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Old 2010-11-16, 03:47   Link #1
milan kyuubi
Call me MK! :)
*Graphic Designer
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Age: 28
Here you can Create Your Own Character/Magical Technique/Ability/etc.

Try to be realistic, don't use the characters already in anime/manga, but create your own (of course this is optional, but it would be nice to see new characters).
  • Just remember to use spoiler tag for anything that is manga related

Spoiler for format (this is optional, you can use your own format):

Here is mine....

Name: Ling
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Simple black pants with white shirt. And a robe with black and red designs over.
Weapons: Crystal Orb, which helps her user her magic on stronger level.
Magic: She has the power to control wind, she is not a dragon slayer. Her powers are connected to her emotions. Also her magic can heals her and others.
Origin: n/a
Guild: Rogue
Rank: A rank wizard
Likes: She likes honest and loyal people. Also people who are not afraid to speak their minds.
Dislikes: She hates perverts and people who would do anything for money.
Personality: She is kind and peaceful. She likes nature and animals. Very loyal and will do anything to protect her friends. She also has a darker side then only emerges when her life is in danger or when she feels strong emotions.
Bio & History: She was an orphan, she was thought magic by an wizard who was expelled from his old guild. He though her about magic and other things such as reading etc etc.
Future: Unknown
Also you can create your own guild, which members would be the characters you created
My Twitter account! Thanks to Godlike1889 for the sig!

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Old 2011-05-04, 07:57   Link #2
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Hungary
This looks like fun, so...

Name: Kyrannah (Kyra)
Gender: famele
Age: 17
Eyes: dark blue
Clothing: white kimono
Weapons: katana with silver blade
Magic: She has teleportation powers.
Guild: none
Rank: S
Likes: She like peace and quiet.
Dislikes: She don't like loud and annoying ppls.
Personality: She's distand and mostly cold. Mostly she prefer to be alone, but she can be very loyal to the few ppls she likes.
Bio & History: n/a
Future: Unknown
(If i will have more time, then I'll try to make an art about she.)

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Old 2011-05-04, 23:46   Link #3
Om Nerabdator
Join Date: Mar 2008

Gender: Male
Age: 32
Clothing: Stylist Black Coat
Weapons: n/a
Magic: Able to summon powerful illusions which can become real at the users command
Origin: n/a
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Rank: S
Likes: Women with big breast
Dislikes: Guys who likes girls with big breast
Personality: Very menacing his outwards appearance scares off everyone he sees, but on the inside his a complete mess always unsure of himself and 2nd guessing and argueing with himself, However he never speaks his troubles out loud. This causes some misunderstandings in the guild but his heart of gold always save the days when his nakama are in trouble. All women under 25 he treats as children which hurts thier women pride but no matter how scantily they dress he always pats them on the head and offers to buy them ice cream
Bio & History: Secret..........rumours say he has a daughter in another guild
Future: n/a
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Old 2011-05-05, 07:23   Link #4
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Hungary
Originally Posted by matty543 View Post
Likes: Women with big breast
So, he's a pervert?
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Old 2011-05-06, 11:17   Link #5
Om Nerabdator
Join Date: Mar 2008
Originally Posted by matty543 View Post
Dislikes: Guys who likes girls with big breast
His a conflicted pervert lol
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Old 2011-05-06, 22:26   Link #6
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Hungary
Originally Posted by matty543 View Post
...All women under 25 he treats as children...
But, my character is in safety from his perversity.

