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Old 2006-12-23, 04:35   Link #41
Saber's Husband XD
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hmm an ending that will mark in a watcher's mind, though it is sad it has been a great series overall
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Old 2007-01-17, 03:10   Link #42
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As Azmaria prays at the grave of Rosette and Chrono ("... and please watch over me") you see a white feather moving from rigth to left which blurs as it leaves the screen, clearly no ordinary bird feather.
I think little Azmaria has got at least two angels watching over her...
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Old 2007-02-03, 18:39   Link #43
I'm Under Arrest!!
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I just got finished watching the final episode-it was very sad-but then I kinda knew it would end like this. My thoughts-Chrono and Rosette were together in death as they were in life-there was a bond that went deeper than love between them-as for them rejoining the "Astral Line"-it would have been nice for a visualization of same. If you overlook the religious symbolism which seems to bother jesus freaks you have a very good story-there are so many sad moments in this series-but that's what makes it so very enjoyable. Addendum-I read the last volume of the manga and it ends just as sadly-but in a vastly different way. God-I'm so depressed now. Chrono and Rosette, RIP. Sad, sad.
Anime is ok-but you've gotta have time to live, too.

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Old 2007-02-12, 19:54   Link #44
Witch of Betrayal
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Just finished watching the anime as well, liked it a lot!

I didn't mind the twisted religious symbolism at all..many good stories are based on myths, christian or otherwise.

Rosette's short life was sad...but it was something that was coming from the very beginning and something she willingly brought upon herself. So it was appropriate. The impending doom that is death awaits all of us, it's more important to live well than live long. And living with such furor did let her do things she couldn't have done otherwise, most importantly freeing Chrono from his cycle of misfortune - his death is one I was pleased to see.

And Aion is such an awesome villain! He was so evil, yet challenging god to get ultimate freedom is such an admirable goal. And from the very ending it looks like he lives on. My explanation for this is that his powers give him more control over time than Remington thought.
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Old 2007-02-13, 08:09   Link #45
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On the other hand, maybe this would fit better in the generic discussion thread..

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Old 2009-03-29, 02:15   Link #46
Silent Jealousy
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Originally Posted by chrno9999 View Post
[*]Even Stella is death too, and she also failed to reunite with her sister
in the manga version, stella is still alive even until 1999
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Old 2009-05-14, 16:32   Link #47
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Apart from some minor kinks at the beginning, I really enjoyed the anime. I wasn't so much into the story aspect of it, but rather the growing relationship between Rosette and Chrno. Even at the end, I still think Rosette and Chrno make a nice couple. The ending was expected, even though I did get a glimmer of hope when Chrno said "I like to believe things can be changed" in episode 18.
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Old 2010-01-02, 09:55   Link #48
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Originally Posted by hero147 View Post
The ending was expected, even though I did get a glimmer of hope when Chrno said "I like to believe things can be changed" in episode 18.
That was eactly my response althou i new what was cmming in the end
another anime i am glad to have seen its got action and demons and religion
Ion i thought was one of the more epic villans ive seen in anime
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Old 2010-01-18, 18:19   Link #49
Banjou Haran
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Originally Posted by Silent Jealousy View Post
in the manga version, stella is still alive even until 1999
I liked the manga ending.

Both endings were quite sad. But, a very good series! Both manga and anime.
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Old 2010-06-02, 15:26   Link #50
Max Stirner
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I have mixed feelings regarding Chrno Crusade. From a technical perspective, I absolutely loved the show. The characters, backgrounds and coloring were gorgeous. Additionally, the music and voice acting were very very strong. You can tell that a lot of effort was put into making this series, which makes it worth watching in spite of the weak story. To this day, Chrno Crusade is one of the better looking anime series I have seen.

Storywise, I thought the concept was very cool, but that said concept was delivered ham-handedly. I always felt that the characters in Chrno Crusade were intentionally underdeveloped in order to showcase the series's nihlist philosophical viewpoint. To me, the fates that befell all the diferent characters were not portrayed as tragic; they were simply a result of the world one lives in. Thus, Remington stops his service to God because God seems to have or take no active role in human affairs. The spiritual domain is his kingdom.

