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Old 2011-07-20, 23:14   Link #401
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Originally Posted by noktown View Post
That only means that people still love Onizuka(at least in Japan),I mean these Shonen Days are at chapter 64 while the original series end at chapter 200....

The author should have just ended the 14 days and continued the original <_<
I hope he would, I miss some good manga with humor/romance/education/other.
GTO ended, school rumble ended, and as it is now there is nothing good. Either some mangas which base on "making fun of other series" or some cheap romances.
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Old 2011-09-17, 11:39   Link #402
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So that was about 5 chapters per day? Better than I'd thought.
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Old 2011-10-01, 06:05   Link #403
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Onizuka + Urumi = Happiness. For both sides.

Just saying.

Anyways, I haven't kept up with Shonen Days. I also only really read one of the prequels, where him and Ryuji were trying to get laid.

I enjoy knowing Onizuka's past, but we already know where he ends up. Doing too much into the past can only last for so long; I'd be happy with a "3 years later" sequel.
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Old 2011-12-12, 17:43   Link #404
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Ha ha haaaaa

Someone reading the "14 days" sub-storyline? Chapter 52 is a MUST for Urumi fans.
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Old 2012-01-16, 02:11   Link #405
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Anyone remember Saejima the cop? Well Fujisawa has just started a new series with him as the main character in Young Magazine. Just google Ino-Head Gargoyle!
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Old 2012-01-16, 03:57   Link #406
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Saejima getting his own spinoff? This has all the ingredients to be as awesome as the original GTO. Can't wait to see if Fujisawa can pull it off, especially after the disappointment that was Shonan 14 Days.

Plus I wouldn't mind seeing cameos from the GTO and SJG crew. This might really be the unofficial sequel to GTO we've been waiting for.
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Old 2012-01-16, 04:48   Link #407
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The first chapter just came out today actually. So far it's looking quite good!
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