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Old 2011-05-06, 23:12   Link #7
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2011
Clothing:Black Bullets Long Jeans(the pants with bullets picture on it)
Magic:Scan-Able to scan people power and use it, saves in a memory watch
Guild:Fairy Tail
Likes:To see people fighting (cuz can copy skills and put it in his memory watch)
Dislikes:To miss any famous fighter fighting (cuz cannot get good skills)
Personality:Active, Loner
Bio & History:None
Future:To Scan a Skill that will change the whole Universe!
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Old 2011-05-07, 04:42   Link #8
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Hungary
Originally Posted by Madness-Nesu View Post
Magic:Scan-Able to scan people power and use it, saves in a memory watch
It's like Kakashi from Naruto.
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Old 2011-05-12, 03:51   Link #9
Junior Member
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Sory but it isnt.He dont use his eye to copy. He Scan not Copy =D
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Old 2011-05-12, 21:44   Link #10
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Location: Hungary
Scan, copy... Isn't that the same?
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Old 2011-05-22, 16:13   Link #11
Crazy One
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Crimson Demon's Realm
Age: 34
Full Name: Mana Crossfield
Nick Names: Mana, Scared Rabbit
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, but base from her looks, she's probably around 14-18.
Height: A few inches taller than Wendy Marvell
Eyes: Red
Clothing: Black dress with three garnets attached on it.
Weapons: None, instead she's good with hand to hand combat.
Magic: She is capable of using dark, fire, water, and lightning magic at will.
Favorite Spell: Undo, which removes any kind of buff/curse/effects cast on the target; Dark Barrier
Origin: Unknown
Guild: None
Rank: Unknown
Likes: Powerful women
Dislikes: Tiny creatures, even with her powerful magic at her disposal she tends to get scared that easily.
Personality: She's most of the time silent and sleeping. But when she sense any powerful women engaged in battle or something, she tends to cling on them or even ask them to fight her. She's in good terms with Erza.
Bio and History: Unknown, recently she appears and helped Erza on her fight since she knows the opponent cheated Erza through slow magic which also happened to Natsu and the gang.
Future: She appears not from this timeline.
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Old 2011-05-30, 13:50   Link #12
Senior Guest
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Athens (GMT+2)
Age: 29
Name: Sieg Hart
Gender: Male
Age: classified
Height: 181 cm
Appearance: Same as Jellal Fernandez
Class: Elementalist
Weapon: Elemental and spacial magic
Title: Element Master, The Guardian of Time, High Mage
Clothing: Black shirt, imperial white coat
Origin: Mildea
Bio and History: Classified
Future: Grave Guardian

This is one of Mashima's characters from his former work, RAVE. I decided to include part of him here in case anyone was interested, since he justifies a lot of the focus his look-alike has drawn in Fairy Tail

My original character is listed below.

Name: Wes Kreuz
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 172 cm
Appearance: trimmed beard, tired face but burning eyes
Clothing: black jeans, plain shirt, tethered jacket
Weapon: Kreuz workshop
Magic: Seidhr magic, requip magic
Origin: Denon City
Rank: A
Likes: adventures
Dislikes: bandits
Bio: Wes is the inheritor of the Heart Kreuz company, but ran away from home, searching for his own way to fame and glory, in order to be accepted by the world despite being one who had everything from birth. He started taking jobs after saving a town from bandits; his fighting style includes equipping various weapons and armour he has stocked and controlling another part of his vast artillery with seidhr magic to catch his enemies by surprise.
Future: He dreams of beating Erza in a duel, and trains to become strong enough to challenge her one day.
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Old 2011-05-30, 14:26   Link #13
shiny umbreon
Join Date: May 2011
Name: Saya Cruz
Gender: female
Age: 17
Eyes: gold
Clothing: gothic lolita
Weapons: a midnight blue staff with a crescent moon charm
Magic: destruction magic
Origin: Acuista
Guild: none
Rank: A
Likes: sweets, art, and nighttime
Dislikes: children and other girls
Personality: A bit clumsy, even when trying her best she ends up getting into mischief. She's a hard worker when she's interested in what she's doing, but if not she most usually blows it off until things get so out of hand that something has to be done. She dislikes other girls because she finds them annoying and doesn't have the patience to deal with them.
Bio & History: Raised in a small town, she always wanted to go out and see the world. Her father died when she was 10, and her mother ran away not much long after, leaving her with her cousins who look down on her for being so clumsy. She despises her mother for leaving her to this very day.
Future: She aims to strengthen her magic and abilities to change her cousins views about her.
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Old 2011-05-31, 02:38   Link #14
Big Game
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Exclusively Inside Your Mind.
Name : Bryan Silentknight
Gender: Male
Age: unknown..he`s probably around 13-15
Clothing: black shirt,crimson red jacket(hooded, face hidden), crimson gloves(for his hands)
Eyes: red
Weapons: dual blades/dual swords(fire proof)
Magic: fire..( he can put flame on his blades )
Origin: unknown
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: A
Likes: cute girls, animals, music
Dislikes: cowards, bad cooking, arrogant people
Personality: He's resourceful and optimistic, always believing there is one more thing you can do. He tends to choose his battles and avoid getting into direct confrontations if he can help it. He can sense any battles and dangers.

If given a choice between the normal way of doing things and the fun way of doing things, Bryan will never pick the former.

