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Old 2011-02-10, 02:47   Link #21
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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
And most people are going to be reading the subs when they choose to listen to the japanese version.So unless you know japanese then it doesn't make a difference.
Depends on the subs, really. Obviously. After a while though, one is going to start getting a lot out of the Japanese as they read the subs. Honorifics alone is a very large consideration. And Japanese names being spoken in English accents kind of makes me want to die. (<- unrelated, lol)
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Old 2011-02-10, 03:58   Link #22
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These are both probably a little out of your stated genre, but they are great animes, each with a diverse cast and fine plot. The fight scenes aren't to be scoffed at, either.

The first is Cowboy Bebop. It's a story of the (mis)adventures and escapades of a group of bounty hunters traveling through a solar system that's been widely colonized, but one that's not quite big enough to let them escape their pasts.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and its sequel, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG follows Public Security Section 9, a clandestine anti-terror unit skilled in cyber warfare--a particularly big deal in a society that's been closely married to A.I.s, computer networks, and human cyberization.

As a bonus, each one has great English dubs. I couldn't imagine watching Cowboy Bebop without Steven Blum around.

Persona: Trinity Soul (no dub) and Darker than Black (dubbed) align more closely to your tastes in the age group and supernatural departments. And if you want something over-the-top awesome, I suggest FLCL, also dubbed. Check out Moribito (dubbed, and quite nicely) as well; the pace can be a little slow, but it definitely adds to the story.

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Old 2011-02-10, 08:30   Link #23
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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
Geez, I'm shocked at all the dub hate in this thread.

There are some really good dubs out there. There is nothing intrinsically better about Japanese dubs over English dubs. I'll admit that there are some aspects that tend to make the Japanese dub the better dub, but it's not a hard rule that you can apply to every single show ever.
Actually He struck a sensitive topic here as in Dubs Vs Subs, so its not about the dub hate in this topic its about ethics and of course about availability.

Originally Posted by totoum View Post
And most people are going to be reading the subs when they choose to listen to the japanese version.So unless you know japanese then it doesn't make a difference.
And to both of you...
Things Interesting in Subs/Raw compared to English dubs:

1) Original Japanese sound effects, which btw do get tampered in dubs, are much more better and well suited with video.

2) I don't want to hear a samurai speak English when he is so so Japanese. Just as you don't like a Geisha doing Ballet dance or the Hula Girls wearing kimono.

3) Originality is maintained and things are not lost in translation. OK there is some loss in subs but there is total whitewash in dubs. In subs at least you can compare what he said. Say for instance "Kisama & Temee" (using Romanji here in lieu of Hiragana てめえ, kanji 貴様) becomes whatever abuse the translator likes without any consistancy. Take another example Suki, Dai Suki, Aishiteru, kanshin - are all translated into love in I love you context whereas they mean like, like a lot, love (shiteru for verb), care respectively. No regard for degree, wth?

4) Personally its feels better and touching in the context when japanese girl shouts or cries instead of a sensual american voice. Don't get the wrong idea i just mean emotions are better conveyed.

Maybe there should a thread in this regard somewhere....
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Old 2011-02-10, 08:46   Link #24
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I suggest you give Baccano! a try. It's available at Funi's streaming site in both subs and dubs. I hear that the English dub for Baccano! is pretty good; the story is set in America after all. Try watching an episode both ways along the way.

Warning: The story has a large cast and is told out-of-order (though there are billboards that specify the time periods). You might need to watch the first episode or two a couple of times to sort things out.

Oops. Only a couple of episodes are available with English dubbing; the entire show is available subtitled.
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Old 2011-02-12, 13:45   Link #25
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Oh, you'd like Fairy Tail, for sure, fast-paced, fantasy action.
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Old 2011-02-13, 13:55   Link #26
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I reccomend Shakugan No Shana and Zero no tsukaima.
I also reccomend death note but there isnt really any fighting. the character development and plotline is immense though.
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Old 2011-03-28, 01:46   Link #27
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you can watch Baccano! on netflix... the whole show is on it as instant stream..
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Old 2011-03-28, 21:28   Link #28
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The first anime I watched and instantly fell in love with was Yu Yu Hakusho. The entire 112 episode series is available in Eng.

Also I am surprised that no one has mentioned Ruroni Kenshin. While it is a little out of your prerequisites, it would be an excellent series to get your feet wet in the anime world. It is a story based around a wandering swordsman, and includes an amazing OVA called Samurai. X
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