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Old 2004-10-24, 03:10   Link #1
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Anime Awards 2004?

ok, over the next two weeks or so (as my schedule permits) i'm going to be going through the "top 5 anime of all time" thread ( ) and picking a few in each category that appeared most often and do a poll (with descriptions of each....the full deal) . The problem is I'm going to need help deciding first what the categories should be (lets say a maximum of 12) and where the various popular picks should fit. Anyone who is knowleadge-able about where all the various choices fit (ie: haibane renmei is drama while trigun is action/adventure....sort of) should post the categories they think are relevent and which anime should go where (as I troll through the lists and pop the names out). Or alternately if your willing to help me sort through the 200+ posts that would be great. I want to try to avoid a popularity contest where something like say pokemon(*shudders*) might win first place in the action category simply becuase its we may have to ask you to vote then post your reasons/justification for your choice or something similar (or do away with polling alltogether).

Darcy White
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Old 2004-10-24, 03:29   Link #2
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It is a shame that saint seiya is not even going to make it in your list as mostly nobody in animesuki (USA) knows this show And the ones who saw it as (Knights of the zodiac) tought it was the biggest piece of .... due to what DIC did to it...

*Cries in the corner*
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Old 2004-10-24, 03:54   Link #3
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First time would be to list what anime meets the qualification.
By 2004 anime, you mean:

*licensed anime released on R1 DVD?
*anime which first broadcasted in 2004?
*anime that had most of its run in 2004?

Possible categories are OVA, TV series and movies.
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Old 2004-10-24, 04:15   Link #4
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Cool idea but picking categories based on genre will be hard since many good anime are crossovers, I think it would be easier to have only a few very broad categories instead of 12. For instance Shounen, Comedy, Romance, Mecha, Shoujo.

Or , instead of going for genre's you could go for animation, music, characters, story, and such as categories. In that case you should pick the anime that were mentioned the most and put those up in a poll.
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Old 2004-10-24, 13:36   Link #5
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Hmm... I was planning on doing something like this myself, but I was going to wait until 2004 was, y'know, over before I started. And yeah, a proper nominations round would be the first step.

I've set up stuff like this with my anime club in the past, but this will be the first time I take it online. However, I'll be waiting until January, so as not to jump the gun. Not only are there still a few more debuts coming up, but a lot of shows don't show their true colors in the first few episodes, and you have to wait a bit before a true consensus opinion could be formed.

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Old 2004-10-24, 19:20   Link #6
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categories suggestion

Best sci-fri
Best fantasy
Best harem
Best horror

Best plot
Best scenes
Best characters
Best drawing
Best ending
Worst ending

Worst anime ever created in the face of the earth

1. For anime that starts at 2004
2. Each categoly has at max 6nominations
3 After everyone agree on the nominations, use the poll method to determine the winner.
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