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Originally Posted by Captain Commando View Post
In my opinion, the war has been pretty boring indeed. I had hoped to see some of the best rookies show their skills and how they've grown since part I, but we were instead shown a pretty lackluster fight between some cloud nin we just met, and what seems to be a badly contrived super villain duo. Chouji's fight was lackluster as well, considering there was not much real strategy involved, just him whining the entire chapter until he finally manned up in the end.

While there are many complaints about brining the dead back, I really didn't mind much, because I still believe it could have been well written, but I don't like how it turned out --especially the way some of these epic villains are being defeated. For instance I thought Sasori's death (the suicide) was arguably the best in the story. But he was brought back, for that?? I guess it can be argued that he was redeemed this way, but he also seemed at peace the first time, as if he knew he made the wrong choices and did what he did. It almost ruins the moment for me. ( I did like the Hanzo fight though; even though it was felt a bit brief ) I also don't like how the entire town is made to seem weak just for Naruto to do everything himself. It is really annoying to read, and just seems corny. Even the guy who just trained Naruto with his vast experience, already seems to be pigeon-holed into some side-kick type of character for him. I think they could have also brought Naruto into the war much better than they did.

I was expecting to see a well written, technical fight, comparable to Sakura and Chiyo vs. Sasori, but with characters like Shikamaru, Neji, and Shino; this war was a nice place to give Naruto and Sasuke a break and show some epic fights with the other rookies, but oh well. I just hope Itachi and Nagato will be put to much better use than what we've seen so far.
This is very correct.
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Interesting responses about the war. I agree with most of them. I am at the point where I only read to see if my favorite characters(Konoha kids, Sakura, Temari) do anything. There is nothing going on in the war or overall plot that excites me. And I was really hyped for this war when chapter 515 came out in November of last year. So my greatest joy is seeing characters I like pop up in a chapter, even if it turns out to be nothing like Neji's recent spotlight. Seeing their meager stories through is holding me onto this manga.

The weird thing is Naruto use to be one of those characters, but I have also lost a lot of interest in his story as he has turned into the Messiah. I don't care if he becomes Hokage, saves Sasuke, wins the war by himself, and becomes a living god. I use to be before. When Naruto one shots a powerful zombie like some worthless fodder, I don't cheer and root for him. His awesome Kyuubi power doesn't excite me or make him badarse in my eyes. I basically just yawn and move on past his panels. The character I liked is gone.

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Originally Posted by DeDe View Post
The weird thing is Naruto use to be one of those characters, but I have also lost a lot of interest in his story as he has turned into the Messiah. I don't care if he becomes Hokage, saves Sasuke, wins the war by himself, and becomes a living god. I use to be before. When Naruto one shots a powerful zombie like some worthless fodder, I don't cheer and root for him. His awesome Kyuubi power doesn't excite me or make him badarse in my eyes. I basically just yawn and move on past his panels. The character I liked is gone.
I assume you are talking about the naive, but somewhat clever Naruto, who got by with guts and overcame the odds. Unlike his Mary Sue old man. He hasn't been that character for a long time. One can argue he was never that character to begin with. He was always special and relied on that power pack that lives inside of him. Just like he is doing today. Kishimoto just did a better job of hiding it in Part 1 to give you the appearence that Naruto was actually an underdog. Now Kishimoto can come out of the closet with Naruto so to speak. He was always the Chosen One. So now we are left with an overpowered, but underdeveloped hero with no real plan and has a Messiah complex, causing him to think everyone other than him is helpless. How is that not a great and inspiring main character?

What disappoints me with the war is it had a decent setup. It's the follow up that is ruining the war. The Kankuro vs. Sasori stuff was fine until the conclusion of the fight. The Kakashi development was fine until 6 swordsmen popped up out of nowhere and then we had the world's shortest rampage. The Shika, Ino, and Choji stuff was good until the Choji nonsense took over. What should have been an emotional fight with Asuma and Shikamaru was ruined by fatty crying and then getting a stupid powerup. To Kishi, this was great development. To everyone else it was a waste of time on a character no one likes. The Darui and Kinkaku/Ginkaku fight was doomed from the start given how little these characters were developed to make fans care about them. Hanzou vs. Mifune was actually decent since it develop Hanzou a little. But ultimately forgettable. Tenten gets a powerup and then we never see her use it. The Zetsu clone scenario was interesting, and had a lot of potential. Now it is just another excuse for Naruto to solve everyone's problems. Way to waste Neji.

