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Old 2004-10-12, 08:19   Link #1
Master Ran
The Invincible Dawn
Join Date: Apr 2003
Shura no Mon anime: Is this for real?

Any Shura no Mon readers out there?

Just wanted to ask if this has been animated already?
When was it?

I never heard about an animated SnM but while browsing, I saw a US site store selling a Shura no Mon HK DVD. Episodes 1-7.

Anyone here seen an episode or is this just a hoax or something?

Btw, the store's name is Sasa.

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Old 2004-10-12, 16:40   Link #2
Weapon of Mass Discussion
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Not Shura no Mon. It was probably Shura no Toki which is a Shura no Mon sidestory series. The anime was licensed already so you won't find it on AnimeSuki. Media Blasters is going to be releasing it on DVD.

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Old 2004-10-12, 18:47   Link #3
Master Ran
The Invincible Dawn
Join Date: Apr 2003
Nope. I know Shura no Toki.
I have all the raws of Shura no toki even posted alot on that Shura thread.

I'm talking about Shura no Mon. 2 DVDs.
Heres the site.
SASA Store

Just search for Shura no mon

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Old 2004-10-12, 19:43   Link #4
Senior Member
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wow it is and it's right below shura no toki thats very weird i haven't found anything about it in neither ANIDB nor in ANN
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Old 2004-10-13, 11:41   Link #5
step closer to Amaterasu
Join Date: Apr 2004
very weird.. could it be that shura no mon was made into an anime way before our time?

but i think the site is just wrong. Probably they meant two graphic novels for the manga.
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