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Old 2010-12-22, 06:03   Link #41
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Angel Beat!, can only be described as disaster led by lack of planning ability by producer, but that's only my opinion. There was ONE YEAR of aniplex marketing and hypes. The whole one year. If this succeeded, it could relatively easily top 40000 sales line. In reality, it didn't. What sadden's me is how it had so many potential, yet didn't live up to standard I expected.

Script and Storyboard: 4/10
Now, I might be a bit overdoing with this. For me, it had definitely lower than average series composition overall. We all know Maeda Jun did the entire script and storyboard, but the problem is, he was applying his knowledge on VN creation in 'anime episode structure'. Each episodes had relatively less foreshadowing and plot relationship, so I just felt like having sudden breaking between every episode.

This is definitely my taste, but gags in this series felt very low for me. Jokes are really old and ruining the mood that it should have. If it was VN, it would've worked. However, this is 'ANIMATION'. Flow is much important than individual events. Someone might called this, 'random gag', but when it is timed badly and positioned awkwardly, it's no longer gag, it is just abrupt stop-sign for me.

Character Design/BG art/Animation: 6/10
It was... disappointing. Character design can be only said as, paper puppet. There was no proper shadings whatsoever and it had so many departure from that gorgeous background. It was out of perspective and very flat, and I just can't believe this quality came from the studio 'PA Works'. PA Works is famous for having their own key animation development team instead of having subcontract with other small studios. They have huge potential, and still they do.

Sadly, this was not average standard of animation that PA works used to do, either. You remember Canaan? True Tears? It is mysterious PA failed to do their best at things that they are usually most consistently good at, but there was changes in staff role during the planning stage, which is my way of justifying this happenings.

People will call 'How about the band scene? It was well animated!'. Yep, it was good. But it wasn't 'the best'. It did not have sensational direction from Yamakan that Suzumiya 'God-knows' had. It did not have dynamics that band scene of K-On had. I can see how Maeda Jun gave delicate touch into that scene as he said, but it was way too much 'VN' like, it lacked impact that it 'supposed' to have.

Still, there were some good things. Animations are still smooth (even though it wasn't good as they usually do) and very well-directed. Even with the horrible character design, it still managed to make some sort of charm out of it, especially Tenshi.

Characters: ?????
Now, I have to make decision here. For me, it was utter disaster, but at the same time, it was good.

First of all, there were too many characters. Seriously. It was WAY TOO MUCH. I can't remember half of the SSS member's name. (Funny that I remember 'Christ', since he looks like me.) TK was too cool, it actually suck overall due to abrupt randomness (but I'm still fan of TK). All the others had little to no background and depth, they were forgotten and merely used as random comedic relief but nothing more.

However, there were things that actually done very well. EVEN THOUGH THE PLACING WAS VERY OUT OF NOWHERE, Yuri's past had some shocking impact, and Otonashi's past was heartbreaking. But most of all, Tenshi can be described as 'the final winner' of the series. She made this series. She is the one who made this series big hit.

So, I will just say 8/10 for the sake of Na-dek-ho.

Sound: 9/10
I don't particularly really like OP or ED sequences, but OSTs and insert band musics are phenomenal. They were fitting, and ear pleasing. Not only that, seiyuu really shined in this series; Kamiya Hiroshi had this calming narration which supported the series throughout and TK was brilliant. But most of all, Hanazawa Kana was, too good. She was MADE for Tenshi. Innocence and loneliness was portrayed very well, and it was something different from what I got from Na-dek-ho queen. Overall, sound elements were really good.

Overall+Enjoyment: 6/10

There is no argument that there were some huge flaws in their planning. Maeda Jun should've had assistance from someone who 'actually have experience in Series composition'. It's not Maeda Jun's fault, it's producers. They used character designer who is very old veteran, but it resulted on paper-puppet.