To me, the series should have been more upfront with this view. Hints should have been dropped along the way that revealed some of what was to occur at the end. Because the show didn't really do this, I completed the show expecting an epic showdown between Rossette, Chrono and Aion and getting what felt like absolutely nothing. Overall though, a cool looking show that I am glad I purchased.
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Old 2010-08-17, 11:53   Link #51
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Hello, my 1st post here

(SPOILERS ahead)

just finished watching the series yestrday and I couldn't sleep whole night as the events were bugging in my head ... First time I saw it was like 5years ago and I remember I cried as hell back then last 3 episodes ... even now I could not resist shedding a tear ... I've read most post here, but there are still couple of things I would like to discuss and ask though

First of all I would like to ask you for reccomodation of other similiar anime. I mean something that is sooooo sad and at the same time so beautiful that I can barely express it in words ... so many episodes were so beautiful - the christmas one with Azmaria- it made me feel so warm in heart, Festival episode - whole episode was beautiful and last part with Chrno and Rosette with fireworks behind them (cliche, but beautiful!). It was totally beautiful, but next thing what came was such sadness - it could so easily change from happiness to sadness ( i loved that! ). 4 years was Rosette looking for her brother and when she finds him, he is brainwashed and shoots her, but the person (or demon to be precise) she cares most gets the shot as he saves her. After that these two people who she cares most about are fighting together, destroying city and hurting other people, while she it totally helpless and can't do anything. What I am trying to say and ask you is anime, that also can turn from total hapiness and beauty to sadness just like that ...

(Final Fantasy 7 spoilers ahead)

Secondly I have noticed quite a lot of similarities with Final Fantasy 7. I think both manga CC and FF7 came around 1998 and 1997 so dunno if one got something from another and could not find many info on internet. Here are couple of things though

- Main antagonist - Aion/Sephiroth their look is quite similiar and more importantly their motives - both of them want to become gods
- Life stream - Astral line - it has been in more anime and things though, but they are the same thing in these 2 cases
- Chrno/Vincent - look + demonic power when they go loose
- Jenova's head/Pandemonium's head
- Chrono/Cloud both lost their precious loved ones(Aerith/Magdalene) from former friend, later main antagonist(Sephiroth/Aion)
- Aerith/Magdalene personality was quite similiar

Also few questions I would like to ask:
1 Why were all the sinners following Aion? I know that they had their goal and freedom etc, but they clearly must have seen that Aion is pure evil, while they all cared for something (Rizel loved Aion, Viede and Genai were friends and trusted each other and Genai gets really pissed when they kill Viede, while Aion is same stone heart as before). How could they not see that he was using them?

2 And why the hell was he also so "cool"(dunno really how to call it)? C'mon at EP23 Chrno punched him and he just flew like nothing happened, Chrno could have killed him at the moment and Aion would still remain in his "cool" status or how to call it. With this attitude of his, what would happen if Duffau would find him a little bit sooner? I mean Aion did not seem to be worried or afraid of anything, but if he did not poison Rosette's mind and Duffau would find him a lil' bit sooner, whole Aion's plan would go to waste.

3 Also at the end do you think that Chrno and Rosette were living their last days as couple or just simply best friends? Do you think that she said those words "I don't want to die", because she was in love with Chrno and finally they told it to each other and she had a brand new light in her life, that she did not want to abandon yet? Because it would make sense, as they stayed together, she did not even went to see her little brother or Azmaria and surely everybody would be happy to see her. And seeing her little brother is what she wanted last 4years, then why not go and see him if she knew she is gonna die? Anyway this ending got such emotions in me that I never though I had in me. I don't think I have seen something that beautiful on screen. Sadness and happiness at the same time, something as beautiful as the end when they were together and also Azmaria imagining them doing common stuff. I had tears in my eyes from sadness and at the same time it was soooo beautiful. Also seeing Rosette as the girl she was at the beggining, pricky and easy-going, making fun of everything, while at the end she had the gentliest face you can imagine. Face that knows that her end draws very close, yet finally she is afraid of it. I loved how her characted changed ...

took me quite some time to write it and it's pretty big for a 1st post ... I could talk about this serie nonstop now as I still have lot of feelings from it fresh. I have never read any manga, but I am probably gonna start - with Chrno Crusade ... although I've read that it's totally different, but I got to love those characters and want to see more of them ... My fauvorite anime by far, never seen anything that beautiful and sad at the same time ... please gimme some recommodation to something similiar

hope to get some reply, have a nice day!
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Old 2011-02-26, 18:52   Link #52
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Boy, did this show stir the animedom when it aired. It is still amongst the favorite of many even after all these years and I can even tell you why.

