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Old 2011-07-05, 00:09   Link #21
I see what you did there!
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Is this anything like Narutaru?
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Old 2011-07-05, 13:15   Link #22
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Kamisama Boobies Episode 1 ''KiNA is going to love this show''

I look forward to the megami and nyantype scans.

Spoiler for epi:

Originally Posted by Starks View Post
Is this anything like Narutaru?
Eh, sorta? I mean it's gives a feeling of being similar in nature to Shadow Star, but it doesn't seem to have the same disturbing quality about it ... yet anyway.

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Old 2011-07-05, 15:57   Link #23
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It's definitely interesting enough to continue. However, the mood whiplash at times was a bit much at times.

Will have to see how this anime fares in the upcoming episodes.
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Old 2011-07-05, 16:12   Link #24
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That's really the main problem with the episode. The mood goes from lighthearted to grim and then back again like in a second. I mean why the panty joke in the middle of fight with the psychopath?

Reminds me of Angel Beats, now that I think about it.
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Old 2011-07-05, 16:24   Link #25
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Yeah, didn't really like the first episode. Lazy animation, weak/stupid main character with an annoying seiyuu, and the plot just doesn't interest me.
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Old 2011-07-05, 16:24   Link #26
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Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
That's really the main problem with the episode. The mood goes from lighthearted to grim and then back again like in a second. I mean why the panty joke in the middle of fight with the psychopath?

Reminds me of Angel Beats, now that I think about it.
I felt the same and was complaining about that to a friend, and then he just told me to go check out the manga for that particular scene. I'll put this into spoilers to avoid giving out details of the first episode, but it's safe for those who have already watched.


Anyway, I didn't really like the first episode. The character designs aren't good, the animation didn't do anything to write home about, with most of the distance shots having a very cheap look to them. Kyohei in particular looked rather unproportional a couple of times, so... yeah. No comments about the soundtrack, either, since I barely noticed it, but the OP/ED themes were nice. Props to Chiaki! As for the story, I think it has some potential, but it didn't present itself in an interesting manner and the pacing definitely hurt it.

Might come back for another episode, but it's not looking too great for Dolls. Oh, on a cool note, it was sorta funny seeing every doll being 'voiced' by Chiaki Ishikawa.
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Old 2011-07-05, 16:52   Link #27
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Kyubey Dol... er, Kamisami Dolls... Episode 1 was interesting.

I liked the overall pacing of it, but I agree with those who commented on the mood whiplash here.

I get the sense that this anime is aiming to be on the level of a Ga-Rei Zero, but keeps getting stuck in Mai HiME territory (if that, even).

In other words, the action is intense, and there are very brief moments of a "horror" feel, but that's it. It comes across as pretty close to standard shonen action, and that's a bit disappointing, given what I was expecting here.

However, none of it is bad, per se, in my opinion. It was reasonably enjoyable, just not the epic realistic violent action that I had been expecting and kind of hoping for.
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Old 2011-07-05, 18:09   Link #28
Guess what time it is?
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Picked this up completely at random, no prep. I'm actually looking forward to more if the rest of the show is anything like this. I actually sort of like Kyouhei. I can deal with him being a little wishy-washy just knowing that there's something deeper to his back-story, and that he's just trying to be normal. His sister seems a little bit useless in the "please stop helping me" way, but hey, maybe she'll help endear him to Shiba!
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Old 2011-07-05, 18:39   Link #29
Lange Neus
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Liked it, in all its awkwardness. Alcohol abuse, puberty V2.0 when it comes to dating and instant coffee. When asked what student life is without the studying, these are all likely to come up. You complain about mood swings? This guy actually passed out due to being wasted off his arse, there's bound to be quirks in the storytelling (assuming he is the focal point).

Hoping to see more of that, in fact. Seems Shiba and her old man are not averse to heavy drinking either. Then again the imouto seems to be of the demanding kind, so old kuga might have to hold back a bit.

Basically, I think I'll like this less if it sobers up.
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Old 2011-07-05, 19:39   Link #30
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The concept seems interesting for me to continue.
Old village custom storyline are usually interesting to me. Not really a fan of the little girl. Sounds like she's just gonna get in the way.

The girl where her father is also from the village is probably gonna awaken a Kami ofher own..

