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Closed Thread
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Old 2011-02-01, 17:15   Link #3121
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2011
Position(s): ALL, but especially capper and tl/tlc
Group: Vesiri-Eliki Fansubs
Project(s): TBA + Yumekui-joint and Infinite Stratos-joint
Website: under construction
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: Ilasir in main channel
E-Mail: n/a

No previous experience necessary, but there will be a test for all positions.

(If you are a TL, and you have another show in mind, feel free to propose it to the staff. There's a good chance it will be accepted.)

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Old 2011-02-04, 17:21   Link #3122
Join Date: Jun 2010
MSPN is in need of Japanese or chinese Translators and TLCers

Postion(s): 2 Translaters and 2 TLCers
Projects: Ikoku Meiro, Lotte no Omocha! or A Channel The Animation for the first show and the 2nd show will be decided soon
Group: MSPN

The Translator that joins first will decide which show will do next season Garanteed!
EXP. is required. You must be able to translate Japanese-> English or Chinese-> English.

TLCers EXP. is required or not.

If interested contact me by email or IRC and PM Linx-san or Naruto-Kun
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Old 2011-02-05, 05:06   Link #3123
~Buri Buri!~
Join Date: Aug 2008
Group: Kureyon Alliance
Contact: (WLM or e-mail); PM here; #kureyonalliance at Rizon (or send a MemoServ message to user andoru)
Project: Kureyon Shin-Chan (movies) - we accept joints too

We need(priority order):
J->E Translator - URGENT!
Karaoke stylers
Cappers(VHS Tapes/.ts, everything you might have that wasn't released on DVD)

Info:We can accept new projects.

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Old 2011-02-06, 04:02   Link #3124
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 30
Send a message via MSN to alchemist11 Send a message via Yahoo to alchemist11
Group: ray=out subs (2006-present).
Projects (in need of help): Himawari!! Bonus Episode (tl), Deltora Quest (tl), Before Green Gables (tlc), Aika: Zero (tlc), Maicchingu Machiko Sensei (tl), Ravex in Tezuka World (tl), or The Kabocha Wine Film (tl/tlc, a joint w/ AKF).

If you have experience as a translation checker, translator, or are new to the scene but have knowledge of Japanese, please contact us as soon as possible. We have no deadlines, but will pester you with reminders if several weeks have gone by with no progress made. A test may or may not be provided depending on your level.

Contact: See "contact us" link above, PM via AnimeSuki, or email: If you have any questions or need more information, contact through here. IRC contact possible, but only at NOON, Jakarta (Indonesia) Time-zone.
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Old 2011-02-07, 18:02   Link #3125
Join Date: Jun 2010
MSPN is in need for K-timers

MSPN is looking for K-timers for what we are subbing next season and beyond.
EXP. is required.

We are going to sub either Ao no Exorcist or Lotte no Omocha!

If interested please contact me by email or on IRC at
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Old 2011-02-07, 23:36   Link #3126
uguu~ subs
Join Date: Aug 2010
Group: uguu~ subs
Positions Open: translator
Show: Baka to test specials
IRC Channel: (ask delamoo or Carilious)

Looking for a translator to work on the Baka to Test to Shōkanjū specials. These have been out for a long time and no one's yet to put out a quality release. There are approximately 6 or so specials and they're quite short [few minutes each]. If you're interested contact us.
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Old 2011-02-09, 09:39   Link #3127
~Buri Buri!~
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posting a quicky notice that I'm looking for somebody who can service with a DCC bot, and maybe some web hosting~
Contacts are in my post above
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Old 2011-02-10, 07:51   Link #3128
False Dawn
Florsheim Monster
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: UK
Age: 33
Time to flog the dead horse again...

Group: Frostii
Project: Charady's Daily Joke
Positions: Translator (experience not required, but if you're an unknown quantity, you will be tested)
IRC contact: FalseDawn on rizon or join #frostii-recruits

Okay, so this aired in like April 09 and we managed 43 episodes before our translator up and left. It's not a particularly taxing series - each episode is actually around 2-3 minutes each so it's perfect for any translator who wants something fun to play with inbetween any heavy slice-of-life series they might be doing. And the fantastic thing is, even though there's over 300 eps left to sub, you don't have to commit to the project long term - just kickstart it a bit for us. I'm happy with any contribution anyone can make to poke this series along. So, if you're interested, drop me a line. That is all.
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Old 2011-02-10, 17:34   Link #3129
Join Date: Jun 2010

Hey! We're a new group called MSPN and we're going to sub ??? and ??? next season.
We don't know what we're going to sub because we don't have a TL.
It's just me Editor/QCer and my friend who does everything else except TL, TLC and edit

We are in desperate need for QCers, Ktimers, AFXers, TLCers and TLers.
EXP is required in all positions except QC and no test is required.
The only thing thats required is that you must be fast at what your doing thats all and TLers/TLCers must know how to translate from Japanese-> English or Chinese-> English.

