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Old 2011-07-09, 14:47   Link #1
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Anime: Some romance and a good ending!

I've hit one of those inevitable 'I can't find anything good to watch' slumps. The last few series I've started I only made it less then 10 episodes in before just getting so bored with them I couldn't go on. I like romance (i mean what girl doesn't), but I like series that actually end, cliff hangers or who knows if they actually end up together suck!

My favorite anime right now ... it's a tie between Toradora! and Kaichou wa Maid-sama! They're good and had real endings

I also like OHSHC, Kimi Ni Todoke, Fushigi Yugi, Kaze No Stigma, Dazzle (i had to read the manga to get a better ending), Fruits Basket, Full Metal Panic, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Vampire Knight, Special A, Paradise Kiss etc.
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Old 2011-07-09, 15:27   Link #2
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Maison Ikkoku-oldy but awesome romance
Onegai Teacher/Please Teacher-Loved this anime
Princess Lover!-I dont remember the ending but it was actually a good anime. Its not a anime with different things on each episode. They actually have a order. do not look up the oav's.
Bakemonogatari- Sort of romance/supernatural. The main characters helps a girl out and they start liking each other but sort of with insults. The girl is also a tsundre like Toradora but more serious.
Wolf and Spice-this is a very sweet romance with a trader and a goddess of harvest(a wolf). Have some small insults but you can feel the love. Haveant watched the second season yet.
Shuffle!-one of my favorite harems.
Clannad- im sure u heard of this
Eureka Seven- very sweet romance but its also a mecha/action. Though the romance actually fit well unlike other shows who have to much action and not enough romance.
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Old 2011-07-09, 15:45   Link #3
Aqua Knight
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Amagami SS
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Old 2011-07-09, 16:16   Link #4
Akuma Kousaka
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I'll second Clannad, and might as well suggest Kanon 2006 while we're at it. And as Amagami SS has been suggested, I'll also direct you to Diamond Daydreams. It's less romantic and more about the drama, but a lot of the stories do have such a relationship in them, and the endings to each arc are just wonderful.
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Old 2011-07-09, 18:43   Link #5
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ef a tale of memories- a romance drama with two romance plots, both of them are resolved conclusively and IMO satisfactorily.
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Old 2011-07-09, 21:13   Link #6
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I'll second Amagami SS, Bakemonogatari, Wolf and Spice, and Clannad. And I'd also suggest Kobato romance is slow overall, but it had a very good ending , and Bungaku Shoujo was pretty good too.
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