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Old 2004-10-11, 19:59   Link #1
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Some art of mine...

Well heres a character ive been working on, i still dont like the way the legs turned out, and the one hand on the right....but...i'll probably end up redrawing this one, and spending a little more time with it at least, we'll see. Anyway here it is for your viewing pleasure!

yea i am still fairly new to manga drawing, if you have any suggestions please suggest, aside from the previously mentioned things. I'll post some more of my work here as i get it done, though most of the time im just honing my skills, and not really drawing anything concrete...but we'll see hope you enjoy, argh and i should make a new ava....
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Old 2004-10-11, 21:05   Link #2
Join Date: Apr 2004
cool outfit I think. More creative than what I come up with.
As for the body, the torso is good, shoulders good, head ok, but youre right, from the hips down to the feet some refinement is in order. I always have difficulty with arms and legs myself, but I recommend studying anatomy a bit more because it really does help a lot. otherwise though, its quite good man. Looking forward to seeing more.
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Old 2004-10-11, 23:02   Link #3
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If you are beginning to draw manga, don't try to be original doing your own thing. The quickest and fastest shortcut to understanding it and being able to draw it well enough is to find a manga you really like, and copy it, copy the character drawings by eyeing it and try to draw it as close to the original as possible, but don't trace.

Keep copying, this method will let you understand some basics of manga, and maybe teach you a thing or two about human anatomy.
Once you are confident with your stuff, start going your own way, but then again, it won't be too soon.( Maybe even a year or two)

The journey to drawing manga is a long and bumpy road, filled with pot holes and angry pedestrians.
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Old 2004-10-12, 03:18   Link #4
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Actually, if we are talking shortcuts, than using tracing as a tool of practice can be of help early on in the learning process. It helps you to understand the lines your favourite artists use in their own works.

Of course, this can also lead to developing many bad habits, and you should never show these works off as they are just traced images and people will take offense at seeing you post them. Also, try to stay away from that if you really do want to improve your skills beyond something of a hobby.

The best way to gain a solid understanding drawing that isn't a shortcut is to gain an understanding of understructure, not just what it is but why artists of every level use it to improve their work. Think of it as a skeleton to your drawing. It is the stick figures and simple shapes underneath the drawing that the artist uses at the very beginning to map out the image in their mind onto the paper. Very light, rough linework used to make sure all your proportions are correct, and that your poses are realistic. Lightly drawn boxes, ovals, and other shapes are then laid over the stick figures to flesh them out, think of them as the muscles of your work. Again, this helps in proportion and anatomy.

Also, a good way to start, one that will build good habits for your drawing future is to learn realistic human anatomy. Any cartoonish style, yes including any anime styles, are exaggerations on reality itself, and if you know the basics of that reality, then your exaggerations will be more appealing and more consistant.

Most importantly are these two things that you should always remember. First, practice! Practice all the time! Take paper and pencils with you everywhere! Try to get in at least 15 minutes a day, and that is the bare minimum, the more you do the better you will get, and the faster you will get better!

Second, don't give up! Do not get discouraged! You're just beginning, so expect harsh critisism, especially if you plug your early work in an art community that is really serious about their work, and by that I mean professionals and whatnot.

We all start out at the bottom of the heap, but if you don't let that get to you, and you take all critisism to heart, you can improve your work considerably over time.
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Old 2004-10-12, 06:15   Link #5
What you say?!?!
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Indeed, I agree with what everything both Radd and anime-otaku said. I started somewhat improving when I began to study the human anatomy by attempting to draw it realistically. Initially, I couldn't find a base to concoct my drawings off of, but then I just began to look at pictures of myself and friends. From there, I just attempted to flesh out fingers, arms, faces, and whatnot. Once I got the hang of that, manga style became a lot easier because I was able to get the anatomy right in different poses.

If anything, look to real life for inspiration if you can't find any. I really don't have anything to say after that. Good luck!

And your character reminds me of Iruka from Naruto. Nice.

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Old 2004-10-12, 15:34   Link #6
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Join Date: Oct 2004
Thanks for your input so far, i have done a lot of copying in the past, i havent done so much recently, but recently i have just been trying to draw from real pictures...seems to help me a bit. Also i have tried, but never fully comprehended the whole starting with ovals and circles and what not. I can get some of it. but yea, and than any movement, and i lose my perspective, but i practice everyday and am getting better, even just looking at some of my art from last month till now it's like wow......but thanks for your help so far, ill keep what you have said in mind.
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