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Closed Thread
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Old 2004-10-30, 02:10   Link #261
Join Date: Jul 2004
So... you need everything but encoders?
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Old 2004-11-01, 15:34   Link #262
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004

We need people who can help edit and QC Creamy Mami in a timely fashion (ie. a few days per person). Also you need to like Mami and not feel it is a second-rate project that should be put off in favor of something else. We do not care if you are in other groups, as many of our members are in 2-3 different groups and it does not cause problems. The release pace of Mami is generally no more than 2 episodes every month.

A windows PC is a necessity, as is a reasonable internet connection. Rather than have QC'ers submit text files of RFCs, we are using an experimental tool 'ssaQC' that safely makes QC changes directly to the script while adding embedded CVS data. So a QC'er gets the work-in-progress .ssa file along with a 'test encode' of the episode and works from there.

In exchange, QCers get to hold, pet, and play with our pig, Piiki, who is very cute.

And if you do a really good job, maybe we'll let you feed him a carrot.

If you'd like to help, ask on the public IRC channel or post in the forum on our site. Thank you.
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Old 2004-11-02, 16:10   Link #263
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Nagoya, Japan
S-Ai needs staff~!

Position(s): Encoder needed urgently. Other positions may be available too, you'll have to check with us on IRC.
Group: Shoujo-Ai
Project(s): Yakitate!! Japan
IRC Channel: #Shoujo-Ai @ (or click HERE)
IRC Contact: Edge, Kudo-kun or OrochiTux

Thanks very much!
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Old 2004-11-03, 07:05   Link #264
Hero Legend
Join Date: Oct 2004
Age: 32
Send a message via ICQ to Nebula Send a message via AIM to Nebula
Hello, co-founder of HeroLegends speaking. We could neep some help...

Position(s): Timer (Top priority), and a Translator would help even more~
Group: HeroLegends
Project(s): One of the brave (yusha) shows (I'm trying to keep it a LITTLE under wraps to surprise people at least somehow...)
AIM: KingPyramider
ICQ: 107897378
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Old 2004-11-04, 11:45   Link #265
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Ithaca NY
Age: 28
Send a message via AIM to ShuichiShindou
Music composer looking to Fansub

Hi AnimeSuki fan sub groups!
I am a proffesional freelance music composer for many independent games and i am looking to work in a fansub group either as a entry level Timer or Typesetter. my website is or look at some games i did my music at My email is! I hope to join one of your teams soon!
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Old 2004-11-05, 17:21   Link #266
Usor Linguae Latinae
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: In Lecto Melissae Cum Melissa
Age: 38
I'm not sure whether I should be posting this in here, but I'll go for it.

As I probably pointed out elsewhere, the translators of the Negima scanlations didn't render most of the Latin phrases in the manga very well. Even many of the translations in the official, English-language Negima books aren't very accurate. (It seems that the translator or translators simply translated the Japanese translations of the Latin words, so the meanings of the Latin words have to get through two language barriers.) With that said, I would like others here to know that I would be more than happy to help the translators of the upcoming Negima anime with the Latin used in the series. My inner Latinist wants to see the Latin written and translated as well as possible.

Position seeking: Latin-language consultant for the Negima anime
My Group: N/A
Intended project: Negima anime
IRC Channel: N/A
IRC Contact: N/A

I hope to add some of the Latin phrases to my Latīnitās Negimāria article soon. Feel free to read the article.
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Old 2004-11-05, 18:29   Link #267
Join Date: Jul 2003
Keroro Gunsou Fansubs

Newly formed group dedicated to subbing Keroro Gunsou. We are looking primarily for translators but any other help is welcome.

The purpose of this group is to just get Keroro Gunsou fansubbed. If that means we get Soldats/UA to work a little bit faster then our work has been accomplished. If you are an established group looking to pick up Keroro Gunsou, we are willing to join you in an effort to get it subbed. If you are a new group wanting to sub something, you can join us at our IRC channel and inquire about a joint or merger with our group. I don't really care how it is done as long as it gets done (well).

If you want to help, please...

IRC: - msg an op
Private message me here at animesuki
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Old 2004-11-06, 20:05   Link #268
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
Position(s): Translators & a backup typesetter
Group & IRC Info: #anime-conan @
Project(s): One upcoming new series or any on-going projects
IRC & AnimeSuki Contact: Kudo-kun

Last edited by Kudo-kun; 2004-11-07 at 01:24.
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Old 2004-11-09, 21:17   Link #269
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Niagara Falls, Canada
Age: 35
Help! I need something fansubbed before x-mas!

Hey all!

My name is Vega and I am a university student studying anime. I am in need of some major help - I don't speak Japanese!

I have a copy of the rare Inu Yasha Stage Musical, ripped, and ready to go. I also have the entire script in either hirigana or kanji (I'm not sure which it is) scanned and ready to send to someone as a .zip file.

I really really really would appreciate the help of someone who can put these two elements together and subtitle the whole thing for me!

The stage musical is divided into three "episodes", the first about 1.30 hrs, the second about 1.20hrs and the third about .30hr. There are also three deleted scenes, but those aren't all that important.

What the subtitler would be required to do is merely translate and subtitle what is spoken on the episodes; I will provide the script to help, but if there are descrepincies, then deffinately stick with the audio track as the final version. If possible, I wouldn't mind getting a copy of the teleplay, either.

This musical is being translated for my Dramatic Literature Honors Thesis, whose topic is the relevancy of Anime in relation to Kabuki in the 21st C. This is the kind of stuff that will make Anime a relevant art form in North America, hopefully, so please help me out!

