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Old 2011-06-07, 16:09   Link #101
Roger Rambo
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Originally Posted by Flower View Post
That's true.

Yet another hint that a "supernatural element" may play a part in the story as it goes on, perhaps?
It's not supernatural. Ohana's dreaming with a fever
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Old 2011-06-07, 16:24   Link #102
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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
It's not supernatural. Ohana's dreaming with a fever

Well, in my opinion whether or no she is sick has little to do with whether or no the supernatural can objectively "bust in" to one's dreams. Some might even say being in an "unnatural state" can sometimes pre-dispose one to be able to receive such contact (although one's choice of who and/or what contacts one and what they might be able to do to someone in that unnatural state is another issue).

Being in an unnatural state as a result of illness or some kind of substance may lend one's mind to over-active imagination, delusions and the rest, to be sure. But that does not de-facto rule out the possibility of supernatural, "otherworldly" elements from objectively being able to contact one in a dream.

Whether or no you believe in such things to begin with is another issue entirely.

And whether or no such elements have a place in this story in particular is a matter of preference, I think. For me such elements are fine and (as of now) do not "infringe" upon the story in a negative way.

As some have argued up to now it is kinda hard to find a common thread throughout the first 10 eps to begin with!
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Old 2011-06-07, 16:58   Link #103
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Originally Posted by Flower View Post
That's true.

Yet another hint that a "supernatural element" may play a part in the story as it goes on, perhaps?
I honestly hope not.

I'd like to see Hanasaku stay very grounded in tangible reality.

I like Anohana, but I frankly can't relate much to it, due precisely to the nature of a certain core character in it.

So I'd like for Hanasaku, at least, to remain something that feels somewhat plausible and "real" to me.
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Old 2011-06-07, 19:04   Link #104
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agrees, HanaIro doesn't seem like a supernatural anime.

At most there might be some divine coincidences or the staple July ghost/spirit encounters in East Asian Culture.

Anything specific would be too much
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Old 2011-06-08, 00:25   Link #105
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Even if you take the kou/fox goddess as a fever induced dream and nothing supernatural, I think it was important because it allowed Ohana a chance to be clear about how she feels about her new life as opposed to her old one. Kou represented the only wonderful about her old life and his being in the vision/dream is only because he's important to her still. I don't see this as a rejection of kou as a person.

I had to LOL at Toohru and his reaction to Ohana during the meal scene, especially when she brought the strawberry to her mouth. My first thought was, "strawberry time...".
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Old 2011-06-08, 08:13   Link #106
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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
@Arabesque & 0utf0xzer0

I'm not going to deny that Ohana has always been bullheaded, but I still find it to be a bit strange that these feelings of hers in episode 10 were lingering this whole time without a proper build up or lead up.

I just sort of feel like I've been given puzzle pieces that are both put together wrongly, or out of order.

I mean Ohana starts out emotionally frustrated, and then that emotional frustration literally disappears for a good amount of episodes only to resurface now after you would think that the growth as a character, and acceptance she's received over the past episodes would put her worries to rest.

This is how I see it...

Episodes 1 and 2. Ohana is the "bullheaded" girl trying to gain acceptance and put her insecurities to rest. She's emotionalyl frustrated because she's not succeeding.

Episode 3. Really silly episode. She takes her bullheadedness and uses it to be -friendly with our fail writer. Ok, she connects with Nako at least and a tiny bit with Minko. She's made progress.

Episodes 4-7. More of the same really, just becoming more comfortable at the Inn.

Episodes 8-9. This is where we see all the growth in Ohana's character. She puts her new knowledge to work, although rather clumsily. She's shown to be strong.

Episode 10. She gets sick and has an emotional breakdown about her worth at the Inn. Wait wut?

I'm guessing what I should say is that episode 10 makes no sense in context of episodes 8 and 9.
One point though about this summary. Episode 5 had her try and help the staff with Tooru's apparent departure by going and confronting him about it, in a similar manner to what she had done in episode 8 (running off without thinking in her work uniform) and episode 6 where she wore those uniforms to help the customers have a better time, so it wasn't just her growing more comfortable but also trying and help as well. So as far as I can see, her behavior had always been constant, the helper who is willing to jump into things on the first chance.

Now, I can certainly understand what is your criticism and where your coming from. We had Ohana episode after episode where she's always on the upswing, always running off saving everybody without any hint that she was feeling unsure about whether or not she was really making a difference.

However, the way I see it, and you are free to disagree with me on this, is that this episode was the cool down episode, where Ohana, after living on nothing but adrenaline, running from place to place, doing everything she can well and beyond her limits, accumulating all that fatigue without resting sufficiently, finally shuts down. She overworks herself to the point where she becomes ill, and while on bed, she has nothing to do but sit there by herself, only meeting the staff while they are checking on her and telling her that she should rest because they don't need her.

Now what they mean is that they have everything under control, they had done this without her before But being sick, she takes it as that all the hard work she done these past ten episodes has been for naught. There wouldn't be a difference if she were to go (which where the dream comes to play in IMO) and at the end of the episode she gets emotional from all of these feelings of happiness that that her sickness didn't cause any problems, but at the same time how she feels frustrated that she's not needed.

