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Old 2004-10-27, 17:04   Link #1
WinD GoD
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: uranus
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;';'//!!!comedy/romance anime!!!\\';';'

ok just pleassssse get comedy romance anime, and when you list the anime put wat type it is beacause you always have to search info on wat kind of anime it is thats wat sucks about your site really badly no offense anywayz please get comedy and romance anime for

reason 1: i luvv it, my fav. type

reason 2: for other ppl who like it(i no hoo you ppl are!!)

reason 3: very entertaining to me


P.S. try to get i my me strawberry eggs anime or azumanga daioh or real bout high school
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Old 2004-10-27, 17:32   Link #2
;& Flight of the Stars
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Canada
Age: 28
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well there's this new anime called "Final Approach". it's currently subbed by Froth-bite and Static-Subs, i believe. it supposedly has comedy and romance in it (not sure, only 3 episodes are out so far). you might wanna check that out =]
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Old 2004-10-27, 18:36   Link #3
Sata Andagi!
Join Date: Feb 2004
What the hell did you say? lol! Heres a copy paste from another thread.. I dont feel like typing it again... duh.

School Rumble : Only 2 episodes out. Definately get this. Its so stinking great and funny, my face hurts when I watch it. Dont even ask for a description, its unliscened and available on animesuki.

Chobits : Guy finds abandoned robot type girl. Falls in love and stuff. Its got the emotional element you are looking for, plus cuteness, and drama. It should make you cry. Though, I cant say. Strongly recommended.

Midori no Hibi : A girl that really likes some guy, but is too shy to say, wishes to be close to him. They wake up the next day and she turns into his hand! Its touching and nicely done. Get this for sure.

Onegai Twins : A guy has a photo of himself and a girl from long ago. Two girls both have the same picture. One of them must be his relative. Both of them fall in love with him... Which one is related to him and cannot love him?

Da Capo : Go for this only once you have finished all the others. Didnt really like it as much =P

Koi Kaze : Well, this will either make you love it or hate it. A guy falls in love with a girl much younger than himself. Much younger. They find out later that they are related. Very emotional, but you might be disgusted by the description.
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