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Old 2004-10-28, 02:40   Link #61
Clean up princess
Join Date: Oct 2004
Originally Posted by babbito2k
The REAL curse is the one on Chicago White Sox, who haven't even been to the World Series since 1959. Here's hoping they get their act together some time soon.
When was the last time the Cubs were in the WS? 190*
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Old 2004-10-28, 02:50   Link #62
annoying white bat
Join Date: Jan 2004
Originally Posted by Mr. Shabaz
Don't forget there are some other teams that have never even BEEN to the world series. The Seattle Mariners, the Houston Astros, there are others I forget them off the top of my head though.
The other franchises would be the Expos/Senators Mk. III, Senators Mk. II/Texas Rangers and Rockies. None of these are charter franchises in either league and none were even around in '59. And Shoeless Joe never heard of any of 'em. edit: Gee, how could I have forgotten the amazing Devil Rays?
Originally Posted by Fel
When was the last time the Cubs were in the WS? 190*
Nope, they lost to the Tigers in 1945. You could look it up.

edit: Although the Seattle Pilots/Milwaukee Brewers and Padres have never won, they have been in WS.

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Old 2004-10-28, 03:30   Link #63
It's bacon!
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Old 2004-10-28, 06:53   Link #64
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you know, i really don't like baseball.... or sports in general... but it is kinda fun reading threads like these when nobody expects a certain team to win and that team ends up suprizing all the experts. But that is probably part of my sadistic nature that hopes the champions fall from grace. ^_^
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Old 2004-10-28, 10:53   Link #65
[megaplay] *sparkles*
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Congrats to Boston. Now my team is the fourth most pitiful I found a nice site with the list (now a little out of date) of the longest WS winless streak.

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Old 2004-10-28, 13:39   Link #66
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: new york city
Originally Posted by Mr. Shabaz
OMG I can't believe it. I've waited my whole life for this day. I can only imagine how it must feel for some of the 'old timers'. Anyways the Red Sox really proved to the world they are the best team in baseball today.

Oh yeah, as soon as I get my paycheck this week, I'm grabbin me one of these tshirts...



That t-shirt owns; I also want one. Anyways, the Red Sox has killed the curse. A wierd lunar eclipse couldn't prove that any better. As for the Red Sox, most of the players whose contracts have run up will be back next year cause I doubt they will leave a world series winning team.

Game 1: 11 9 Red Sox
Game 2: 6 2 Red Sox
Game 3: 4 1 Red Sox
Game 4: 3 0 Red Sox --END

Winner: Red Sox with a Sweep.
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Old 2004-10-28, 15:14   Link #67
annoying white bat
Join Date: Jan 2004
Important to note is that the current Red Sox front office has not been on the job very long and got the job done very quickly. These men made use of progressive thinking including sabermetric analyses to put together a very good team.

One example of this kind of thinking is that hitting at each position is more important than defense; this makes it possible to get the most from freestyle (or is it style-free?) "glove artists" like Ramirez and Ortiz.
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Old 2004-10-29, 19:44   Link #68
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Forgot to check this thread, heh. Well, I'm pretty lucky, being 15 I've already seen the Sox win the big one, whereas most Sox fans had to wait MUCH longer. Definately an emotional season... Players such as David Ortiz and Curt Schilling are now permanently etched into Sox history.

Parade is going to be absolutely PACKED tommorow. Most of my friends are going and want me to come, but I guess there is like an estimated 5 million or something insane like that. I think I'll cheer them on from a distance . I'm pretty sure my wardrobe will become more thoroughly divided between Patriots and Sox championship shirts now .
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