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Old 2011-07-13, 22:32   Link #1
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1981 Doctor Slump​ (Dr. スランプ Dokutā Suranpu) 284 episodes then 74 episodes and movies

This is a series by Akira Toriyama, whom we know for Dragonball.

When I searched I did find this tracker for the 1997 series which had 74 episodes. I believe this reseeding thread meant that at one point there were subs on it:

Apparently had been hosted on which looks to be the AnimeHaven group though I can't find their work located here and their site is down.

More importantly though, the 1997 series is not the original one, and I am curious if anyone has gotten a chance to view the first anime show? The first was 284 episodes and began in 1981, airing concurrently with the manga as it was written.

Would anyone know if either of these shows was licensed? It seems classic and very interesting.

I think the 2nd (1997) series has been called "New Dr Slump" because since I could not find the AH work that was once on the tracker, I did find it done by another group, ARR:

There are also several movies which have been subtitled too and if the movies are not licensed, I think it would be wonderful to put them up on the tracker.

I'm still largely ignorant as to how we can help get things listed on the tracker. Is there a suggestion forum/thread somewhere?
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Old 2011-07-14, 01:52   Link #2
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The manga is but the anime isn't.

seen abit of it, looked cute.
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Old 2011-07-14, 09:15   Link #3
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Did anyone ask why you are posting old series in "upcoming series" already?
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Old 2011-07-16, 14:38   Link #4
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Maybe, can't remember. I'll explain though. It's because you can't create threads in the 'older series' section, try it.
If you think a good discussion topic is missing, please let us know by posting in the "Requests for new threads" sticky.
Is out of date because RFNT is locked. It says to post them in 'Upcoming Series' so that they can get moved by staff to the Older/Retired section.

That said, your question which inspired me to re-read this pointed out a mistake I've been making: I haven't been reporting them so they can be moved, either I overlooked it or forgot it or it's something new, so I'll try to remember that in the future. Starting with my new Tekkaman thread. I've been lucky so far in that staff have been moving them, either through good monitoring or other people's reporting, thanks for stepping up.

Update: lists
*Chikara-Fansubs & Animehaven [Haven-Chikara] (I think they may have only done one episode, [haven-chikara]Dr_Slump_-_01_[FD3A8FF0].avi )
*Waga Seishun no Fansub [WSF] (French)

as people who have worked on it. I can't find a group site for H-C. Waga's listed site appears to be down.

The 'Inactive' person who added the ARR 'New Doctor Slump' also has 2 "Hawaiian" batches for the first "Arale-chan" series (the biggest one).

Unfortunately as you can see, they are named by titles and do not have any numbering. So anyone who gets this would have to number them manually. I also don't know if these are subs or dubs.

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