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Old 2011-02-01, 13:15   Link #241
Waiting for more taiyuki!
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
You know, I'm amazed by just how incredibly confident some people are in their speculations pertaining to this series.

What would be so shocking, for instance, about Sayaka living until Episode 7 or beyond?

She is the first person that Madoka runs past in the ED so she prob won't have as much impact as Mami. I think that she's the next one to go via turning into a witch.
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Old 2011-02-02, 11:46   Link #242
Stupidity is Bliss.
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I WANT MAH EPISODE 5 ASAP!!!! XD i'm just so excited on what's gonna to kyouko and sayaka's face-off...or.,..

....will they alrdy fight the next ep? or maybe not at all,just some troll again. XDD
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Old 2011-02-02, 15:43   Link #243
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Originally Posted by orion View Post
She is the first person that Madoka runs past in the ED so she prob won't have as much impact as Mami.
Couldn't that order simply be a matter of narrative chronology? In other words, the girls show up in the order that Madoka met each of them, and/or in the order in that Madoka befriended each of them?

In any event, this is hardly reason to make the sort of definitive statements about what's going to happen to Sayaka that I've seen a lot of on this forum.

I think that she's the next one to go via turning into a witch.
Orion, we don't even know if magical girls do turn into witches.
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Old 2011-02-04, 15:01   Link #244
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I'm hoping Sayaka doesn't die, not every harsh lesson has to end in death, in some ways some can be even harsher if they live to regret it/see the results of their actions and have to deal with it.
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Old 2011-02-06, 21:54   Link #245
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holy ****
this series is prtty dark and intense
Sayaka might die coz that could be used to move the plot foward....
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Old 2011-03-23, 10:18   Link #246
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A wild Sandman appears.

Wild Sandman uses 2 cents. It was super effective!

Spoiler for Madoka Magica Episode 4:
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Old 2011-08-02, 01:43   Link #247
Kaioshin Sama
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There obviously aren't a lot of people left here, but maybe some day somebody will read and possibly even benefit from these thoughts of mine. That is my hope anyway.

This episode brought a whole new perspective that helped to pretty easily bring the enjoyability level of it all up for me. Getting to see the fallout of Mami's death was pretty compelling. It's a pretty sad fate to die in a strange land to a weird snowman face monster and never have anybody remember you except for a small handful of people you essentially just met. Seeing Madoka and Sayaka go through some serious survivors guilt I think qualifies as an example of the TV Trope "Break The Cutie" and makes for some pretty sad scenes. I kind of have to agree with the sentiment that it's a bit of a deconstruction of the whole Magical Girl genre, which is usually known for it's lack of consequences and pretty tame fighting.

I also like Sayaka's bit about them essentially being in a different world from anyone else and when you think of that in terms of the bizareness of the Witches world it's a really apt way of describing it. I still think the artwork there is really distracting, but it's a little easier to accept as real and dangerous when you think of it more a bit from that perspective....weird snowman face monsters devouring Magical Girls aside.

It's also neat to see some flaws appearing in Madoka character as well that don't really destroy the essence of what makes her endearing so much as limit her potential to do anything about her situation. Madoka is a pretty weak character as evidenced by her being pretty well petrified by the thought of losing her idol and crutch in Mami and almost immediately latching onto Akemi who is essentially the next in line in terms of overall experience it would appear or probably even more strong than Mami considering she defeated the snowman face that ate her. Akemi also has a flair for the dramatic it would seem, always being sure to strike a pose before delivering a line in the most severe manner possible. I tend to find this more amusing than impressive, but I guess her abilities speak more than enough for her in the long run.

So anyway I guess since Madoka can't really step up that's why Sayaka decided to accept the contract in Mami's place in an again rather bizarre Witches world sequence. How was the witch even attacking Madoka there? It almost seems like unless your a Magical girl the witches can just do anything to you that they want and even if you are one that's no guarantee they can't just do the seemingly impossible and kill you with it. Very strange and confusing fights in this show.

Anyway Sayaka obviously continues to deal with her own problems in trying to play crutch to a crippled friend and now has to play crutch to the whole area by taking on the apparent death sentence that is being a magical girl. On top of all that now there's a new Magical girl sporting fang powers (bet she has a lot of fans in Japan) that seems flat out mean compared to Akemi who just comes off as cold or indifferent. Shows getting interesting.
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Old 2011-08-02, 06:37   Link #248
Me at work
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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
There obviously aren't a lot of people left here, but maybe some day somebody will read and possibly even benefit from these thoughts of mine. That is my hope anyway.
I want to say,as someone who watched this when it was airing it's always a pleasure to read the thoughts of people who are watching it now.
I also recomend you check out the very complete wiki on the show for lots of additional info once you're done watching the show. (and not before because it's full of spoilers)

As for Kyoko,yeah she's popular,like all PMMM girls,all so far have come first in their preliminary group of the saimoe tournament (Madoka has yet to compete).

edit:And with no surprise Madoka was first of her group as well.

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Old 2017-12-03, 00:44   Link #249
Lukes YGO & WS on YT
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That was pretty sweet of Sayaka to give her friend another chance at living a normal life.

These witches have some really power curses they people on the people.

Oh great another troublemaker magical girl they have to deal with.
FYI - After I comment on an episode I don't visit that thread again.
You can reply to my comments if you want to but I will never see them as I just say my piece then move to elsewhere.
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