I'm biased, because I was hyped for this anime for an 'ENTIRE YEAR' and ended up being not satisfying at all. I could not enjoy this anime, knowing how much better it could've got. If I learned a lesson, never get too hyped over things. Angel Beats!, definitely was not something I can say 'great', but only 'average'.
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Old 2010-12-22, 06:06   Link #42
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personally i felt it was great for most of the show.
it was awesome right up till the end of ep 10, at which point it felt like someone told the artists "oh, by the way, you've only got 13 episodes instead of 24".
which is a damn shame, because if it wasn't for the rushed nature of the last few episodes, this would have been one of my top 5 shows ever.

as it stands, its just a somewhat above average anime.
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Old 2010-12-26, 10:03   Link #43
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I agree with some of the more pointed criticisms here in this thread. Looking back at the KEY-KyoAni combination over the past few years it seems like it's definitely the KyoAni side of the equation that made those KEY anime adaptations work so well.

Plot was paper thin and felt deliberately contrived to give maximum impact to the final scene. I didn't feel that the story unfolded with any mastery. Humor was meh.

Characters were disappointing really, there was some lack of development and they didn't seem that fleshed out at the end. Againi it felt like the set up to the farewell scene was trying too hard, and lines and scenarios that played out to it were full of cheese... Like Kanade sensing he was the one because he had no heart..

Music was good, the melodramatic ballads are awesome. Not as impactful as CLANNAD because of how the motif evolves as you watch it play out from ep one to forty eight, but it matched really well with the climax scene.

Animation was meh, so was character design. Very run of the mill quality.

I watched this for KEY's Maeda and came away disappointed. This isn't a masterpiece by any stretch.. It was very average. Especially coming off CLANNAD, AIR and Kanon. It's not even as good as other visual novel adaptations like Fate/stay night or Tsukihime. It doesn't measure up to quality anime standards as well.

Oh well. If Maeda is adapting this for a visual novel production I hope they put more effort into it than what's been put into the anime.
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Old 2010-12-29, 19:36   Link #44
Join Date: Jul 2010
I'm not going to go into a big essay about it, at least for now. I might edit this later, but for me:

Animation Quality: 8
Voice Actors: 9
Script: 8
Soundtrack: 10 (I really really loved the music from this show.)
Production: 7
Enjoyment: 9
Emotional Involvement: 8

Overall: 8(.4)

I considered it made well, but the editing could've been better.
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Old 2011-02-13, 17:01   Link #45
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5/10 for me.

Jun Maeda is done as a writer, Clannad was his swan song and he should quit while he's still ahead instead of recycling his previous works to the point of mediocrity.
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Old 2011-02-20, 10:27   Link #46
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Spoiler for spoiler:
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Old 2011-02-21, 02:12   Link #47
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Originally Posted by Rag View Post
Spoiler for spoiler:
Spoiler for Moment:
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Old 2011-03-04, 21:03   Link #48
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Spoiler for Spoilers..:
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Old 2011-03-07, 22:32   Link #49
Join Date: Mar 2011
In my opinion I believe that this anime was great. It has a great story and the art is pretty good.
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Old 2011-03-08, 15:08   Link #50
Archangel Roy
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Animation Quality: 8
Voice Actors: 7
Script: 6
Soundtrack: 9
Production: 6
Enjoyment: 7
Emotional Involvement: 9

Overall: 7.4
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Old 2011-03-10, 15:11   Link #51
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^Quality post .. not. It would be nice if you had elaborated a little aside from the score list .. Why you gave it such overall score and if you wanted to be specific, why did each category deserve such score.
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Old 2011-03-28, 05:08   Link #52
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I ranked it a 7. It would have gotten it's way to 8 or 9 if it were given more episodes. >o<
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Old 2011-04-13, 22:51   Link #53
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007

had SO much potential. The comedy in many of the episodes was off the charts.

If the series was doubled in length, with more emphasis on the character's backstory's, we would have seen a masterpiece.

The ending was anti climatic. The graduation ceremony could have been done alot better with more emotional impact. The only time I felt truly sorry was seeing Angel fade away with the main character reaching out for her. They should have done that differently anyways.
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Old 2011-04-15, 18:44   Link #54
Let's Go, My Friends.
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Thumbs up

Hey guys, I finally got around to watching Angel Beats!. I had been neglecting watching it because I felt it looked really kiddy and a bit immature, but I am glad to say that I was mistaken. I had a blast watching this anime, it was timed perfectly in the 13 episodes, I believe, and I enjoyed it all until the very end. With no further ado, I will begin my critique.

