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Old 2010-08-18, 17:47   Link #1
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Anime/manga version of 'Roxanne'

For those of you who don't know, Roxanne is an old comedy movie strongly based on Cyrano de Bergerac. In both cases, a good, brave, poetically eloquent man is in love with a young woman but feels his love is hopeless, in large part because, however much she cares for him, she is interested in a different man. Knowing this, he does not reveal his feelings but attempts to get the two together. The man is interested in her too, but is rather clumsy and can't get it right, so the hero's matchmaking work makes it to the point where he's actually romancing her through this other guy. Ultimately she truly falls in love with the man, for his eloquence, charm, etc. (basically all the things the hero did in his name or told him to say). The main difference is the end.

So, my question is are there an manga or anime where a man plays matchmaker between the girl he loves and some other guy, and where she falls in love but ultimately finds that everything that she fell in love with was from the matchmaker himself, or finds after the fact about the matchmaker's feelings and the revelation makes her realize feelings she'd never noticed?
In summary:
A loves B. B has a crush on C. A decides to help get B and C together. If someday B finds out about A after she starts dating C, she ultimately decides that C isn't the one she wants after all. If she doesn't ever find out, it's still clear that her love is based upon what A had done.
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Old 2010-08-18, 17:49   Link #2
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What you're clearly looking for is Matchmaker Crush

The only one I'm aware of is School Days. Lol.
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Old 2010-08-18, 19:51   Link #3
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Originally Posted by Haak View Post
What you're clearly looking for is Matchmaker Crush

The only one I'm aware of is School Days. Lol.
Sounds about right, except that it sounds like with that the guy starts out as just a matchmaker and then falls in love. In Cyrano and Roxanne, the matchmaker didn't start trying to get a pair together and then fall in love with the girl he's setting up; he was in love with the girl from the start and felt that he didn't have a chance, so he played matchmaker to help the guy she had her eyes on say the right things. He never tries to get her for himself, because he doesn't think she'll take him and also he wants her to be happy. Instead, he stays matchmaker and she has to figure it out on her own.
Still pretty much the same. I really hope School Days isn't the only one out there. I'd like to find one where the guy plays matchmaker, the hero doesn't turn into the ultimate bastard, and the end doesn't have multiple casualties and extreme psychosis. I've seen School Days from end to bitter end. Not as messed up as SaiKano, but pretty bad.
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Old 2010-08-19, 08:25   Link #4
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Lovely Complex start off like this, at least for the first few episodes.

You're description actually sounds like half of my romantic life.
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Old 2011-04-05, 21:37   Link #5
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This one sounds a little like that, but they are both helping each other get the person of their dreams w/o realizing they are starting to fall for each other.
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