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Old 2004-10-27, 23:47   Link #1
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I want popular anime

i need a new popular series to watch religiously. Anything's good as long as it doesn't have yaoi.
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Old 2004-10-28, 00:15   Link #2
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Sure. If what you want is new and popular, then Bleach is exactly what you're looking for.

New: It's only up to episode 4 so far.

Popular: Somewhere between 50 and 90 thousand people are enjoying this show.
  • Bleach 3 [A-Keep & ANBU] got 30860 downloads so far
  • Bleach 3 [Lunar] got 48943 downloads so far.

It's about a high school student who becomes a shinigami (a spirtual entity that guides the dead). Now he has to send good souls to the other side and beat the heck out of bad souls with his huge badass sword. Unfortunately this doesn't get him out of going to school. Hopefully that'll be what you're looking for. It's got a lot of action and humor with just enough characterization and plot to keep things interesting. I don't think that it's the best new show of the season, but it is destined to be the next big hit in fansubbing nonetheless.

Both A-Keep&ANBU and Lunar are about equal in terms of fansubbing. They're both fast. Lunar's translations are more colloqial and suit the mood of the show better while A-Keep&ANBU is more accurate and detailed. Neither one of them translates "shingami" well. Choose the version that suits your taste best.

I would recommend that you stay away from IY4Ever since their encodes and translations are both sub-par.

As for Naisho&TW, I haven't seen their version yet. They are only up to episode 1 and considering TW's track record I wouldn't expect that they will ever be fast, but from what I've heard they are very good if you prize quality over speed.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.

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Old 2004-10-28, 00:24   Link #3
Sata Andagi!
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If you're going to not care about what it is.. I suggest you just look at the tracker statistics and download whatever has the most seeders.
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Old 2004-10-28, 16:33   Link #4
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Elfen Lied?
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Old 2004-10-28, 16:50   Link #5
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Originally Posted by antiwyrd
i need a new popular series to watch religiously. Anything's good as long as it doesn't have yaoi.
Well if you want a new and popular show then the animesuki stats page

clearly shows that two shows from this season are very popular

Bleach and
Gundan SEED

While I haven't seen SEED, I doo comply with NoSanninWa's opinion, Bleach offers a good mix of action comedy and a developing story. Animation is a little less but I kinda expected that when I read someplace that this will become a long series. Bleach is not extremely original but it uses good working formula's the right way, watch and ... love it, I don't think there are any other options
Personally I must say I really like the Shinigami charcter the most, since she looks so sad and I absolutely love sadness and sad characters. Oh and then there's the father, he's just ... hilarious
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