Animation Quality: 10
+ One of the things that got me into the series was the animation. I have to be honest, I enjoyed it all. From the wide variety of characters and their crazy actions (I especially liked the rocket propelled chairs in slow-mo) down to the actual characters themselves, I thought it was well done.

Voice Actors: 9
+I liked the voice acting, for the most part, it felt like everyone had their own distinct feel and they all matched their characters. It all just fit together perfectly, with the exception of Yui being slightly annoying at times.

Script: 9
+I felt the script was really quite good. One of my favorite characters was TK with his awesome sayings. What can I say? He was a champ . There were a couple parts that didn't make sense, but I figure it was just from mistakes from the people who subbed it.

Soundtrack: 9
+I felt that the soundtrack in itself was extremely sad, and it greatly contributed to the show by being played at exactly the right moments to tug on my heartstrings. I also liked the music that plays when they talked about missions, it was fairly comedic
-They replayed the same song(s), a little mix up would have been good, but it still worked for me.

Production: 10
+I have no idea how to grade this, but I guess it means were the Producers smart with their money in producing Angel Beats? If so, I give them a 10, they produced something truly great.

Enjoyment: 10
+From reading all of my above statements, I would hope you know that I enjoyed Angel Beats a lot. I haven't seen an anime to be this sad in quite some time, and I am glad to know that there are still ones out there that can surpass my expectations by a longshot.

Emotional Involvement: 10
+This is the big one for me. I felt all of the sadness, the joy, the hatred, and the craziness. I loved how in the beginning, they spent time to introduce all the characters, and I grew to love pretty much all of them. Episode 2 peaked my interest with all the traps and learning about Yuri's past, it was very well done. I felt extremely sad and nostalgic at several parts, episode 3 was unexpected and caught me by complete surprise. All the way up to the end, the characters grew on me, how they all helped each other battle angel and the shadows really felt like genuine friendship. I cried manly tears as each of them passed on. I was sad to see Yuri, Hinata, and Angel go. But it gave me such rejoice at the ending, when Otonashi hears Angel singing and goes to grab her shoulder. I am glad they decided to end it on a happy note. I personally think that it could have been far more epic, such as all of the members of the SSS meeting coincidentally on a subway or something, but having it simple worked for me as well.

Overall, this was time well spent. I hope to see more shows with the same caliber as this one. Definite 10/10.
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Old 2011-05-02, 23:38   Link #55
Anime Cynic
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Heads up that this is going to be a little spoily. But, since this is a "series impression" thread, I would expect the people reading this to be familiar with the entire thing. Anyway, here goes.

I just watched this anime over the weekend, and my conclusion is that it's good but not great. Admittedly, there's a lot to like about AB. The music was definitely good, it was darn pretty, it was very funny, and so on. Problem is, those are the superficial aspects of the show. Sure, it's nice when those things are good, but they cannot make up for shortcomings of plot, pacing, focus, or characters. And unfortunately, AB falls short in all four categories.

Let's consider characters first. At the end, the only "main" characters were the ones who had had their backstories revealed. That's it. No other reason. I mean, sure, someone like Otonashi or Tenshi would be an obvious choice, because someone has to be the protagonist and someone has to be the antagonist. But why was Yuri a main character? I mean, yes, we're TOLD she is, and we're told that she's the leader and all that jazz. But what makes her special? It was pretty clear that everyone was in that world because they were "rebelling against god," so why does she get the spotlight? And if it's just based on backstories, why not share some more? I'd like to know why Shiina was there, for example, or what the story was behind TK. But at the end of the day, there were just too many characters, and only a select lucky few got anything close to development.

On a similar note, there were some serious focus problems. Consider Yui. She's a comic relief character, and suddenly she gets her own episode where all of her unfulfilled desires get granted, and she can finally disappear. What? Why her? Why not someone else? Or how about Iwasawa? She gets an episode all to herself, then is booted off the show. And of course, Yuri is strangely OUT of focus for the entire show (except for one episode), which is weird if we're to assume that she's a main character.

