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Old 2010-11-07, 08:13   Link #301
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Originally Posted by Yui Is My Wife View Post

Regardless, she is still the embodiment of the cardinal virtues fundamental to all major religions and selfless-philosophies: To be spread kindness, decency and hope with the time God gave you on this Earth for as long as you live.
Which is why i think of Yui as Mahoromatic reborn in another world, where her clumsiness comes from her having all of her android features stripped in this world.

And i'd love to see Gainax and KyoAni collaborate on an Anime together. However, they better not fuck up the ending like what they did to Mahoromatic.
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Old 2010-11-26, 19:09   Link #302
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Old 2010-11-26, 19:33   Link #303
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Happy Birthday Yui! \o/

I'm going to be making a birthday desk/stuff photo tommorow to troll someone I know, but I'll have fun doing it as it's Yui's birthday! <3
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Old 2010-11-26, 20:27   Link #304
Afternoon Tea
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Yah!! how old do you think she is now?
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Old 2010-11-26, 20:28   Link #305
Smiling beauty
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Originally Posted by CaptnAwesomee View Post
Yah!! how old do you think she is now?
She started the high school at 15... so.. 18?
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Old 2010-11-26, 21:52   Link #306
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She's 19 AFAIK.
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Old 2010-11-26, 22:33   Link #307
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19? Oh, good. So our ages are not too far apart....

btw... happy birthday Yui..

Some k-on! fans even celebrate it in Toyosato Elementary School (model for Sakuragaoka High School in the anime series)
Spoiler for toyosato elementary:

Ui's reaction when someone celebrate her sis' birthday
Spoiler for Ui:
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Old 2010-11-26, 22:59   Link #308
Chocolate Pocky
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Happy birthday Yui!
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Old 2010-11-27, 01:37   Link #309
Lord of Fire
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Happy birthday, Yui. May you live long and prosperous.
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Old 2010-11-27, 03:57   Link #310
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Happy birthday Yui!!! I posted two birthday pics in the image thread.
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Old 2010-11-27, 15:51   Link #311
Afternoon Tea
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well here in the U.S its November 27 so Happy Birthday (^∀^)

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Old 2010-11-27, 18:28   Link #312
Otaku Guy
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Happy Birthday Yui
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Old 2010-11-30, 00:50   Link #313
Stupidity is Bliss.
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uggh. i'm so behind.. but..


she's my favorite airhead!!! XDDD
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Old 2010-12-04, 01:16   Link #314
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Those pictures are.. quite something. A Yui shrine or..yeah lol My brother has the same birthday as Mio xD
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Old 2011-03-04, 15:11   Link #315
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While she is kind of dimwitted and slow what amazes me is her ability to do something really well if she sets puts all her focus it. That amazing concentration lol.
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Old 2011-04-11, 02:45   Link #316
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Thumbs up

I find her extremely quirky in her own way. She also has this alternation between Short and Long attention spans. How she interacts with everyone gives off warm vibes that you cant help but love, and if you dont love them, soon you will.
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Old 2011-11-02, 14:17   Link #317
Yui Is My Wife
Paper-Fan of DOOM!!
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Is there going to be an Event Celebrating Yui-chan's birthday in Toyosato on the 27th of November this year, or are they going to just mix it together with Azunyan's like they did last year?

If there will be a celebration this year, Heck Yes I'm Going.
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Old 2011-11-09, 12:40   Link #318
by John Digweed House Mix
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well, I will be honest Yui likes me it's a very cute girl and not overbearing like other anime girls, she is positive inclusive when sick, and ingenuity likes me.

when you are sad, smiling because is easier mourn

Spoiler for evil??:

K-On evil?? LOL

credit to their respective owners
"Cuando un hombre descubre sus faltas, Dios las cubre. Cuando un hombre las esconde, Dios las descubre...cuando las reconoce, Dios las olvida." -San Agustín
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Old 2011-11-09, 12:48   Link #319
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Theory on Yui Hirasawa that I'd like to get feedback from fellow Yui fans on.

I think that Yui may be a fair bit smarter than she lets on, perhaps even intellectually gifted. But because she's a natural goofball and a bit of a slacker when it comes to hard hard work, she hides her smarts in order to lower the expectations of those around her, and coast more easily through life. We see some possible hints here in how easily she does well at a guitar-playing, and how she aced all those tests. It's worth noting that musical genius often goes hand-in-hand with good mathematical skills.

You won't get this analogy unless you've watched some older anime, but you could say that Yui is a bit like this guy:

That's the Irresponsible Captain Tylor, of the anime of the same name. He also comes across as a fun-loving airheaded goofball, and yet he consistently keeps winning and outmaneuvering his enemies. You're never quite sure if he's just insanely lucky, or if he's an utter genius who has everybody fooled.

I wonder if Yui might be similar to Tylor here.
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Old 2011-11-09, 20:38   Link #320
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While both characters are laid back and friendly people, I find Yui's thought process is easier to pin down; bribe with her cake and she'll do anything! Yui can also accomplish a lot when she puts her mind to and definitely has musical talent.

As for Tylor, I've finished the entire series and I still have no idea what goes on in his head. Tylor never offers a clear explanation for his actions either and most of his actions can be taken as either clever plans/improvisations or extraordinary luck or possibly a mixture of the two. His crew seems to feel the same way but regardless of his actual intelligence, there's no doubt that he's reliable.

In short, I think Yui's relatively straightforward and Tylor is enigmatic.
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