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Old 2011-06-19, 08:44   Link #61
fullblown technicolour
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i agree, i'm sure there's a feeling of vindication for yukiatsu. he's clearly not over menma. and like you said at the end of the day menma being gone is for the good of everybody, especially for yukiatsu (as he said so himself, considering how she's dead and totally not in love with him....)

can't say it's good for jintan though, not anymore anyway. he's WAY too involved with menma now and he's happy she isn't gone. i don't see him realistically getting over her and i'm curious as to what his fate will be. (though i digress, wrong thread lol)
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Old 2013-09-11, 15:46   Link #62
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hello two years later, just adding because I just got here and he is my favorite character besides Menma. I don't know why, I mean, he definitely has less redeeming qualities than the others, but I tend to really get into characters like him so *shrug.* I think I just related to him in many ways (except not the Manma sort of thing -_- though ) My pattern is either loving the Yukiatsu type or the Menma type and as this anime has both.... XD
I think people are a little harsh on him. He's really a good person, he just has some character flaws. When Anaru basically outright accused of being a jerk, he seemed a bit hurt, which I didn't expect him to show.
In the audio drama, everyone is just so mean to him lol so we'll see how the TsurukoxYukiatsu thing turns out in the movie--I hope someone subs it soon!

So all in all, I quite like his character and the great development of it throughout the series. As so much happens I could probably discuss his character for awhile XD
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