1) It is shounen yet people die in it permanently. Do you know how weird it looks to have that in a genre where usually the characters never die or are resurrected soon afterwards?
2) Sad, weird ending. Again, this is a shounen and yet the ending is not fairy tail-ish.
3) Christian flavor. Who says no to that? Especially when it concerns blurring the difference between good and evil and having a romance between a human nun and a male archdemon. Yeah, taboo romances are the easy way to go.

There you have it; three very good reasons of why this anime was cherished by so many. Sadly, they all have to do with aesthetics and not with good storytelling. Boy, very few ever care about pacing or directing and I am one of them. So to spoil all the fun, I say the premise of the show is damn good but the presentation is far from great. I can also tell you why.

1) Way too much dead time. 2/3rds of the show is pointless fluff.
2) Out-of-place and practically unneeded fan service that works against liking the characters.
3) Made by GONZO. You know, good visuals and premises but shitty presentation and closure. The story makes little sense, leaves a lot of things unexplained and even ends in a vague way.

These are the main issues which I will explain next in a bit more analytical way.

General Artwork 2/2
Character Figures 1/2
Backgrounds 2/2
Animation 1/2
Visual Effects 1/2

GONZO is very good at making interesting worlds, with lots of details and vivid colors and this is no exception. The setting of the early 20th century was made to look great and the sceneries are the best thing to stare. Unfortunately, it is the only one thing that was done great. The character figures are otherwise quite average in details and the intended oversexuality of the females is actually a mood killer when in comes to character drama. But that is for a later section; all you need to know for now is that all girls are busty and provide medium amounts of fan service, which to be honest doesn’t offer anything special to the show. I mean, it is not over the top to work meta-series and not excused in-series, so ends up being completely useless and unappealing. Chrono himself is presented as a wimp just to look cool when he goes all berserk but again, it strikes more lame than interesting, aesthetically-wise. Another thing is the battles, which to be frank are not exciting or special in any way. It all ends up who has the better looking spell or goes berserk faster with little effort at strategy or field tactics. Seriously, the whole thing results to you looking at very well done backgrounds and the two main heroes moving silly in the foreground, waiting for some romance or story revelation to come forward. Action and fan service end up being dead time you just beg to end so the good stuff will have their turn.

Voice Acting 2/3
Music Themes 2/4
Sound Effects 2/3

Well, hm, there is nothing special going on with the sound part. The music themes are average pop songs with a feeling of sadness in them, voice acting is not irritating but not high art either. And sound effects are done rather good at inflicting you will emotions when the drama kicks in but again it is not something done great.

General Scenario 2/2
Pacing 1/2
Side Stories/Extra Spices 0/2
Believability/Reasoning/Realism 0/2
Conclusion 1/2

The story has ups and downs along the way and I guess that is another reason many people liked it. First it appeared to be a silly comedy with an aloof duo of demon hunters. Then around episode 7 it becomes a drama around revenge, rebellion and looming death. Then at 10, it turns to some formulaic adventure where new characters are constantly introduced and colorized. Then at 20 it turns to an epic battle for the future of mankind before in ends tragically and leaves you wondering what exactly is going on with that prophecy. And what was that shot?

