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Blayne Barudorii
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I'm thinking of making a 'Animeoverthinker' type of vblog.

I'm thinking of working on a video blog type of thing similar to what Extra Credits, MovieBob/Gameoverthinker does but for Anime and Manga topics from advice on learning how to draw, anime reviews to tackling and discussing controversial issues; basically if you are not sure about what I mean about a Zero Punctuation follow-the-leader it's basically like a podcast but with funny pictures or a cartoon juxtaposed in the background.

Basically something like this but for Anime & Manga and related topics.

Difference being I think we could get alot more mileage out of it with a two-people-on-a-couch kind of format, where you have two hosts playing off each other discussing the issue at hand.

Maybe one as acting as foil for the other, asking questions for the sake of the casual fan while the other one starts with a simple explanation (for the casual viewer) and then works up to food for thought for the otaku's.

I'm thinking roughly is that we get on teamspeak or skype, discuss a random topic, figure out the week's format and then write the episode and come up with the routine then record our lines and upload it.

So I'm looking for volunteers to act as co-host willing to devote about maybe 3 hours a week to just discussing and brainstorming.

Now considering the significant demographic shift in recent years and the now considerable female fanbase for anime and manga I was thinking it would add greatly to the dynamic if the cohost was female.

The way I see it, two guys discussing anime is going to probably lead to unintended slant regarding the more hot button issues like say moe-stereotypes, whereas if the cohost was female would speak up more strongly about issues males would be more likely to take for granted.

But I'm still in the brainstorming stage, so yeah, feedback welcome on this idea, anything constructive welcome like ideas for topics, possible changes in format, questions go ahead go wild.

What I think I'll do first is work on out putting a pilot video with just myself first to show that I'm serious and then we could get right down to work.

- "I used to think spells equaled power, too. Back when I was alive... You know what equals power? Power equals power. Crazy huh? ... If you can lose it by blowing two will saves then you never had power to begin with." - Xykon's much needed Hannibal Lecture to Varsuvius.

If your interested in an Oots style avatar please feel free to PM me and we can work out the details then.
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