The Kage and other zombie fights, along with the Pain jinchuuriki, will likely follow in the same manner as Day One. And now Naruto is running around the battlefield with his babysitter(poor Kirabi) reducing any zombie to fodder in seconds. So why would you look forward to the rest of the war? Hoping that Itachi and Nagato do something? That a rookie other than stupid Choji gets spotlight? Waiting for Sasuke to appear? That Naruto was stupid enough to actually walk into Madara's trap and run low on chakra? Maybe someone actually dies in the war?(good heavens!)

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Naruto will probably lose the kyuubi soon anyway so might as well enjoy the kyuubi-mode fanservice while it lasts.
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The main problem with the battles is that they didn't switch scenes to show what was going on with everyone. They would start one battle, then completely focus on that and show that battle happening from start to finish in a couple chapters, so naturally it ends up being short. If they had shown what was going on with the Gold and Silver brothers, then Gaara and the invisible Kage, then to Kakashi's rampage, and kept switching back and forth all within each chapter, it wouldn't feel like just one thing was going on. You would feel the scope of how this affects everyone. When they showed the battle tactics where they instructed Sai's group to go back Kakashi's group up, and the backup division for Gaara's troops, it felt like a real war situation that was coordinated among a large group of people. Instead, we had a lot of important things happen offscreen and it felt like the events were only affecting a small group. Maybe Kishimoto needs more helpers to write these events going on at once, and that would be fine if he did enlist more help. I have a sense that when that chapter was out specifically, that the crew had their game more solidly put together.

I'm not one of those people who watched Naruto when it first aired and only care about the old characters from Naruto's class. I really enjoy the world it's set in and I'm glad they're showing us more of that. The world all this takes place in is one of the most fascinating things about this series. I say bring it on, show us more with these new characters and what they can do and what their stories are. I'd much rather have that than rematches of battles we already saw with only the Konoha 11 being strong enough to do anything and everyone else in the entire ninja world as fodder characters. They made that mistake with the Sound Four. Somehow no one else was able to stop them except the genin students from Naruto's class? I would've had no complaints if Asuma and Kurenai came in and layed the smackdown on one of them, or any of the ton of other characters who were new at the time then.

Overall, I've liked the war so far. I haven't been bored at all and I don't know how with all this action and all the characters making appearances, that people have been saying they've been bored. Maybe I have a longer attention span than most anime fans, but whatever. We've seen a lot of interesting characters, team-ups, and moves. The only thing I haven't liked is what I described in my first paragraph. Starting a battle, then having to conclude that battle in 3 chapters so Kishi doesn't feel like it's dragging on to the readers I guess, and starting a battle and completely forgetting about it in other places. Gaara and the others didn't just hide all day, did they? They were just waiting for backup, yet it never came and then night fell and then everyone was left on watch? Did that really just happen? By some offscreen miracle Kakashi survived ALL 7 of the swordsmen at the same time, along with the bloodline users that were on the battlefield at the time, yet we don't know how. We're left guessing what might or might not have happened.

Now Naruto is coming to end the war and only the first day and night of battle has JUST finished. A war is supposed to last over a certain amount of time. The new rasengan techniques are cool, but that's why they should've had him stay off-panel training longer, so it would make sense why he's able to come up with all these new surprise moves. He hasn't even mastered the tailed beast bomb yet. Then he uses kage bushin while in Kyuubi mode and somehow his chakra has become infinite with no worry about the Kyuubi taking over. They get away with that stuff in the movies where he makes 1,000 clones who all use rasengans without any sign of exhaustion after doing it about 3 times per movie, but this is the manga. These things just don't make sense. Like Captain Commando said, this was a perfect opportunity to give Naruto and Sasuke a break and give some development to the other characters.

The concepts in this war can work well enough, the problem is that they've been executed sloppily and with bad timing in some places, while others flow more evenly like Mifune's battle with Hanzou and when Madara swept in to get the treasures. Let's hope the anime does a better job of everything sorting out.

As far as the second day of battle is going with Gaara and Oonoki, it looks good. Just keep things in order, don't just forget everyone else, and don't try to rush things and it will continue to work.
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Chapter 547 Discussion thread has been opened. Please move all relevant discussions to the new thread.
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