The TLer that joins first gets to pick a show he/she wants to TL.
That is how desperate we are.

To fill a position, all you have to do is send me a PM or join our irc channel at rizon at and pm the founder (Linx-san) and link me to this thread or email me at Put in what position you want to fill and whether you have experience or not

~MSPN a.k.a Linx-san
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Old 2011-02-11, 12:54   Link #3130
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2010
Group: Hadena-Subs
Current Projects: Starry Sky, Mitsudomoe Season 2 ( Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! ), and Black Lagoon Roberta's Blood Trail
Future Projects: Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai Season 2 ( The World God Only Knows Season 2 )
Positions: Editor, QC and TLCers, Seeds
or email and ( send it to both of us please just in case you get blocked by spam or some craziness )

We are in a dire need of editors and quality checkers. We could also use some TLCers and seedboxes as well as cappers.
Any prior experience would be great, but if not you should atleast be good in english grammer and structure, as well as being willing to learn and have some dedication to work.
If you are interested in joining our team contact us ASAP!

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Old 2011-02-11, 20:34   Link #3131
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2008
Since it seems I fail whenever I try and run my own fansub group, let's try a couple approaches to this...

I want to see the second season of Mermaid Melody (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure) fansubbed and not crappy Youtube fansubs either.

I do currently run Toki-Fansubs and I have a little bit of staff that can help with this.

Here is what I can offer to anyone who helps with the project:

Timers, QC, Encoder (Maybe) and Raw Provider. and Typesetting (Maybe).

I'm willing to accept help in anyway, shape or form or even join another group to get this done. I know of someone who might be willing to translate this series as well the only problem is she won't work for me. The important thing to me is to get this series completely fansubbed and released and I will help in anyway I can to get that goal achieved.

If you are interested in helping me or you own a group and are interested in helping me by having me join then please feel free to stop by #toki-fansubs and PM me (Sparhawk) on IRC. Or you can send me an e-mail at
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Old 2011-02-12, 10:59   Link #3132
Join Date: Feb 2006
Age: 34
Position: QC
Group: Yoroshiku
Project: Happy Happy Clover, Love Get Chu, Oishinbo movies
IRC Channel: #Yoroshiku @
IRC Contact: Grv
Skype: grv808

I am looking to recruit an experienced QC with a working knowledge of the Japanese language. By this I mean somebody who may have done some self-study and understands the make up of sentences and can pick out when something doesn't seem quite right in a script.

If you fit the bill and are interested, please do drop me a line. Email is by far the best method at the moment (this role is to replace me on the above as my time commitments elsewhere have increased massively).
Yoroshiku Fansubs: Website | Twitter | IRC
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Old 2011-02-15, 04:45   Link #3133
Rie's husband.
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: India.
Send a message via ICQ to Netfire Send a message via MSN to Netfire Send a message via Yahoo to Netfire

Requirements: Nothing special, just make sure you know what you're doing; would help if you're cooperative and don't have an ego the size of Mars. or PM Sunny.

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Old 2011-02-15, 13:27   Link #3134
Join Date: Jun 2010
MSPN Fansubs is looking for dedicated people to join Fansubbing staff

Spring is around the corner along with a new season of shows. The time is now to start subbing our first show, but we're unable to do that without members. In a nutshell we really need a full dedicated subbing staff.


Must have a full grasp of the Japanese or Chinese language and translate it into english.

You must have prior fansub experience or if you don't have any experience i'll help you out.

Perk: You will choose which show you want to translate. Except NO Pokemon, bakugan or yugioh.


You must check the translated Episode for any missed translations lines and add it in.

You must have prior fansub experience or if you don't have any experience i'll help you out.


you must time each line according to their length.

You must have agi experience and fast timing.

I'll fix any little timing mistakes you make.


Experience is required or not

Quality Checkers

The easiest job in fansubbing.

You must check for any mistakes in the script and make a report of it.

EXPERIENCED or expert K-timers

logo maker


An EXPERIENCED or expert Encoder


If any of you are interested please email me at or at or and PM Linx-san for more info. If you really want to see MSPN sub shows please help us.

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Old 2011-02-18, 13:31   Link #3135
Stick Figure
Join Date: Jul 2007
GX_ST Recruitment Post

Hey ya'all. It's been a long while now since we have posted over here at AnimeSuki so here's a recruitment post from us to anybody who looks through these forums and happen to chance upon this post.


Translators (1-2):
As with all/most fansub groups, we're always short on translators to help us translate stuff to put on the series we sub.

We are actually facing a major shortage once more (Partly led to this recruitment post) and would like to get people who knows their Japanese and can translate to English to join us.

