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Old 2011-06-10, 04:07   Link #41
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Episode 9

It really bothers me how dumb Jintan and Menma is, I mean Menma could have just held up a book in episode 2 and none of this problems would have happened. Though there wouldn't be Anohana if that happened.
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Old 2011-06-10, 04:13   Link #42
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I think the idea of Jintan dying to find closure would be a really bad aesop and i don't think it fits at all with the tone of the series. It could be a possible source of conflict but I don't think it will be the solution. I like Guardian Enzo's interpretation of the river scene though.

And yeah it's great to see characters act so convincingly when they realise Menma's alive. I'd be getting goosebumps too. And it's great to see that simply proving Menma's existence hasn't solved more conflicts than it's started. In fact it doesn't really solve anything in the long run. There's still a long way to go.

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Old 2011-06-10, 05:55   Link #43
Ava courtesy of patchy
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Hmmm... this episode definitely feels weird for me compared to the other episodes before, whether it's the pacing, or the atmosphere, and most of all, doesn't feel like something that you would show 2 episodes before the final. Nothing feels resolved yet(I kinda wish they address the Menma mom problem in this episode, or at least move forward to try to solve it instead of just asking help from the dad), and Menma's reveal make Jintan feels very distant with the rest of the group(except Poppo I guess) since he only cares about talking to Menma now. I'll hold my judgment for the series as a whole until the end though.
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Old 2011-06-10, 06:04   Link #44
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there are a lot of good speculation so far from what i'm reading.

i'd like to throw in one more jintan's death flag.

3. there are some old japanese legend that if you drown, the only way to move on is to find a another to take your place. ie another vicitim. so menma will kill jintan on purpose or accidental...

however, this is highly unlikely and would ruin the entire series.
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Old 2011-06-10, 06:25   Link #45
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Tsuruko getting freaked out and clinging to Anaru made my day
She's always so cool, calm and collected that I never expected to see such a strong and funny reaction from her.

Yukiatsu going after Anaru again made me feel very bad for Tsuruko. I thought he was joking the first time, but it looks like he's actually serious. Their only common point if that they both have unrequited feelings for someone (and it seems to be the only reason he likes her, he thinks they're similar)... not a very good basis for a relationship.

I thought Menma was going to fall into the river again. She is way too airheaded... I'm going to say something terrible here, but I'm starting to think she was simply too dumb to live.

The thought that Jinta might kill himself to join Menma is beyond depressing. That would go against the whole theme of the series (moving on) and would leave a very bad after taste in my mouth, no matter how well done. Not to mention, it'd send a very negative message.

What personally held my attention those past couple episodes is Yukiatsu, Poppo, Tsuruko and Anaru's desire to be forgiven by Menma. We already know why Anaru and Yukiatsu feel guilty, but why would Menma be so angry with them that she wouldn't be willing to forgive them for that? They sometimes speak as if they murdered her (no, I don't believe for a second). Anyway, I'd very much like to see/hear Tsuruko and Poppo's side of the story. Only two episodes left for that...
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Old 2011-06-10, 06:40   Link #46
a random Indonesian otaku
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Originally Posted by SoFarGone View Post
no Menma needs to leave their lives. Everybody needs to move on. If Anjou and Yukiatstu go on a date next episode I think its going to be short. Tsuruko and Yukiastu somehow will end up together by the end of the episode leading to the finale to see Jintan give an answer to Anjou's confession while Menma finally disappears to the other world.
yeah! I expect and want this kind of ending too... hopefully it will happen

Spoiler for 9:
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Old 2011-06-10, 06:40   Link #47
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I'd rather not have Jintan die in the end. For me, it just doesn't suit the series. Besides, if he died either Menma or Anaru will not move on. So it's not really a good plot twist.

Anyway, this episode is different which is a good thing because the previous one was heavy on the drama and this one is quite light. I laughed a bit and felt weird when Menma's interacting with the others at the first scene.

I felt bad for Tsuruko in this episode. I have a vague idea why Yukiatsu wants to go out with Anaru because they are in the same position, but then what about Tsuruko? In a sense, all three of them are in the same position but its still Anaru who've Yukiatsu pick instead of her. So I'm expecting a heavy drama on Tsuruko next episode.

At the river scene, I thought both Jintan and Menma are afraid of going into the river. I mean, Menma died at the river so I thought she's afraid to go near it, and then Jintan because of Menma. I also don't have anything much to say at the slow mo. I guess he felt guilty or something based on his expression and when Menma called his name.
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Old 2011-06-10, 07:54   Link #48
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Huh? Are you seriouse? There are only 12 episodes all together? I don't see it ending so fast 0_o

The best part of the episode for me was Anaru's Tsuruko's exchanges with each other.
I guess no one can deny the fact now that Teuruko likes Yukiatsu who sadly is as obliviouse as Jinta. Actually Jinta is worse, he never gave any response at all. It doesn't hurt to act like nothing happened sometimes but with such outburst on Anaru's part that's definetly not the best solution.

