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Old 2011-03-19, 06:55   Link #1
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Can't access

I was having problems on the site a few hours ago... and some other specific sites.

Spoiler for Google Chrome gave me this message:

Spoiler for also with firefox:

I already tried searching on the net with answers but none of them help.
I think its with my desktop system since when I plug my internet on my laptop I can access the website. any help would be gladly appreciated
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Old 2011-03-19, 15:37   Link #2
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Netherlands
Age: 38
I'm not aware of any downtime today. If there was any issue it should have been to short to be noticed by the server monitoring services I use.

However, one thing to note is that (torrent site, not forum!) is IPv6 ready. If you somehow have a broken IPv6 setup, where your computer thinks it can access the site through IPv6 but actually can't, this could cause this issue.

Does say anything about a broken IPv6 setup?

Alternatively, can you access ? This is an alternative hostname for (same site, same IP, etc.) that uses IPv4 only. Other alternative IPv4-only domains are,,,,

Note that all the IPv6 stuff totally does not apply to (the forum)
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Old 2011-03-19, 17:28   Link #3
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: event horizon
You sure everything is hunky-dory? I couldn't access the forum for something like a five minutes at one point today. Would get 75% packet loss while pinging as well. I get 0% at the moment, and had no problems. I don't know about the main site, it doesn't have a search feature I can grab, so hardy ever use it these days.
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Old 2011-03-19, 18:57   Link #4
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I had a problem today with AS too. It lasted only for a minute or two though but it wouldn't connect at all. I didn't get the error though, it showed on the lower right as if it was connecting for forever ...
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Old 2011-03-19, 23:11   Link #5
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Location: Boracay, PH
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Thanks everyone... The problem was my Malwarebytes program..... i was checking the prob again earlier that may caused it. then after checking my system.. upon restarting my PC, then goes to the AS site & other specific sites.. I can access them but after a few seconds... it won't let me open them.... So, i thought some program might be blocking them... I uninstalled my malwarebytes and poof~! Fixed like a breeze...
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