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Old 2011-09-05, 09:05   Link #15
Gabriel Stone
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2011
Name: Apex Gladius
Gender: Male
Age: 613 (Still Young, Early Thirties)
Eyes: Yellow
Clothing: Silver/Gold Armor
Weapons: Wings wich are swords
Magic: Dark Matter - Arcane Force - Aura Force - Particle Control - Unholy Light - Elemental Nullifier - Blood Summon
Origin: Solum Sacratus - The Realm of Order
Guild: None
Rank: SS
Likes: Honesty, Strenght, Challenges
Dislikes: Evil, Weakness in other Opponents
Personality: Apex Gladius is a serious man who seldom laughs.The job comes first.He only cares for his three brothers and sister: Aegis September(617), Avalon Silver(622), Abigo Nemesis(629) and Arista Cross(608).They are all exceptionally good fighters.
Bio & History: Born in Solum Sacratus and known as Sciathans, Apex Gladius was destined to become a warrior like the rest of his family that preceeded him.They are all born without wings wich emerge after a certain period of time and they can have varies atributes.In case of Apex they became swords.Sciathans are good people by nature but there are those who choose the evil path, they are known as Aripans.
Future: As of now Apex Gladius is searching for a man named Aon.He is the key to stopping an evil force that is about to rise and with it bring certain destruction to the Realm of Order.....
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Old 2011-09-06, 00:10   Link #16
Anime Luver! >w<
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Indonesia
Name: Hikaru
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 160 cm
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Pink Yukata
Weapons: Swords & Armour
Magic: Re-quip
Origin: Unknown
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: S-Class Mage
Likes: Cute Stuff, music
Dislikes: Perverts
Personality: Caring, helpful
Bio & History: Hikaru was born on February 10. Her mother died after giving birth to her and her father ran away when she was 10 due to debts. Hikaru have to work everyday to pay her father's debt. After her 14th birthday, she met Erza and became Erza's student. She respects Erza and she falls in love easily. She cares about her friends and her goal is to protect and help all of her friends.
Future: Unknown
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Old 2011-09-06, 12:03   Link #17
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Technique: Requip - Dragonslayer Armor
User: Erza Scarlet
Appearance: It looks similar to her adamantine armor. It is armed with an enormous triangular shield which bears a golden embossed Fairy Tail emblem covering its entire surface on a black&white checker background, a solid steel spear that she carries on her back and a short, thick, one-handed sword on her side. The armor has six small black feather-shaped blades protruding from the back of the armor, running down her shoulder-blades. The helmet has the shape of a dragon's head. The armor has a reflective chrome surface.
Origin: To provide Erza with the most powerful armor in Earthland, Jellal travelled throughout the land to collect dragon lacrima. He then asked the dragonslayers of Fairy Tail to aid him with their powers to mold the armor. Using Gajeel's iron and Natsu's flames to forge the strongest steel, then cooling the red-hot armor with Wendy's chilling winds and imbuing each piece with various types of dragon lacrima, the Dragonslayer Armor was created.
Abilities: The sabatons and gauntlets are imbued with wind-dragon lacrima, which allows Erza to move and wield her weapons with incredible speed.
The torso, neck and leg pieces are imbued with iron-dragon lacrima, which can withstand the most powerful brute-force attacks and create a magnetic field to reduce the impact of metal weapons .
The helmet is imbued with water-dragon lacrima, which allows her to breathe underwater and makes her immune to poison gas.
The shield is also imbued with water-dragon lacrima, and it can block all elemental attacks and deflect physical attacks. She can see through from behind the shield and while doing so is immune to visual techniques.
The blades on her back are imbued with wind-dragon lacrima. When her opponents take to the air the blades will magically extend to form a pair of enormous dragon-wings, each spanning several meters across, and an enormous dragon's tail extending beneath the wings. The wings allow her to fly at incredible speed and altitude, while the tail increases her balance in the air and can also be used as a weapon.
The spear is imbued with light-dragon lacrima, and it can channel all the elements of her other armor pieces into ranged beam attacks.
The short-sword is imbued with gold-dragon lacrima. It is the heaviest sword in Earthland and once it is set in motion its momentum renders it unstoppable by any force until the wielder ends its swing.
Effects: While using this armor, Erza is unable to limit her strength and can only fight at maximum power. This has the result that the entire landscape could be altered from the force of her attacks and she can only use this armor while there are no allies close by to avoid destroying them. Luckily, Erza has never had to slay a real dragon, therefore she has never used this armor.
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Old 2011-09-14, 12:30   Link #18
Join Date: Jun 2011
Name: Sir DooM
Gender: Male
Age: 400
Eyes: Shady black
Clothing: Black Hoodie, Black Jeans, BLACK CAPE
Tattoo: Tatoo of devils hand of right side of the face. Tattoo of grim reaper on hes back.
Weapons: Iron sword, he wears hes iron sword casually around. While he has black greatsword on hes back(material unknown).
Magic: ICE-Lighting mage, he uses hes Lightning to increase hes sword fighting abiltys and ice to slow down the enemy.
Origin: He came from ancient kingdom which was in war, in the time he was born and he lived there prior becoming a immortal.
Guild: None
Rank: Unkown
Likes: WOMEN
Dislikes: Weaklings
Personality: Hes man of peace, so to say. Laid back, chill.
Bio & History: Sir DooM, is a man, with blurry history nobody knows where he comes from, or where he goes to, he appears when there is something strange going on, hes always spectating fights. He used to be 1 of 10 strongest mages in world, after a while he disapreared and he was never to be seen again, until he appeared again. It is know that he was immortal and Zerefs companion. He has no intrest in current events of the world. He earned title Sir prior becoming a immortal. He was in slumber for 200 years, but he was accidentaly awaken by Natsu and hes companions.
Future: He seeks mortality.