And please, please, please don't tell me that Poppo also loved Menma! It is getting ridiculouse!
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Old 2011-06-10, 11:08   Link #49
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I am also very suspicious of Tsuruko. Also, isn't it ironic that Menma's reveal actually strained their relationship more than it brought them together?
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Old 2011-06-10, 11:08   Link #50
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Jintan better crap or get off the pot. Menma is going to return to heaven, and Anaru will be snatched up by another man. Guess he can always just kill himself, or go the yaoi route with Popo. Great episode.
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Old 2011-06-10, 11:34   Link #51
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Also, remember that Jinta is going to be working at the bridge? This might be some foreshadowing.
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Old 2011-06-10, 11:40   Link #52
Guardian Enzo
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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
Huh? Are you seriouse? There are only 12 episodes all together? I don't see it ending so fast 0_o!
Try 11 episodes - not 12!

To be clear - I don't expect Jinta to literally kill himself, even if the death theory is correct (and I am by no means convinced). I would say, rather, that if it does happen it would be in line with the earlier foreshadowings of an illness - the nosebleeds, the fainting, etc. Maybe with an implication that his body has kind of given up on this life.

Of course, the observation that Jintan will be working on the bridge is a good one - and highly unlikely to be coincidental.
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Old 2011-06-10, 11:43   Link #53
You are Reading this!
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Yukiatsu certainly is an interesting character, wonder why its not often we see these kind of characters in shows. And the character relationship web seems to be revealed further.
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Old 2011-06-10, 12:22   Link #54
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I wonder what exactly is going on with the Menma-Touko plot thread. Is it going to be a surprise along with Poppo and Tsuruko's account of "That Day"? Also ironic is that meeting Menma wanted to hold which leaves Jinta out of the picture becaue the current circumstances prevent her from that meeting. Maybe that is why she can only write in the clubhouse? Because that is where Menma wanted to hold the meeting?
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Old 2011-06-10, 12:22   Link #55
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A speculation I have pertaining to Tsuruko...

Spoiler for Major Tsuruko speculation:
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Old 2011-06-10, 12:32   Link #56
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Spoiler for Episode 9 Tsuruko pondering.:
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Old 2011-06-10, 12:35   Link #57
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Right now, the knowledge of Menma being real is tearing them apart even more. Jinta is now comfortable about openly communicating with Menma without realizing the harm he is causing to he others.
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Old 2011-06-10, 12:51   Link #58
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Jintan dying simply won't happen, that is if this is 11 episodes. I think there would need to be at least some significant foreshadowing or build up to such a thing, and that can't happen in 2 episodes (technically one). I honestly don't believe the fireworks will be Menma's wish, I think next episode we might find out what it actually is, or atleast see how Menma actually died.

I also don't think Tsuroko had anything to do with Menma's death. That would be completely out of nowhere and would make Tsuroko look really shitty. And again, theres been nothing to even suggest this, Menma has barely even acknowledged Tsuroko the entire series, which would be weird if she somehow caused her death.

Also, I'm a big fan of YukiatsuXAnaru. I loathe all the bullshit beating around the bush "romance" that happens in a lot of anime, so it's nice to see someone take initiative and actually go on the attack. And I think they would actually be a good couple, they at least seem to get along well, as we saw in this episode. I would like to think her crush on Jintan is simply that, a childhood crush, she'll get over it. Jintan and Tsuruko can continue to be forever alone, or sulk in the pool of their indecisiveness. ( I really like Tsuruko, but I don't see her ending up with anyone at the end, her and Yukiatsu don't seem like a good fit to me.)
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Old 2011-06-10, 12:57   Link #59
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I'm currently expecting a flashback episode for the Super Peace Busters time, like how they met and how they all become friends or anything

EDIT: Oh, and of course the truth of 'that day'
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Old 2011-06-10, 12:59   Link #60
Guardian Enzo
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
A speculation I have pertaining to Tsuruko...

Spoiler for Major Tsuruko speculation:
Honestly, I hope not.

My selfish hope for the ending is pretty simple. Menma died, but it wasn't anybody's fault. She helps Jintan deal with his pain, and everyone moves on. The message: sometimes bad things happen to good people, and it's no one's fault. Life is pain, but life is joy too - and you need to celebrate those that love you and appreciate every minute you have, and treasure the memories of the ones who aren't with you anymore.

Now, that may be too simple - not "dramatic" enough. But I think it's plenty, especially given the way this series has gloriously portrayed the power of simple, everyday emotions. I don't think it needs any "new" deaths, or shocking revelations about the old one, or any other theatrical stuff. I'd be very happy with a simple, humble coda that respects the characters and the pain they've been through and offers a little hope for the future.
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