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Old 2011-02-05, 14:24   Link #61
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Originally Posted by Chiisai Kuma View Post
im quite suprised at the lack of jokes at mullet butterfly in this thread.
We get tired of those jokes at the manga thread.
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Old 2011-02-06, 01:11   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Chiisai Kuma View Post
im quite suprised at the lack of jokes at mullet butterfly in this thread.
im sadden that there is no more arrarrcar encylopedia poor gin getin throw out like that, and he had such a lovly suit on for the occasion *sigh*
No surprise really the anime made it look too good
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Old 2011-02-11, 01:50   Link #63
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Originally Posted by Langus View Post
It was frustrating to see how they played out that scene between Gin and Matsuomoto in the anime. In the manga, he doesn't call her a nuisance. He says she's "in the way". There's a big difference there. HUGE! And they buggered it.

Cue blathering:

My opinion on Gin has and always will be the same. The ONLY person he cares about is Matsumoto. I think he could give a shit about SS or anyone there. He's showed complete indifference or apathy to everyone around him and really, fair enough since everyone seemed to hate him/have judged him already.

It seems pretty clear now that he's been steadfast in his goal to get vengeance for Matsumoto from the very beginning and in that respect, SS was little more than a means to an end - something to bring him close enough to Aizen to kill him.

I'm wondering now if that 3rd seat Gin killed as a child wasn't one of the men who attacked Matsumoto...? Would be a very interesting development if it were the case.
The 3rd seat he killed was the same one that had lead the attack on Matsumoto.
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Awesome! Thanks for the tip.
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