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This is a real great question. (WARNING; this is HELLA subjective)

Anime to me so far, has kinda felt different then say.................Movie adaptions of literature or other written work. (Best adaptions I could come up with).

Let's start with long form manga adaptions since I mainly am reading long running shonen and watching some stuff like that at the moment.

You see generally speaking I see anime adaptions as being by and large a literal interpretation of what was in the manga. Particualrly in traditional shonen works. This is for various reasons.

1. For the example of say big time Shonen Jump/Sunday/Magazine works often times have fans that look at the source material as bible, so messing around with stuff in the material would alienate the fanbase and be bad for biz.

2. It's a little rough but in comparison to say the spin a certain movie director or writer or actor will take on a certain iconic character or material (like Tim Burton vs. Chris Nolan's Batman or Connery vs. Moore vs. Craig as Bond) anime adaptions generally don't have a clear individual stamp on the production of the work.

I don't want to say it's due to lack or talent or style but compared to say the differing visual stylizations you can get between certain manga-ka, there is generally little overt difference from say Hayato Date's take on Naruto vs. Uda's take on One Piece it's all a kinda of generic "shonen-tv adaption" style that's a subset of what (for lack of a better term) is the traditional anime cinematic storytelling style.

I attribute that largely due to lack of budget and creative freedom because you have to deal not only with authors and networks but commercial tie-ins. Much like American industry there's only so much fenagaling you can do. Compare this to say....Batman cartoons pre and post BTAS. Either way there's lack of a distinct twist overall.

So where does faithfull ness fall into here. Most would point to the object of filler.

You have DBZ/One Piece filler which was just adding random shit to episodes based on manga story to pad out running time (see Namek saga) or you have Naruto/Bleach type filler where you are forced to come up with unique arcs and stories and designs.

Many will say Bleach is not totally faithful to the manga because of the filler. Anyone who's not a crybaby knows that's due to necessity. Yet from my perspective Bleach filler is faithful to the feel of the show and in turn Kubo's original work. Original designs match Kubo's design ethos and filler arc story concepts don't drastically alter the nature of the world and characters. Largely the characters always stay in personality (this is always a big worry).

A larger stretch would be the first FMA series. That was a big creative risk that reaped great rewards. Director Mizushima and Writer Aikawa created a new batch of story that was totally their own envisioning yet perfectly matched the tone and message of Arakawa's original manga. Although I am blanking on examples because I haven't seen a memorable live action movie in a while,

I am pretty sure that there as at least moderate tinkering of novel/play/comic before it's filmed for the screen. Yet we can see both works while distinct from each other as strong stories and entertainment productions.

(can someone think of an example of a good source material that was adapated into a somewhat different yet equally good [or better] movie? )

My friend was telling me how the Novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Blade Runner were good for different reasons. Naturally certain things have to de or remphasized due to differences between prose and film yet sometimes with certain directors and writers you see these differences because they though it would add interest to the story. Rarely do I see overt examples of that in anime adaptions of very popular manga or otherwise prominent source material.

(Hideaki Anno's romance show KareKano and adventure series Nadia I know are MAJOR exceptions but I am afraid I haven't seen them.)

I am afraid I can't speak for light novel or game adaptions because I partake of neither and am rather picky when it comes to more hardcore otaku shows of such ilk.

(Do wanna read Nisioisin's Monogatari novels though THAT seems like an interesting comparison.)



I am up for a little wrinkling and molding of an original work to suit a director's taste sometimes. More so than I have experienced anyway. I am a HUUUUGE Shinbo fan by example. I think that is what makes art fun, various forms of expression from various points of view.
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