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Old 2010-12-05, 01:34   Link #61
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Gotta say, it's great hearing Genryuusai's VA.
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Old 2011-01-10, 19:35   Link #62
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in fact, he totally owned Aizen and would have turned him to ash if he didn't care about K-town. Speaking of which, WHY did he save the town? Shinigami purify hollows and save lost souls, they don't associate with the living, and considering they are Aizen's chips to making the king's key, good old C46 should have decided to just kill the whole town rather than fight Aizen and have a war in the first place.
hmm, I think
1) it would've destroyed the barrier and thus the real KKT and who knows what else .. Old Man Genocide has gone too soft xD
2) I don't think that out of control blast would've actually killed Aizen (he tanked a 96 forbidden kidou just fine) .. the initial point was to hold him at point black range with a hand after the stab and keep burning in a condensed flame until nothing's left - i.e. make 100% sure he's gone .. here they would've all died, but no guarantee for Aizen .. he's ultra-fast, might've just outrun the flames or opened a garganta or whatever

10/10 episode
When we hunt, we kill
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