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Old 2004-10-29, 12:34   Link #21
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Originally Posted by JediNight
That will change with the 1.1 patch coming out within a few days SCC. Have you even played the full version of DoW online yet?
Yeah, again, I just wasn't that impressed. I mean, it's not bad, it's fun playing with your friends, but then any game is fun playing with your friends.

Originally Posted by JediNight
When the 1.1 patch comes out it fixes the Stand Ground bug -- fixed it will force Ranged units into Close Combat when being Melee'd against and reduce their Ranged accuracy to 1%
Hmm, this is interesting and will definitely change some elements of the game. I don't think there's enough focus on melee combat in the game, especially as a sound tactical choice. I've also heard there are some annoying AI bugs related to it, such as units preferring to fire weapons rather than engage in melee where they'd be more effective (some even fire weapons at targets out of range, especially with flamers).

Originally Posted by JediNight
Maybe its because I play Eldar which require a fair amount of micromanagement compared to Space Marines.
That's a point - at least the sides are markedly different, although I personally find the Edlar and Chaos forces just annoying to manage, due in no small part to the voice acting which I find cheesy at best throughout.

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Old 2004-11-06, 01:26   Link #22
Join Date: Jan 2004
A great RTS. Campaign was short and screams expansion pack (I hope they add campaigns for all the races, and maybe add Tyranids), but the gameplay and stuff is great.

Points encourage you to expand and be aggressive instead of turtling and holing up in one spot. Most of all, the game has class, I feel.

I play Eldar, but I'm doing several skirmishes against a Space Marine comp and almost had it in one game but kept losing every other time. Trying to find the best strategy to beat the SMs.

However, "I....AM KAELA MENSA KHAINE," is always a nice thing to hear.
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Old 2004-11-07, 14:07   Link #23
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Dawn of War is a great RTS, it may even be better than Starcraft. I enjoyed the game alout since I play the tabletop game (Warhammer 40K), but I don't play much anymore because there are very few good players out there.
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Old 2004-11-12, 13:36   Link #24
Kitto Yuuki
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A great RTS? Yes...but better than SC? The redeeming quality of an RTS is balance...and with 4 races, and perhaps more to come, I doubt DoW will ever strike the godly balance of SC...and I'm skeptical that DoW could ever appear as a WTG game or anything like that. That said...I LOVE THIS GAME! ...I've played about 500 games since its release, and my handles are [TLSC]Bjorn, [TLSC_Aya|Eve, The_Scientist, and The_Fell-Hand which is what I use most often.
Anyone else's DoW nicks? I'll see you there.
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