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Old 2011-01-24, 18:02   Link #61
Wordy b@stard
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I was rather disappointed that he became a gym teacher. I guess the old stereotype of the washed up HS track/boxing/football/baseball star becoming the local gym teacher is alive and well in Japan too... I had hoped that Yamato would become some sort of businessman with "fighting spirit!" or continued his boxing career on through College to try for the Olympics or something equally interesting... A gym teacher? OK, what-evea....

As for Mogami, is she a Doctor after all? Who can tell from the furry frocked getup she showed up in... Making HS girls jealous was apparently more important than proving that a smart, self-successful girl can excel in today's society. A wrap up that would include a little home life of some sort might have been nice, but instead we get a "meeting at the school gate and a hug" ending. Rather weak for all the teen angst we went through to get here.

For me overall, Open Sesame started quite strong and was pretty fun and light most of the way through, but just kind of faltered at the finish line.
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Old 2011-01-24, 21:22   Link #62
The Shermain
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Open Sesame started good, but as the series progressed, I found myself liking Mogami less and less. She literally made Donjou's life hell-- at first angry with him for something he didn't remember, then getting jealous and bitchy whenever another girl came near. Then, when he finally started to realize his feelings for her, she refused to go out with him due to a childhood trauma he couldn't remember and was out of his control.... when he remembered said trauma, after much effort and resurgence of painful feelings... she STILL refused to date him. So she went him go through all that just to reject him... twice.

She then has the nerve to get upset when he's talking to other girls and when she realizes there's more to the story, she selfishly nearly gets them both killed just to find out the truth (that whole house fire scene was the most ridiculously idiotic scene in the whole manga). After dating for a while, she leaves for America without telling him anything like she had promised to do because some random kid takes a turn for the worst, turns it around on him when he calls her out on it, and then leaves him for 8 years.

The worst part? He accepted it all way too easily. I don't think I've ever met a man as whipped as he is. And Mogami is the worst manga girl I've ever seen.
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