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Old 2004-10-14, 02:07   Link #1
Join Date: Oct 2004
Character nicknames

Some characters have nicknames, even they may not like those names. Many of the nicknames are given by fans.
I know the following nicknames so far.

The teacher likes by Eriko has bizarre nickname. It's called kuma, or bear. Is he that dangerous?

Sei's nickname is American.
It is supposed given by Eriko. It suggests her facial feature resembles Greek sculptures(or white woman).
Her another nickname is dirty old man(or touchy devil?). It is easy to guess why Yumi call her that way.

Erko's nickname is baldy.
Suprise! It is supposed given by Sei. It is making fun her forehead, or her hairstyle.

Yumi's nickname is one hundred faces.
It is due to her hyper facial expression.

Shimako's nickname is Gingko princess.
It is her love for the tree. The fruit of the tree is said to be very stink.

Suguru's nickname is Gingko prince.
I have no idea.

Rei is called Mr. Lillian. I suppose that's the nickname.

Touko's nickname is drill. No need to say more.

What nicknames do you know?

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Old 2004-10-14, 06:24   Link #2
Knowledge is the solution
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Well Eriko's nickname was deko-chin... which yes translates as baldy but its deko-chin nevertheless

Kanako's is Denpa I think.... appart from that I have no idea
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Old 2004-10-14, 07:58   Link #3
Usor Linguae Latinae
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Actually, I like to come up with my own Latinistic epithets for the characters:
  • Yōko: mātrigallīnācea (like a mother hen, adjective)

  • Sachiko: supperfecta (somewhat perfect, adjective)

  • Yumi: biālicoma (with hair of two wings, adjective)

  • Sei: pseudamericana (mistakable for an American, adjective)

  • Shimako: gingkophila (liking the Gingko, adjective)

  • Eriko: magnifrons (with a big forehead, adjective)

  • Rei: virācea (resembling a guy, adjective)

  • Yoshino: reimaniaca (with excessive enthusiasm for Rei, adjective)

  • Noriko: pūpācea (like a doll, adjective)

  • Tōko: terēbricoma (auger-haired, adjective)

  • Kanako: undifera (bringing or receiving waves, adjective)

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Old 2004-10-14, 23:05   Link #4
Join Date: Oct 2004
Kananko is also called dekai. It's about her height. The average height of Japanese girls is 158cm. When they are 170cm or above, they are called dekai. Kanako's height is 178cm. She's tall enough to walk on catwalk.
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