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Old 2011-09-22, 08:51   Link #19
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Greece
Age: 21
Name: Sirma
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Eyes: Dark
Clothing: Black pants , white shirt
Weapons: Has a spellbook that helps him make powerful magic
Magic: He uses Earch Magic . Can break an area in 2 pieces or make the ground like a rock and trap the opponent
Origin: Fiore
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: A
Likes: Playing with his friend Romeo (!? Macao Son !?)
Dislikes: Winning easily
Personality: He loves telling jokes and making fun of other . He is just like a kid in his age . Loves entertaiment , fight for his friends and never give up on a fight . Although , he do give up on real life problems!
Bio & History: His Dad was an S class Mage . He died on a mission (When Sirma was 9 y.o ). He was raised until 14 by Macao (That's why his friend is Romeo) . Then he joined Fairy Tail.
Targets : Becoming S class Mage , and find - defeat the man that killed his father)

(Changed future to targets)
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Old 2011-11-09, 21:52   Link #20
White Silver King
The Isley
Join Date: Oct 2011
Name: Asteria Blackwell
Title: Queen of the Blood-soaked Aria
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Eyes: Crimson
Clothing: Something along the lines of Ultear's Council dress
Weapons: None, occasionally she uses her nails to draw blood
Magic: She uses the Lost Magic Arc of Life. It allows her to manipulate blood. She can either use it like Gaara of Naruto uses his sand - for attack/defense and to create constructs of blood. She can also manipulate the blood in hers and other body. Through this she can drain the blood of victims by touching them for a period of time and sometimes enjoys killing them by making it boil. Her most fearsome magic is used by dripping the blood of other onto skeletons to animate them with the life within the blood, while weak, they are unkillable except by completely destroying all their bones or restricting their movement and have the advantage of having very large numbers. Though she does have access to more powerful skeletons, including the carcass of a Dragon though she only uses that as a last resort. In the World of Ultimate Magic, where the full power of her Lost Magic is known, she can truly resurrect others.
Bio & History: She was from a non-magical family. When they found out she was a mage they sold her to a slave trader at age 7. The man whom she was sold to used her magic to kill his enemies and random victims thus creating her sadistic nature. Eventually, she learned all she could from him and killed him, traveling the world and learning more of her magic. She attempted to find her parents so she could kill them but found them to be already dead. She eventually encountered the Master of Tartaros and joined his guild.
Guild: Tartaros
Rank: Ace
Likes: Blood, pain, make-up, clothes, red roses, humming.
Dislikes: Weaklings, Children, animals, any other kind of flower than red roses.
Personality: While she appears as a beautiful and kind woman, she is actually an extreme sadist. She derives pleasure from decieving people into thinking they're safe with her and then killing them after she has tortured them. She is extremely intelligent and selfish. She also has a habit of humming even during her battles.
Future: Wants to learn the full extent of her Magic so she can resurrect her parents and kill them herself.
"Wake up laughing like a prostitute." ...Win...

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