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Four Swords Adventures (The Legend of Zelda)

I was wondering what other people's opinion is on this game. Personally I LOVED it. I had played this Game before at a friends house, but only for about 5 minutes. After getting it, it seems it was JUST as fun to play single player. I've always been one that if it were 2-D and it was a good game I would take it over a 3-D game ANYDAY, and that is what this game was, a GREAT 2-D game.

I was wondering before what it would be like to have a game on the Nintendo DS that uses both screens, well this games use of your TV and the GBA screen really gives you experience and I REALLY hope they release a Four Swords Adventures for the DS.

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The games forums is about western games too ^_^ so go there!!!! j/k the mods will move the topic anyway.

Ive heard four swords is one of those typical Nintendo games that you just have to play to understand all the people that go insane and say "its way too fun! play it now!" thats very usual with Nintendo ^_^. Im sure there would be a zelda four swords on the DS, it was mentioned in a round table where Miyamoto jokingly mentioned how his zelda game would be competing with the new FF in works for the DS since they both used the wireless gameplay, the guys from square-enix were also in the round table.
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