Although to the shallow minds that will appear like an awesome story, because it keeps changing themes, in reality it is just bad directing with no regard to proper transition from one subject to another. The premise of the story is very good; it has to do with a girl trying to save her brother and a pair or archdemons fighting to set free the world from God’s control, while a lot of side characters intervene to make things more complicating. But as far as good storytelling goes, it is very GONZOed. What, who, where, why and when keep happening randomly and usually the whole deal ends up being ridiculed with silly fan service and mistranslation of Christian teachings. I mean, really, do moral Christian sisterhoods let their nuns roam around with revealing clothes? The nuns I know have mustaches and are hardly sexy. And why are the most powerful archdemons look like gays and sissies? Are they even demons and not just people with horns? And how is it humanly possible for a Christian to use demons to fight demons and even fall in love with one? Or how is it possible for a demon to use God’s power in a way to defeat Him? Makes no sense at all. We could of course say it is an anime and these things are excused but they are using Christianity and not some made up religion, and they are supposed to depict pure good and pure evil. Well I’m sorry, I see no good or evil here, just deprived nuns and sissy demons bastardizing the largest religion on Earth. And it’s not even pure parody to just laugh at the absurdity.

The funny thing is that I am not a fanatic Christian. I just don’t like seeing any religion being f*cked up like this without a reason at all. There is this live action movie called Dogma which makes fun of Christianity so openly that it ends up being funny; but not this anime. And even without this element in the way most episodes end up being useless in the overall plot so regardless of even noticing the bastardization you still end up watching fillers for the sake of waiting for the main story to return.

Presence 1/2
Personality 1/2
Backdrop 1/2
Development 2/2
Catharsis 2/2

Although there are numerous characters present, story-wise the ones who matter is only Chrono (main hero), Rosetta (main heroine), and Aion (main villain). All the rest are just there make fun and eat up airtime so the producers can fill a full season. Now about the main trinity, it is good how they are all colorized and developed thoughtout the show. You really see them under a different light by the end of the show and not the same nun with guns and boobs, accompanied with a sissy demon and chasing a gay demon. They also get their catharsis in the end, which is not a happy one but still counts as one. The sadder thing is how they are otherwise quite typical as personalities and looks and even their motives are not that great in the longrun. Did Rosetta even care about her brother in the second half or just looked for a way to bed Chrono? What would Chrono accomplish by stopping Aion? Could Aion even get that crazy plan to work in the first place? All these things end up being good only on paper because in practice they feel absurd and unsupported.

Historical Value 2/3 (It still is rather famous)
Rewatchability 1/3 (only 1/3rd worths it)
Memorability 2/4 (nothing out of the ordinary yet feels good in overall)

I did like the premise of the story and the core drama. Yet all that were covered only a third of the show while the rest was fillers, useless characters, out-of-place fan service and improbable masterplans.

VERDICT: 5.5 / 10
Well it did have good scenario ideas. It just didn’t make good use of them.

Series where the heroine has an expiration date: Mahoromatic, Seikano, Looking for the Full Moon
Series with girl and boy fighting demons: Blue Seed, 3X3 Eyes, Inu Yasha
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Old 2011-02-27, 11:27   Link #53
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I always wondered what the inscription on the gravestone said as it's so hard to read-Rosette Christopher 1912 – 1928 “A devoted believer who dashed through the brilliant light of life”
"Chrono – Dearest friend and devoted protector”. Somehow I think its a fitting description for both Rosette and Chrono.
Anime is ok-but you've gotta have time to live, too.
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Old 2011-02-27, 13:15   Link #54
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^ I am not sure they even got inscriptions. We are talking here about a taboo relationship with a demon from hell.
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Old 2011-02-28, 16:07   Link #55
I'm Under Arrest!!
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Originally Posted by roriconfan View Post
^ I am not sure they even got inscriptions. We are talking here about a taboo relationship with a demon from hell.
What are you talking about?
Anime is ok-but you've gotta have time to live, too.
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Old 2011-02-28, 16:45   Link #56
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^ Um... demons and nuns are a no-no resulting to no gravestones?
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Old 2011-02-28, 20:56   Link #57
I'm Under Arrest!!
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You've gotta remember that Chrono Crusade plays loosie goosie with christianty and demons (devils-whatever). But those were the actual inscriptions on Rosette and Chrono's tombstone.

"Rosette Christopher 1912–1928" "A devoted believer who dashed through the brilliant light of life”
"Chrono–Dearest friend and devoted protector”
Anime is ok-but you've gotta have time to live, too.
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