(Yes, we need help on some of our current projects that are quite popular which you should totally check out if you're interested)

Cappers (1-2):
Err... in view of the (not-so) recent closure of a popular RAW/TS source, we have fallen short on optimal quality RAWs for the series we are subbing.

Hence, we are looking for someone who lives in Japan and has access to the TV streams to put down a few lines and fish out them RAWs for us.

The details for this position are kinda iffy at the moment (We know hardware is required for these sort of stuff unless you already have it and are willing to use it for the cause (risk) of fansubbing with no returns whatsoever) but we are willing to try and work things out if need be so come by and drop us an application if you are qualified and interested in doing this.


That's pretty much it for now. Here's a link to the recruitment post on our forums so you can drop us a message there or PM one of our admins.

As the series we subtitle mostly do not fall under the non-licensed category, you will have to drop by to look at the projects we have taken up and completed so far if you want to know more about us.

Also do note that for translators, we give the first choice of new series each season to pick up to you. However, if we are short on staff for other roles or too little staff interested in the proposed series or et cetera, we will then work something out within the team. (More details when you join us)

With that, thank you for reading this fairly long post and do drop by our forums (Has a chatbox) at or on IRC at to chat with us and check out our projects.
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Old 2011-02-18, 17:47   Link #3136
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
Waru-fansubbs Recruiting

Hey we are a new group that going to sub infinite stratos and freezing and you dont need to be a pro and we whant to do high quality subs not crappy speed subs.

So don't be shy we need people and we need many people for each possition so give it a try.

And we are subing the anime Freezing and Infinite Stratos. Mabe more depends on how many we are in the group.
__________________________________________________ __________________


you shuld first do a raw translate and then check it so you did not missed anything.

and then upload on the ftp.

need to know:
*japanese(so you can translate)


you time the sub so it come up at right place and you check it twice so it are almost perfect.

need to join:
*2month experience of timing


you need to know what you are doing and make Working material and a final raw

need to join:
*2month experience


you need to check misspelling and gramma so the sub doesen't look bad

need to join:

*be good at english spelling and gramma


so we know it's good quality.

need to join:

*have 2 month experience so you know whats good

__________________________________________________ ________________

and for all you need to be online on the irc channel alot and message me (bhowrath) if you are going to be away.

website: (it will not always be up but on the weekends)

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Old 2011-02-20, 18:10   Link #3137
Join Date: Jun 2010
MSPN Fansubs is looking for dedicated people to join staff

We are looking for dedicated TLers, TLCers, Typesetters, K-timers and AFXer.

We have decided on a side project for next season Hidan no Aria (Need a TL), but no main project has been decided because lack of staff (don't have the staff).

Right now we have encoders, Editors, a Timer and distros.

PERK: The TLs will choose our main show to TL next season and future shows.

Please help us.

If your interested in joining please contact me at or and PM Linx-san for more info.


I'll just be asking a couple questions.
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Old 2011-02-20, 21:10   Link #3138
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2010
Looking for timers,translators, encoders or anyone who thinks they can contribute
Doing multitude of shows, one of the current ones is Penguin Musume Heart
I am almost always on there and if I am not just wait around a bit and I will get to you.
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Old 2011-02-21, 00:45   Link #3139
formerly JKaizer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 29
Send a message via AIM to Koroku Send a message via MSN to Koroku Send a message via Yahoo to Koroku
DATS is looking for a dedicated translator and capper for the upcoming spring series, Fireball Charming.

Both positions can be paid, if that's an incentive.

Translator should be top notch, though, as it's not an easy series. Also requires a decent amount of research to find random obscure references.

Interested parties should contact us at since no one visits our IRC chan anymore.


Side note, looking for a capper/HD source provider for Digimon Xros Wars - anyone able/willing to help with that would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 2011-02-21, 05:09   Link #3140
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
CTSS - Cut That Shit Subs
We are a fairly new group subbing Infinite Stratos and soon, Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, next season with Team Zebraman.

At the moment, we need:
Translators/TLCers - No experience required but depending on the channel activity, you MAY be subjected to a conversation with our current TLers.

Quality Checker - Erm. 2 month experience needed. Just email me a CV with which groups you've worked for and some copies of your QC reports, thanks.

KTimer - This is pretty tricky, as I only have one experienced KTimer but High School is really eating his schedule. You MAY or MAY NOT need experience for this, but just join our channel and we'll see..

Typesetter - Current typesetter is really busy, and my typesetting stinx. I'd love someone who would come and help us out in this area too.

RAW Provider/Encoder - One of our staff in this area is having is server shut down, and therefore cannot encode for us. If you can use Share and know how to encode, email me some of your scripts + final encodes so I can get Aimbotter to look at them.

Methods of communication:
1. IRC (We are all irc frequents.)
2. Email (fgghjjkll[at]hotmail[dot]com)


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