big letdown..

especially considering that it seems her arc covered the most time-span. Everyone else's only covered mere weeks to a few months, while Rihoko steadily covered close to an entire 2 years of their school-life.

Biggest pts for this arc and particualr episode is Rihoko still messing up onher diet.
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Old 2010-11-25, 22:15   Link #99
Join Date: Aug 2007
Knowing I wasn't going to get the full romantic ending before watching the episode helped me enjoy it for what it was, rather than worry too much about what it could have been. Overall, it was nice, cute, and would have been great... had it not been the be all end all episode for the arc. But oh well. At least it seems Junichi has some realization of Rihoko as someone he likes, which makes it easier to imagine that everything will eventually lead to the Precious Diary chapter.

Other than the romantic plot not fully being resolved, probably my biggest disappointment, really, is that there was never a moment when Junichi told Rihoko that she really did not need to go on a diet and that she was fine the way she was. That would have been nice, considering Rihoko really isn't all that fat anyways. (Ironically, he *did* say something along those lines back in early Haruka's arc... He also says something along those lines in the Precious Diary chapter.)

Overall, I'd have to give this arc an 8/10 with assist (from the Precious Diary chapter). Mind you, without said assist, it'd probably be... a 3/10. >_> I enjoyed it for what it's worth, but I sure hope if another series ever does an omnibus format like this, that they don't pull the stunt this arc pulled, and especially not with the ever-precious childhood friend character...
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Old 2010-11-26, 13:04   Link #100
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They could have least add a scene like Junichi joins the Tea club because he loves Rihoko and they both kiss. They would have been much better but no, we get nothing, no even a couple ending, just a hint. A HINT!

I give this a 7 as the 3 was subtracted for not having a couple ending!
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