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Old 2007-03-02, 15:55   Link #21
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Anyone know what happen to vol 13+ of Saint Seiya? It seems ADV just stop the release at vol 12 in 2005.
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Old 2010-01-07, 01:55   Link #22
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Hey guys,

can anyone help me out - I am trying to find ENGLISH subtitled releases of Saint Seiya for episode 61-73, however the one source known to have released that much of the series

does not have a torrent anywhere, does anyone know where I can find those, or whether the subtitle track for those releases are available anywhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
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Old 2010-01-27, 21:33   Link #23
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You can watch the episode on youtube, I know that it's not as good as a toorent, but it's better than nothing.

And don't miss the episode after the 73, Asgard is the best arc of the anime, even if it's filler (Even if I am a big fan of the anime saint seiya, I hate the manga who sucks)
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Old 2011-03-20, 07:07   Link #24
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Sometimes change is not only improvement. Sometimes a shift in the formula may be better entertaining-wise or money-wise but beyond that worse than before. And this is the case with Saint Seiya (SS), the forefather of all modern fighting shounen.

This anime is not really the first in its kind. A few years back, there was Hokuto no Ken, which was by far more violent and mature in its themes, and which I will constantly compare with one another just to prove several points I make.

Hokuto’s main advantage ended up being its worst snag when it came to making money out of the franchise. You see, most of its characters would eventually end up dead and they wouldn’t return to life, thus pretty much making it hard to keep them perpetual interesting and endlessly sell merchandise about them. Oh sure, they still make a ton of Hokuto stuff even today, but most of them are the same old arc, repeated again and again. SS on the other hand opted for a different method, which as sillier as it may have been next to Hokuto, it kept the spice flowing for decades. Its winning formula was very easy actually. NEVER KILL YOUR MAIN CHARACTERS OR IN CASE YOU DO RESURRECT THEM SOON AFTERWARDS. And although most think it was Dragonball which established the trope, in reality it was this anime a few years before it.

Beyond that, SS has lots of things for one to prefer this shonen over Hokuto. It has a large team of fighters instead of only one unbeatable one, each one with his own special attacks and personality. In a way SS improved the formula of shonen in a similar way as Getter Robo did with Mazinger Z. It simply increased the number of main characters in order to make the whole story more interesting. It also gave each character his own signature moves, demeanor, different power ups and accessories, making the whole deal a lot more interesting than just one God-powerful character who hardly needs further power ups or character development.

To be honest, Hokuto has all that too but in a lot more subtle way, since all the antagonists Kenshiro faced ended up being allies or fleshed out villains and Kenshiro himself had to slowly learn how to develop his technique by studying others in order to face the final opponent. But all that happened in a very simplistic way and you end up thinking he just copied others and now his fists move as fast as Big Bad’s. Which does count as a far smarter form of development but then again it doesn’t have anything for the kids to notice and more importantly, to buy. SS on the other hand had clear developments in powers, in the form of using numbers and analogies. Like, this attack is three times the speed of sound or that one can run with the speed of light and stuff like that. Also, the internal power measure of the series, called Cosmo here, is far catchier than the typical and impersonal Ki, which Hokuto vaguely used just as spice.

It all comes down to preference actually. The Saints in the show were separated into classes, each one could upgrade his armor and power attack, each had his own allies and antagonists in his personal backdrop story, and above all nobody was killed permanently and was constantly returning with more tricks up his sleeve. There was simply way more variety and colorful suits and pretty super attacks going around, which as sillier as they were compared to the more subtle ones in Hokuto, they were still far more eye-catchy. And it was not even a matter of realism at hand here since even Hokuto’s martial arts weren’t really more realistic or practical. They were just far more lethal and gory, and thus cooler in their own way.

Almost every character has a backdrop story, including the secondary ones and most minor villains. This is a worthy note, even by today’s standarts. Most series don’t try to spice the secondary cast and Saint Seiya showed a lot more respect than most in this department. All major characters get to have a variety of side stories and decent coloring, which is a good thing.