Getting a persona vibe here.
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Old 2011-07-05, 19:54   Link #31
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I see the mixed reviews but this was kinda 'wow' for me. It stays on the watch list just to see what happens next.
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Old 2011-07-05, 20:45   Link #32
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Spoiler for Episode 1:
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Old 2011-07-05, 21:45   Link #33
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
Getting a persona vibe here.
Yeah, that's exactly the feeling I got when I saw the preview, and the reason why I decided to watch.

As for the episode itself, my thought are the same as everybody else's: jumps all over the place, and no explanations for anything.
What are Aki's motives? Most people don't go on a homicidal rampage just for the sake of rebelling against what seems to be a stifling village. What's up with the undertones he has with Kyohei? (Note: Based on last names, they're all siblings, but they sure don't act like it)
What are the robotic deities, and where did they come from? The opening scene shows Kyohei, Aki, and Utao fleeing from a four-legged thing when Kukuri saves them.
The shrine seems to have quite a bit of influence, and seems somewhat sinister. What is their goal, anyway? They don't seem that competent. They only had two guys and a truck to carry Aki and his doll (they only restrained Aki and not the doll!) back, and inevitably failed.
About Hibino: wtf was the mangaka thinking, to make her so stacked? I hope those have a purpose in the story, because right now they just look like a cheap attempt at fanservice.
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Old 2011-07-05, 23:44   Link #34
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The OP song is pretty good.

My rule of thumb to get into a series is first a good OP song.
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Old 2011-07-06, 00:17   Link #35
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Two things interest me about this show. First, seeing what caused Aki to turn out how he did given that he seems more scarred than anything else in the pre-credits bit. Second, the fact that the little sister can summon a kakashi and is the one being trained in doing so. The ensuing unusual sibling dynamic is one of the show's big strengths IMO. The fact that the constraints of the urban setting upon the ability of the combatants to do their worst were taken seriously was nice too.

However, both the little sister and Aki seemed a little uninspired to me. And I have to admit that the machine-ish nature of the summoned gods rubs me the wrong way (I had the same problem with a few other shows). So while I like the show, its not a list topper by any means.

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Old 2011-07-06, 04:32   Link #36
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Generally I like the setting of the story. A young man runs away from his hometown and traumatic past, only to find a solid umbilical cord tied him back. It remains to see how this anime expand.

OP and ED are very impressive thanks to Ishikawa Chiaki. OP has a lingering exotic taste like Flamenco. The operational sound of each Kakashi is particularly interesting, which reminds me of RaXephon.

The totem-like golem design of Kakashi is also reminiscent of those in RaXephon
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Old 2011-07-06, 07:25   Link #37
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This reminds me of Shiki so much. The atmosphere, the secluded village, the supernatural elements, even the soundtracks sound similar. And that only means good things!

Anyway, great first episode! I feel like caring about the characters already. The imouto is cute, the villain is great, and it seems there's more to the MC than meets the eye.

Also, OP & ED are excellent. I'm in love with the ED song already.

This is a great start. Definitely looking forward to more!
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Old 2011-07-06, 08:44   Link #38
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Spoiler for ep1:

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Old 2011-07-06, 09:26   Link #39
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This anime has my favorite OP this season, at least so far. It's visually superb, and Ishikawa Chiaki is always good. The ED isn't too bad either.

The chara design is a bit plain, but ok. The lead girl's breasts are too big, so big it's distracting. My eyes were drawn to those two ballons everytime she appeared on screen. They look out of place on her body somehow. The little sister was very cute and awesome.

The first episode did a good job setting up the premise. Although, it wasn't terribly exciting, it was pretty interesting. This definitely has potential. Hard to guess which direction the anime will take based on this episode alone though.

The dolls concept is nothing new, but I like the sound/music they make when they fight. This could lead to something interesting if the anime staff successfully exploit this particularity.
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Old 2011-07-06, 10:29   Link #40
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This show seems promising. I had all of justsomeguy's questions too, and wonder if that does not mean the arc will develop an interesting back story as the series proceeds. I particularly liked the ambiguity the episode created about the series' villain: it is reasonably clever to have the obvious suspect, the homicidal Aki, clue us in about the village's sinister aspects. The fact the main character wants to escape the village, and can't, underlines the point. Perhaps we can look forward to a complex reflection on tradition, something outside the usual sentimental take on the country home left behind?

The animation of the opening flight from the shrine I thought was well done, so I don't agree with the criticisms of the animation quality. I also liked the animation of the OP: the cubist animation design I thought was a nice invitation to multiple perspectives on the characters.

Oh no. I'm starting to have hopes, even high hopes for this anime. Don't let me down, Kishi-sama!
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