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Old 2004-11-02, 17:43   Link #41
Cantonese Dimples
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: North Jersey (near NY city)
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I see a few people posting in here claiming that their democratic vote is a throw-away in the state of Texas. Well then you know how all those Republicans must feel in California, NY, and so on... Face it, you're not the only ones getting screwed out of vote based on where you live.

The electorial vote provides a decent way for us to vote for our President in the fairest way. If we based it on popular vote, then whoever wins the heavily populated states (California, NY, NJ, etc) will outright take the Presidency and the other 'less populated' states will have little to no say. Country bumpkins should have as much as say as city boys when it comes to electing for their President.
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Old 2004-11-02, 20:15   Link #42
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Sol System
Throwaway votes? After what happend in Florida, people are *stupid* to think that their votes are throwaway. FL was lost by 500 votes! Do people ever learn? Also, think of NM, Bush one it by 300 votes in 2000. If you had 300 friends (making total 301 votes) voted, Gore would have one that state. If I remember right, Gore would have still lost but lost by 2-4 electorals! If other people in other states voted, Bush may not have won.

I say, go vote. If you dont vote, you dont have the right to complain.
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Old 2004-11-03, 02:21   Link #43
Team Player
Join Date: Apr 2004
A Texas Democrat and a New York Republican are still throwing away their votes, but what else can they do? And Gore did take New Mexico in 2000, although it looks like it's going to go to Bush this time around.

After watching the returns for 7 straight hours, it all comes down to Ohio and Iowa, both of whom are too close to call before counting the absentee and provisional ballots. It'll be another day or two before we know for sure. (There are a few others that haven't reported yet, but they're not important enough to swing the result at this point.)
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Old 2004-11-03, 03:21   Link #44
Weapon of Mass Discussion
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Location: New York, USA
The law in Ohio says that they can't count the provisional ballots until 11 days after the election. It's going to be a lot longer than a day or two until we know how it turns out.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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Old 2004-11-03, 03:35   Link #45
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Estimates were as high as 125 million voters before the election, I voted during early voting and waited 6 or 7 minutes.. I also told everyone I knew to VOTE EARLY!! Don't wait until Super Tuesday.. it's just stupid and serves no purpose to wait a long time in line to accomplish the same thing.

My county here in Texas had early voting EVERYWHERE, In many stores, in the malls, etc.. it was electronic, you didn't have to go to a certian precinct.. anywhere in the county worked, it was open for 2 whole weeks, open until 7pm on the last week including Saturday.. and you didn't even need to have your voter registration card, just your photo ID.. because a lot of people don't carry their card because of it's odd size and flimsyness. Early voting was a record here, They couldn't even start counting Super Tuesday votes here until 10pm because of all the Early votes.

After all the advertising, and counties making early voting very accessable... I have little sympathy for someone waiting in line 8 hours in Ohio. And this is coming from someone who voted for Kerry. I hate seeing the media using dumb sensationalism like making it look as though Ohio voters HAD to wait hours in line. One county was still voting as of 2:30am EST!

As far as my vote being a waste.. nahh.. There is more than just a Presidential election. The Governor here in Texas is an extremist, worst governor in my whole memory and I have lived in texas my whole life. The state wants complete REPUBLICAN control.. I hate one dominating party in anything. Texas had many conservative independent voice Democrats in the House of Representatives in Washington.. Perry made sure they were voted out by the INSANE districts we have now. I went to show support to my Democrat congressman who has been a great conservative voice for the Democrat party for the past 20 years.

The law in Ohio says that they can't count the provisional ballots until 11 days after the election.
Actualy they have begun counting them, it is the overseas ballots that are given a 10 day grace period. There may also be a grace period on absentee ballots as well. But provisional are just ballots that are not legal votes yet, they will each be checked by hand if they are legal. Basicly they are ballots cast by people who went to the wrong precincts.

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