Unfortunately, I really really need these subs by the first of January, so I can prepare for my presentation to the faculty in Febuary with it. I had someone who volunteered to help, but was unable to translate afterall due to personal concerns.

Please, please help me!

Of course, I will allow the work to be posted on the site so everyone can watch it once we're finished.

Get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Old 2004-11-10, 05:19   Link #270
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
hey guys

hey guys, I'm willing to do some translation for a group. Translating from japanese to english,

if any groups are interested about a translator, drop me a line at

I will give you my background information, and maybe we can work something out, and it'll be great if you can give me the projects you guys are working on when you mail me.

take care~!
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Old 2004-11-13, 05:55   Link #271
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Michigan
Age: 34
Looking for: Translator
Project: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Audio Drama
Group: RZ Productions

RZP has almost no web presence anymore though a few groups have used a few of our old scripts on some newer projects.

This is an audio drama, which means it was originally released on a CD and had no visuals. I'll be conbinding the audio with some basic visuals and add the subtitles to that.

Since Final Fantasy Tactics is awesome, this project just needs to be done.

If there's any other groups that already have a translator that want to adopt this project or do a joint or whatever, that's cool too.

email: ramza78 @
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Old 2004-11-14, 05:17   Link #272
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
Position(s): Timer/Translator
Group: Dodgy Fansubs
Project(s): Sci-Fi Harry/Mazinger-Z Movies

Dodgy Fansubs is a new group looking to do older shows that haven't been subbed before.
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Old 2004-11-14, 14:03   Link #273
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: holland
Age: 29
hey there. I'am readdy for timen

If you are intressated. You can PM me

[want groups who already begun with some projects]
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Old 2004-11-14, 18:42   Link #274
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Niagara Falls, Canada
Age: 35
Dodgy Studios - need shows to do?

Just curious if anyone who is looking to do shows would be willing to subtitle a two and a half hour movie for me.

It's a copy of the Inu Yasha stage musical, and is very rare and hard to get a hold of. I purchased a copy for school, and need it subtitled before January.

Anyone interested can message me.
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Old 2004-11-17, 21:43   Link #275
Join Date: Sep 2004
I'm looking for a Translator to help finish doing the Hanada TV series (I highly doubt I can find one for this, but can't hurt to try). Just PM me on here or get on and join #Meatwad, i'm always in there. Joints and whatnot are welcome too, I would just like to finish doing the series.

Last edited by Meatwad; 2004-11-17 at 22:52.
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Old 2004-11-21, 03:31   Link #276
Cutie Honey Fansubber
Join Date: Jun 2004
Age: 37
Send a message via MSN to Apterous
Sailor Spork is looking for timers for Cutie Honey and Cutey Honey Flash. We have the raws and a few translations for CH, and will soon be ready to get rolling on Flash, but we need timers to make it happen.

We don't mind if you're also in another group, that just tells us you're experienced and responsible. Even if you're just interested in doing 1 or 2 episodes, we need all the help we can get.

By the way, if you're interested in helping us get CH Flash (the shoujo version) out faster, we need people who are willing to transcribe the dialogue from the half completed VHS fansubs to text so we can time that, as we're starting from the beginning using DVD raws. Or if you can get the scripts from (or even current contact info for) the long dead Sachi Distribution, that would be great.

Apterous @ #SailorSpork on Rizon

VHS Transcribers: Check out and post on Sailor Spork forums
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Old 2004-11-22, 18:55   Link #277
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Tuscaloosa
Age: 34
Send a message via AIM to Ferret593151903 Send a message via MSN to Ferret593151903
#KraglePop @

We are a new group, and obviosly, looking for any help we can get. Wether is be getting a setting up bots for distro or just a helping editor and QCer. PM me here or come and see us on Rizon to have a talk with us. Thanks for your time.
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Old 2004-11-24, 21:38   Link #278
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Vancouver BC,Canada
Send a message via AIM to PiggyCanHack Send a message via MSN to PiggyCanHack
Lightbulb Serious FanSub Group Open To New Staff

What's up everyone?
I have decided to start a new serious fan sub group.

We will sub some anime such as Naruto / Bleach / Gundam / Any anime the team likes.

What we are aiming for is not fast, Since I doubt we could beat the big sub groups but I am aiming for staff that does good quailty subs.
Good quality as in good word translations and nice sound and video control. Hopping to bring the best to the anime lovers out there.

Things we already have:
-Pretty active iRC Channel
-Host of Torrents

Things we need:

We need alot new staff and I hope we can get this working.

Name of the Sub Group will be Benriya and all staff name from big to small will be added to the anime that you have subbed on. We are trying to make better quality fansubs.

We are hopefully translating Japanese Raw files to Enlighs sub titles
I hope this could work out.
Thanks alot.
If you have any questions free feel to email me at :
Or drop by at #benriya and leave me a message.
You can also post back here and I'll get to you ASAP.

All staff will be acepted but you just gota be cool
A cool place to meet friends and start big here.
We got alot of cool stuff going on also check out our whatpulse team to see our dedication to anime and various online funess.
Check out our whatpulse team ^_^ Rank: 25 In the world

If mod really needed to delete or move this post I am sorry about this and it won't happen again. Thank you: AnimeSuki

Last edited by NoSanninWa; 2004-11-24 at 23:43. Reason: Not deleted or moved. Instead it is merged!
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Old 2004-11-24, 22:22   Link #279
Triad's Friendly Editor
Join Date: Jul 2003
Age: 37
Simply amazing. I am without speech.
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Old 2004-11-24, 22:25   Link #280
The Triad
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: In front of my MHD player
It would be lovely if you can move all your resources to shows that aren't (over)subbed. The last thing we need around here is more Naruto.

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Closed Thread

help thread, recruitment, translator

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