The pacing was totally off, too. There were something like two baseball episodes and three trips to the guild. If you've only got thirteen episodes to make a story, you can't waste time on something like that. You can't have four or five episodes that are only there to explain a character's backstory, especially if that means kicking that character out once the episodes conclude. You can't (or shouldn't) rush into a conclusion centered on Yuri, then pull back, say "everyone's gone," and have some drawn-out graduation episode. Presenting the conclusion in that way was decidedly anticlimactic.

And the plot? Everything came out of nowhere. Tenshi's bad. Now Tenshi's good. Now there are shadows. Now Yuri is digging through computers and not becoming God. Glasses guy is an NPC. Now he's better. Otonashi shows up in a purgatory for those who have unfulfilled lives, sans memories, even though his last moments on earth were spent with memories completely intact, finally fulfilling his wish to help people. Things seems alright while Tenshi was the enemy and the SSS had some objective, but once she converted, things sort of fell apart and became unfocused. And of course, we have an ending of Otonashi crying his eyes out and telling Tenshi he loves her while she just says "thank you" (either for the thought or for the heart), pointedly not returning the feelings. Wow.

Anyway, that long rant is out of the way now. Believe me, there was a lot about the anime that I generally enjoyed. I loved the OP (both versions), I thought TK was awesome, there were all kinds of funny moments (notably the episode where they faked Tenshi's test scores and the one where they had to "battle" through the Tenshi clones in the Guild). The band scenes were great; just one was exciting in Haruhi, and this anime had several (arguably done better, too). All of the backgrounds looked ridiculously good, even stunning. I did enjoy AB while I was watching it.

Unfortunately, after the conclusion, I felt empty and unsatisfied. The core elements that really define which animes I like (plot and characters) were lacking, and all of the wonderful things that Angel Beats did besides didn't really make up for that.
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Old 2011-05-03, 11:27   Link #56
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It was pretty clear that everyone was in that world because they were "rebelling against god," so why does she get the spotlight?
They aren't in this world because they are rebelling against god, they're here because they had stuff to do before dying, and couldn't do these.

Yuri "Got the spotlight" because she's the leader of the SSS, didn't you pay any attention ?
As I suppose you didn't read the light novel or the manga, she's the one (with Hinata, Ooyama, Chaa, Noda and Shiina) who created the SSS.

I completely agree with you about Yui, that little prick should never have been there to begin with, eh.
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Old 2011-05-10, 15:02   Link #57
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Originally Posted by Amorce View Post
Yuri "Got the spotlight" because she's the leader of the SSS, didn't you pay any attention ?
As I suppose you didn't read the light novel or the manga, she's the one (with Hinata, Ooyama, Chaa, Noda and Shiina) who created the SSS.
I didn't read either, so no, I wasn't aware of that (though I suppose I could have inferred it). But simply being the leader doesn't necessarily make someone special. So she gave orders here and there? So what? For the majority of the anime, she stayed behind the scenes, pretty much saying "do this" and then disappearing as the others did it. Besides the label of "leader," (and a corresponding hat) Yuri didn't seem to do much to separate herself from the rest.

Originally Posted by applejuice View Post
It did not have sensational direction from Yamakan that Suzumiya 'God-knows' had.
"Sensational direction" seems a bit extreme. What exactly made that scene so spectacular? I don't deny that it was a nice interlude in an otherwise bland episode, but calling it sensational, especially in the context of similar scenes in other animes, seems a bit of a stretch.

Also, FWIW, that particular scene draws VERY heavily from one in a movie called "Linda Linda Linda," so, you know, credit where credit is due.
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Old 2011-05-25, 19:13   Link #58
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Man, it took me so long to realize this, but I was disappointed by the lack of piano/piano playing in the anime. The OP LIED. (Not unlike many an anime)

Well, I guess it makes sense now. Kanade recieved his heart, and then a piano fell on her.

Makes more sense than the actual ending IMO.
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Old 2011-06-28, 01:53   Link #59
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The only good things that happened in this show are yurippe and the ORIGINAL GDM girls.
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Old 2011-06-28, 10:07   Link #60
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Originally Posted by BaKaBaKaOtaKu View Post
The only good things that happened in this show are yurippe and the ORIGINAL GDM girls.
I do believe you forgot Ooyama.
And yeah, Yui was kind of useless.
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