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Computer won't power on (dead battery?)

So I have a computer that my neighbor would like me to try and fix but I am not sure what to do at this point. Its a refurbished computer with what seems like pretty good specs but the thing doesn't power on at all. I've made sure that the outlet I was working with wasn't the problem, used another power cord just in case the power cord my neighbor gave me wasn't working and made sure that the power button wasn't improperly connected. At this point I can only assume that the power supply is either dead or damaged but I have a gut feeling that I am missing something simple. What else can I do before telling her to go buy yet another part?
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Sounds like a PSU problem. If you have a spare one lying around, you might want to it with that. Also worth checking is the voltage switch some PSU have, some people do unintentionally flick the switch when cleaning their computer.
I would remove all components and see if it boots up just with the bare minimum and see if it works.
If it is the CMOS battery is empty you normally get a error message during the boot screen.
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