Then again, all said backdrop stories and character motives are very simple. Avenge/defeat/save someone, find/destroy/win something, prove your power/resolve/point. All these elements are identical in all shonen and like in all shonen, they are not enough to flesh out a character properly. Oh, sure, in terms of the genre they are great but in terms of really unique and interesting characters, they are not. Watching the same archetypes repeating in all the series gets boring after the 1000th time. As far as characters go, Hokuto did it better.

Realism on the other hand appears to be undermined more than it should as almost all battles are taking place in tournament arenas or arena-like locations. Wherever the characters go, everything feels like an arena, made just so they can come and fight in it. Even high angle views of the wide areas the characters have to cross look like linear obstacle routes, filled with incohesive landmark features that resemble those in tv action games, like the American Gladiators or the Knights and Warriors. In a few words, the world in which the story takes place is fake, it is made just for the fighting and nothing more. I mean, sure, it is made to be a theme part or something so the kids can enjoy it more but it doesn’t mean I like how they turn everything to a goddamn videogame.

The story is not exactly excelling somewhere either, which is a commonplace in most shonen. All the fuss about the war with the Gods for the salvation of humanity is just a poor excuse for endless fighting. Even worse, it has saviors specially destined to do it, which I am not fond of. Sure, all shonen are about super special teenagers with untapped true potential and a mission to save the world because some prophesy said so but it doesn’t mean it gives the story any more credit. I would prefer if it was all open to an unknown future. I also never liked how this renders 99.9999% of humanity totally useless but then again I understand that the boys watching this are supposed to identify and feel like they are special and such.

The story is character-driven, as it usually is in shonen. Someone wants to accomplish something (Avenge/defeat/save someone, find/destroy/win something, prove his power/resolve/point) and faces others who think differently and want to stop him. This is not bad by itself but it really sucks if you try to reason the way it is presented. Plus, there are no actual deeper messages in the story. There are some poor shots at making this Cosmo power being the means to enlightenment and cosmic balance or something but the whole this plays out way too superficially to actually make you think or question stuff.

The artwork motives of the anime are full of Ancient Greek and Viking trademarks that make it rather interesting. The saints’ armors which are all based on star constellations and make allusions to the myths are a nice touch too. The pronunciation of them was awful, the myths were debunked to resemble fairy tales but I still liked the whole idea.

The animation has poor frame rate, jerky movement, lots of repeating footage during transformations and special attacks. Apart from the age it was made they still overdo it with the repeated footage to the point some describe this series as “the shonen equivalent of Sailor Moon ” (which I liked a lot more than Saint Seiya, despite being a guy).

The character designs are indeed nice most of the time. But not so much the facial expressions or the body proportions; those felt one of the same. The Saint suits are really cool to look at although it may get tiresome to watch all the men wearing animal-themed armors and all the women wearing revealing robes all the time. But in general, it is good in this section.

Voice acting is decent but not great; probably because of the silly context. I mean they keep repeating their names and seem to describe in detail even the most obvious detail. Yeah, that remains unchanged even today…

Music themes kick ass! Completely take you into the trip.

I personally watched SS way over my teens and AFTER viewing Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and the like. Everything in SS felt fake, shallow and stupid before them. All the fighting scenes and the characters are simple and superficial in comparison with what we get today, which are also quite superficial on their own. All its good aspects are INDEED being shoveled at us in all similar series thereafter and what was original back then, is clichéd today. So, it’s not that much memorable and leaving sentimental values aside, it is boring by today’s standards.

This is exactly what makes the show feel better and worse at the same time. On one hand it is very good to see how following fighting shonen used this as a role model and slowly improved the finer details instead of carbon-copying everything for decades. On the other hand, the show simply didn’t age well because all its elements are now completely surpassed by its successors. A thing that I can’t say about Hokuto, because it was never copied by any other show to the fullest, simply because it was not that profitable to kill major characters in perpetual on going fighting shows.
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