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Old 2004-10-25, 22:02   Link #1
Join Date: Apr 2004
Alright, I'm having alot of downtime lately...

Give me some anime to watch. So far, I've liked:
Kare Kano
Initial D
Cowboy Bebop
Beginning of Gungrave...haven't seen it all on TechTv, but I hear it degrades into a stupid action thing. Matterfact, I missed the first few episodes because that's how it started out.
Banner of the Stars
GITS Both SAC and movie
Saikano...haven't seen it all yet.
Perfect Blue

I'd really watch anything, but I have a thing for slice of life, action, romance, and really trippy stuff that makes you go, "Woah..." at some point. Fanservice will bug the hell out of me, but I can usually get by. I watched DearS and made it. It was sort of a cute story. I enjoy school stuff alot for some reason.
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Old 2004-10-25, 22:37   Link #2
Sata Andagi!
Join Date: Feb 2004
If you can take DearS, you should be able to take mostly everything else. That lame teacher ruined alot of that series.

Boys Be : Slice of Life / Romance / No fanservice
Story revolves about a guy and his school life, and then shifts towards a love story. Recommended if you want a slow paced romance.

Chobits : Romance / Drama / Some fanservice
Boy finds an abandoned robot type girl and falls in love. Recommended if you want a drama romance.

Midori No Hibi : Romance / Moderate fanservice / Cute story
A girl wishes to be near a guy she likes. When they wake up the next day, her body has taken the place of one of his hands... Recommended for a cute romance.

Ai Yori Aoshi : Romance / Moderate fanservice / Realistic
Girl is arranged to marry boy. Boy has to leave. Years later, she runs away to find him, they meet. Parents object, insert conflict. Recommended for a 'real life' romance.

Planet ES : Romance / Sci Fi
Girl gets job in outerspace. Follows her and her crews daily life, with focus on relationship between said girl and co-worker male. Nice, happy ending. Recommended for an older audience romance, with character development.

Koi Kaze : Romance / Drama / Incest / Pedophilia! OH NO!
*Cough* Girl meets brother. Yes, thats not very promising, but theres more... Their age difference is like.. 16 years. This sounds like the start of an ero game.. but I actually enjoyed the series. I'll put it on the same level as KGNE.

Wait.. I better stop before I list all of the animes I know. I could, you know. Ok.. moving on from the love section...

For your trippy / insane pleasure...

FLCL : Anime on LSD. Nonsence at its best. I hated it lol. I cant even give a description...

My all time, top 3!

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu : A must watch. Comedy at its greatest. Follows a boy whos only knowledge is military to enter a peaceful Japanese highschool. Recommended for everyone. Priority one viewing!

Azumanga Daioh : Another great comedy. Follows the life of several school girls and contains all the randomless, plotless fun you could ever want. My all time favorite.

Scrapped Princess : A fantasy/sci fi/drama. The scrapped princess was supposed to be killed right after birth, to prevent the world's destruction prophecised at the princesses turning age 16. She didnt die, however, and now years later, she is almost age 16. Religious fanatics who believe her to be the coming of doom try to kill her before its too late.

Well thats all you get for the time being. I dont want to recommend any action anime because, well.. I am usually dissapointed by the lack of character development. Enjoy!
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Old 2004-10-26, 04:31   Link #3
Cybernetic Wolf
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: North Olmsted (Cleveland area), Ohio
Age: 34
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Samurai Champloo- Think of a feudal japan, swordsman Cowboy Bebop with a Hip-hop twist.

Escaflowne- Medevil mecha. It starts slow, it doesn't get good until the second half, in fact. But once it gets going, it's one of my favorite series.

Ninja Scroll- Sets my standard for action. Visually very stunning. Ninjas with bizzare special techniques fighting. Note it's very sexually explicit, and not in a cute ecchi way either.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust- More great action, quite breathtaking and original. Unique takes on vampires, werewolves, mutants, and humans with inhuman fighting skills going at it full tilt.

Outlaw Star- Not as high quality as those mentioned above. The starship battles are fantastic, but they're few and short. There are some good gun and martial arts fights too.

Additionally, I'd just like to also endorse Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and Chobits, and endorse FLCL as vehemently as possible.
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