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Old 2010-11-22, 16:37   Link #321
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Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Just seen it and nothing new added after the ending we got...
i saw it 2. the pain, what is wrong with oh great?? he literally killed his own manga with a crappy ending and the one shot could have saved the story but it had nothing to do with it.
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Old 2010-11-22, 19:55   Link #322
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mayaXmitsuomi chapter, as expected

which is good, but i still hope the volume gives more focus on maya's death
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Old 2011-05-09, 11:06   Link #323
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I have to be the only one who likes Masataka more than Nagi... Maybe its more sympathy seeing how he is as OG said the butt of the jokes, In terms of the ending couplings well, the confession was expected the only way that would work out is if Souichi died so no and its clear the Souichi still likes Maya.

On the other hand Maya till the very end did not have any romantic feelings for Souichi. OG really loved one-sided relationships for the whole of the is series.

At least at the end I hoped that Masataka would choose Madoko. But it was left wide open to interpretation.
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Old 2011-05-09, 12:35   Link #324
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pretty sure most people liked Masatake more then Nagi or most of the characters in general as he was a character most people could sympathize with.

either way can't believe it's already been half a year since it ended and in retrospec the ending still sucks...
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Old 2011-05-09, 15:59   Link #325
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure Masataka is a lot more popular than Nagi. Which is only natural, since he's better in every way. He even sort of stole the main character spot towards the end of the manga.
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Old 2011-05-09, 16:41   Link #326
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Guess I'm the outcast that really couldn't stand the whiner the entire time. Better than Nagi in terms of ability how? Sure he got the surprise he's all powerful now cop out towards the end, but still needed the others help. He couldn't have laid a finger on Nagi before it got all weird with Souhaku invading Nagi's mind and all...
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Old 2011-05-09, 17:30   Link #327
from head to heel
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I don't find Masataka that special either. From the very first chapter, I figured he was being set up as a rival to Nagi, except he pretty much stayed in the background for a long time before OG decided to put him under the spotlight for a major fight or two. Part of the reason for this I think, is that there were two major past arcs, and I felt that even Mitsuomi overshadowed him as a character until the late chapters.

A lot of readers probably relate to Masataka more, but I honestly couldn't. He may have been neglected a lot by his brother, but he nonetheless comes from such a rich, prestigious family and lived well... not to mention he was being secretly protected by Mitsuomi anyway. (It does make me wonder why OG made Masataka the butt of jokes for some time.) In comparison, while I don't find Nagi's personality that appealing, I was at least sympathetic to his rotten childhood, and was more interested in his tragic bloodline. In terms of backstory, there was simply a bigger story to tell from Nagi's side of things.

Aya is also another one with unrealized character potential. The story sets her up as an important figure carrying the burden of her power and complements and relates it to Nagi's along with the Red Feathers—but then, she sort of fizzles out from there. In other words, she was overshadowed by Maya who all of a sudden gains an important, plot-related ability.

To me, the most significant characters are: Souichirou, Souhaku and Maya—plus, Masataka towards the end. Masataka however, provides some POV narration throughout the story along with a few others.

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Old 2011-05-09, 17:40   Link #328
Working the bags...
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I would have liked to seen more Bob into the mix of things, but he kind of faded out toward the end...
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Old 2011-05-10, 01:13   Link #329
Anything's Possible
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Bob was kind of like a throw off character towards the end despite the fact he was introdued with Nagi at the beginning. His main highlight moment was when we saw 5 years into the future. With him defeating Madoko (we should have seen Masataka with her XD).

... But I find despite what people say about him throwing stuff in to me I can see the subtle currents of the story throughout the TT, I think the the biggest problem was despite the general idea he had for each character alot of it he cut out or failed to bring out through the course of the series. Like Aya's wasted potential, he had the general idea for the war. But in terms of teh finer details for each character it was not realized for every character exept perhaps for Mitsuomi. Who had I feel the most development along with Maya.

And yes the ending sucked. I also have the issue with the characters motivations which was all about doing things for the one they loved... -_-

Aya -> Souichi ->Maya...

WTF seriously the only few poeple with I find proper motivations were Takayanagi brothers.
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Old 2011-05-10, 08:16   Link #330
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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Masataka is a lot more popular than Nagi. Which is only natural, since he's better in every way. He even sort of stole the main character spot towards the end of the manga.
Quoted for truth. Nagi is a typical example of "failed main character who never worked with the viewers". I never cared very much about him in the earlier chapters, and after the author tried to elevate him from mere "silly punk" status, I lost any interest in him. If anything, it annoyed me how the character I could actually connect with (Masataka) got ignored while Nagi got sugar blown up his rear hole up to the very end.

Ah well. *shrug and toss*

Lots of pretty pictures remain, so I don't mind.
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Old 2011-05-10, 08:24   Link #331
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I must be a weirdo, since I actually rather liked Nagi, he was interesting in a way.

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Old 2011-11-18, 12:01   Link #332
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I liked Kurei, because he is the most intelligent guy and he was the de facto leader of jYuken during Maya's absence and he was very successful in doing what Maya largely failed to do which is uniting it into one solid group. This feat can actually be exploited for a new twist.
I don't mean to say Maya is a bad leader, but She had a personal issues that clouded her judgement. She was the captain of Jyuken but it didn't changer her at all she was still the same girl she had been , she still kept the old photo of her friends nut there was no photo of the current Jyuken club. Dude being a leader changes someone, and there is a strong bond that will keep you together.

His background and motives were never explained, Ogure wanted to do it in volume 13 's omake but failed spectacularly. Aya's question was left unanswered "why Kurei joined Jyuken? ihave never once seen him practiced". at the risk of generalization , Ogure's
Kurei was the second in command but maya had never once had a discussion or hold a meeting with him (this is uncommon thing in manga), when Maya returned from Kyushu, Kurei should have been in he welcoming party due to fact he was her second in command. in vol 14 Kurei could have been the voice of reason and encouraged others to attack Souhaku's base instead of sitting in front it like idiots, the steel guy had said that Mastataka was a worthy opponent hadn't he? then Maya would not have had to run out of ki. He was sexually attracted to Natsume sisters ( he filmed Aya in the dressing room) but it didn't motivate him to do something.
I wish Ogure had been able to develop his characters like Oda dan Kubo. I particularly loves how Oda developed each of the character. Even joke characters likeUsop and Brooke are well devloped, kudo to oda for not sidelining any character.
Perhaps the reason why Ogure refusedto develop the characters of Kurei and the rest of Jyuken was because if he did,Kurei and the others would realize that as a leader Maya didn't care about them. An old saying says " Don't befriend a person who will abandon you in the time of needs.
I really hate the one shoot ending, the particular reason for my hatred is not the history of violence between Maya and Mitsuomi but because Maya completely disregarded the pain and and suffering Mitsuomi had brought upon her subordinates.
I completely disagreed with the notion that the characters were always in danger. Masataka could always defeat his opponents without problems, He indeed got his hand cut by Shin,. But He immediatetely acquired a fully functioning prostethic hand, so he was not in any real danger of being a handicapped person. This led to an intriguing question he day. why didn't they give Makiko prosthetic limbs?
The reason why Maya was always in danger was because every so often, girls are not allowed to be heroines on their own right. They are often shown to be weak and fragile so that a man can step forward and save the day.
It's also because Maya refused to use all the resources she had, by resources I mean her subordinates. Why she never allowed allow her subordinates to help her, simply put too reckless to be a leader.
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