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Old 2010-09-16, 10:23   Link #1741
The Great Dine
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Originally Posted by Winar View Post
Anyone founded lyrics of 大いなる金持ち (The Greatly Wealthy Man)? I like this song very much (bored from woman\girl vocals) and want to read translation/
I know someone posted the raw lyrics here, but no translation.
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Old 2010-10-11, 17:13   Link #1742
Junior Member
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Can someone write down the Kanji, or Romaji lyrics for this song?
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Old 2010-10-11, 18:14   Link #1743
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2010
Speaking of songs, I'd really like a translation or a romaji of this one. The End Of The World ~世界の終わりに祝福の鐘は鳴る~

...Nngh, if I find the kanji for this song, I'll link it again, but I'd really like it ASAP because I want to do a cover on it. It's a great song.

Last edited by ka-ke-ra; 2010-10-11 at 18:37. Reason: edited it just in case since it's full and /w lyrics
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Old 2010-10-15, 07:06   Link #1744
Linkin Battler
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One question, is there an inst. version of Tsubasa ver. Hope?
Credit to censoredgrace for the avatar!
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Old 2010-10-22, 05:33   Link #1745
Witch of Uncertainty
Senior Member
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^Something like this?
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Old 2010-11-01, 22:36   Link #1746
A mere observer
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anyone already tried this out?

Spoiler for EP 6 FanMade Drama CD:

Notes of A Normal Highschool Girl

Without love, it cannot be seen.
Without love, magic cannot be seen.
Without love, even the truth cannot be seen.

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Old 2010-11-03, 00:43   Link #1747
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Yes, that's from the group that does the Umineko Voice Drama Project. They re-do scenes from the game itself and release that for free. I think they've gotten pretty good at what they do now. 8)

They also release their own comedy skits which are... not for free.
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Old 2010-11-03, 06:59   Link #1748
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Witch and Rose

7 worlds, 7 fragments, 7 realities, 7 dreams, 7 games.
Now the 8th and final game awaits us.

The stories Beatrice wrote are the only objective tool to get inside Rokkenjima on the 4th and 5th of October of 1986. But those are just stories, tales.
What really happened on that day is sealed for all eternity inside the cat's box... or is it?

A witch claims to had opened the box and showed us the inside, but the contents are so cruel and vile that no one can accept them, and prefer to irremediably run inside Beatrice's reality... but that witch was cold and evil, and destroy any dream we could run into.

But don't worry, there's still one game to go, inside this destroyed and raped game.
2 fractions will tell us 2 diferent sories this time, one caims they will not give us a happy ending, another tell us that the supposed insides of the box are false, and that he'll tell us the truth.

Will a new truth emerge?, will our thirst for truth be finally put to rest?, Will there be any hope in this game left?, or will everything be crushed by that horrible truth?.

Those are things that just that Witch and her Rose inside Rokkenjima know.

Welcome to the final dream.
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Old 2010-11-04, 08:27   Link #1749
A mere observer
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ohh.. What's this about?

Notes of A Normal Highschool Girl

Without love, it cannot be seen.
Without love, magic cannot be seen.
Without love, even the truth cannot be seen.

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Old 2010-11-11, 00:09   Link #1750
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maybe a bit oot, but anyone watched current season anime The World God Only Knows? Maybe it's just me, but it's full-version OP song totally reminded me of Battler and Beatrice, especially the beginning and the end part of the oratorio (the parts that the tv don't use). And the theme of the song somehow fit in too.
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Old 2010-11-12, 16:10   Link #1751
Hanyuu's #1 Fan
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Anyone know if the PS3 opening full song is out yet or when it will? I figure its not but someone might know the release date
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Old 2010-11-13, 09:35   Link #1752
Just... disturbed.
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Am I the only one here who really, really likes End of the World?
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Old 2010-11-13, 10:09   Link #1753
Miss Q
that lady with an axe
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No, why? I love it, too. Pretty much every version of it, actually.
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Old 2010-11-13, 13:05   Link #1754
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I think the intro of "the end of the world" is pure genius, until 1:20 is simply fantastic, but then when you get to the core of the music I don't like it that much anymore.

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Old 2010-11-15, 01:27   Link #1755
Junior Member
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なまえのないうた (Nameless Song) might be best ending song.
I wish see it at ending of second season seagulls.
And who knows when full version will be realize?
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Old 2010-11-18, 06:16   Link #1756
Junior Member
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Could someone make a list of all the tracks composed by -45?Thanks in advance.
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Old 2010-11-21, 16:04   Link #1757
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Originally Posted by Kishin View Post
Anyone know if the PS3 opening full song is out yet or when it will? I figure its not but someone might know the release date
I'd also like to know this. D=
A not-so-average Umineko gameboard
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Old 2010-11-28, 14:57   Link #1758
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2010
I just listened to the whole Music Box Blue/Red on youtube...
Holy...this is AMAZING !!!

Is Black Knight a remix of Final Answer or a beta version ? Because it is very similar
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Old 2010-11-30, 01:21   Link #1759
lorem ipsum dolor sit ame
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There's a lot of nice new preview songs from xaki here.

I believe they're for music box black, (?) and I'm liking a lot of them so far.

(Lol @ merge-break, it sounds like a remix of rog-limitation )

EDIT: Seems it was mentioned last page, oh well, I still like them all XD
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Old 2010-11-30, 01:40   Link #1760
Endless Nine
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Does anyone have the lyrics for Namae no nai uta? And I really want a full version of this.

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