As for why we didn't see her struggle with these feelings before hand, I think it has to do with her personality and mindset. Ohana is the sort of girl who doesn't really dwell on these negative ideas. She rather acts rather than think, and since she was unable to do anything constructive this episode as opposed to the past 9, she had nothing to do but crumple to these negative thoughts.
Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
The fundamental problem being described here, seems to me, is a general lack of continuity between episodes. The stylistic inconsistencies have been pointed out at length, but this ep highlighted the inconsistencies of the characters behavior. When folks complain of "no character development" this is what I think is really meant.
Thats a narrative problem though, or a problem with the erratic tone the series is taking, not with the characters. As far as I see, there hasn't been an unusual shift in the behavior of the characters beside them changing gradually thanks to Ohana.
Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
The gist of it is, the characters' state of mind and behavior is whatever it needs to be to make the events of the episode make sense. That's what I referred to when I spoke of manipulation for dramatic expediency, and I agree it's a legit issue. Some individual eps are very good, but in order for this to be an elite series in my view it would need to do a much better job making them flow into each other believably and logically.
I don't believe that's a requirement for an episodic series, but fair enough. I personally have a different view on what makes an elite series but I can accept this point.
Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Right now it feels to me like there's no real plan - we've just had ten scripts with the same characters and setting, ten one-act plays if you like. It doesn't feel like a cohesive narrative, as you have with some Okada works like TT and AnoHana.
So are you saying episode 1 +2 don't feel like they are following the same tone? 4+5? 8+9? Are each of them following a different script without any sort of strong connection?

And I'm not sure what would constitute a real plan. I mean we had plot points such as Ko coming to visit Ohana showing up well before he came, Ohana dealing with the confession, Minchi's growing acceptance of Ohana, Nako becoming more open to her etc. Do these not make it feel like it's following a plan?

As for TT and Anohana, I would point out that, much any work written by Okada, they share their own problems. It's the fee of entrance into a show she had her hand in I think. You have to accept the good with the bad, though in the case of both Anohana and Hanasaku, imo, there isn't much bad here to overshadow the good.
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Old 2011-06-08, 09:51   Link #107
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Supernatural!? That sure is out of no where, kind of.

I think this would have to be the worst episode for me so far. And I am surprised Minko is being so nice here. It's obvious that Ohana is stealing her crush away. The drama from that should be fun.
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Old 2011-06-08, 19:32   Link #108
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Well, Ohana finally did herself in. And Ohana's not even a quarter the age of her grandmother... she should take better care of her own health. Pushing a human body to it's stamina limits is admirable, but unadvised when your job is cleaning the front desk and entrance. Recklessly chasing after a bat with a broom is a surefire way to get tired, and quickly. There's no need to get overly determined over simple housework.

I actually admire the fighting spirit of Ohana. Kissuiso really needs Ohana's enthusiasm to operate - just as Minko and Nako say (although they may have been saying so to make Ohana feel better). So, they also need her to learn self-restraint. Know one's own limitations, and work within them. Ohana can still get up early in the morning, but maybe not so early.

The moral of the story is good - throw in feverish, dream-like elements, and the entire episode becomes a surreal experience. Seriously, I almost thought they replaced Mari Okada with Franz Kafka. Ohana eating Tohru's food could have been a meaningful, dramatic event... if the camera weren't so zoomed into Ohana's wet lips and Tohru's red face. Jiroumaru's masterfully crafted story about Madam Manager - reminded me of episode 3, and this is not a good thing. Finally, Ohana encountering Ko at a Bonbouri Festival was simply unnecessary.

Some works of fiction have incorporated both realistic and unrealistic elements together to make something wonderful... but they all do so from the start. Changing the style this late in the game inevitably messes up the content. Hanasaku Iroha's selling point is real-life drama.

Despite being harsh with my comments, I'm a generous rater. I just never give out 10s.

Episode 10 Rating: 8/10
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Old 2011-06-09, 10:29   Link #109
Anything's Possible
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I very surreal episode on the whole with many weird transitions, but for the whole experience I think the episode gave us alot about how, Ohana has intergrated into Kissuiso which is the build up from episode 1 - 9. So its basically a half way point into her new life with her finally wanting her new life compared to her old life.

I'm honestly routing for the underdog here who at this point still supports Ohana when she is feeling troubled, I think thats a another point that this episode showed. The people in her life that she can turn too when she is feeling troubled which always happens to be Ko.

Premium was a teaser for Ko fans, after the whole Tohru scene for the build up of the romantic tension.

And yeah Tohru has obviously fallen for Ohana (he strangely seems very innocent)... poor Minko -_-

Seriously waiting for when Ko shows up at the inn, wonder whether Tohru will give up then. Just a random thought which is not likely going to happen.

Overall 9/10
Nothing is Impossible
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Old 2011-06-09, 10:31   Link #110
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Doubt the fox and the girl means that the anime is going to bring supernatural elements. I would be surprised if it does actually.

Last edited by Pocari_Sweat; 2011-06-09 at 12:27.
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Old 2011-06-09, 13:39   Link #111
If only you were brave.
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Frankly, I was annoyed by Ohana's attitude with this episode. Granted, her liveliness has made things more fun at the inn for the employees but you get sick and you expect it to fall apart without you?

Thank you for the signature Pellissier!
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Old 2011-06-09, 13:44   Link #112
I disagree with you all.
Join Date: Dec 2005

I mean, without going as far as "falling apart", you expect your absence to be felt.
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Old 2011-06-10, 20:06   Link #113
Cinderella Gang or Die
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Not gonna lie, I really don't like it when a character feels like he/she's not good enough and doesn't feel important enough and wants to get outta the kitchen.

But the whole situation made such a sweet and adorable ending. All thanks to Nako and Minchi. x3
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Old 2011-06-12, 08:01   Link #114
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Two more hours and we'll have our fix of Hanasaku Iroha... I am really looking forward to episode 11 to see whether Ohana gonna have a flashback of Ku-chan or not? That will make things spicy
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