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Old 2008-03-08, 20:06   Link #241
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I rather liked this show, had some great fight scenes, charming lead heroine, and a strong soundtrack.

However, I do think it suffers from a big flaw. I feel like it oversimplifies its themes. In other words, I don't think forgiveness and pacifism are as simple and easy as the show makes it look. I guess part of this might have to do with the short length of the series, but I find it rather silly that characters let go of their personal issues so easily. I'm sure Rushuna's breasts feel very nice, but people don't let go of their grudges with a simple hug. Not too mention, I never felt like Rushuna's beliefs were seriously put to the test, which limits the impact the show otherwise could have.
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Old 2008-03-08, 20:51   Link #242
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Basically comes down to the "there wasn't enough time to develop anything". I was quite surprised that I hardly felt and "filler" eps at all when watching it (which was unusual). So yea...this series could have benefited by being longer ^^

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Old 2009-10-10, 23:46   Link #243
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this was an intersting series, I might even consider buying it. I do hope they make another season/series someday.
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Old 2011-07-22, 06:32   Link #244
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One of those throwback series that didn't really age too well imo. Somewhat bland character designs, cheap animation techniques used for action scenes, forgettable plot, and worst of all, for a series about gunslinging the gunshot SFX were pretty bad and there was barely any indication of people actually getting shot and taking damage.

Basically some sort of cheap Trigun-ish knockoff with fanservice back when fanservice was pretty tame compared to most series nowadays and not all "let's see how close I can get to a hentai without being an actual hentai type deal" which was quite refreshing.

Rushuna's version of "Love and Peace" was never really put to the test like Vash so it was hard to take any of series more serious moments to heart. In fact the way most violent people have a complete change of heart in the series came off as pretty silly but I guess this is more due the fact of how short the series is so such expansive character development was out of the question.

I honestly only had interest in this because of a "gung-fu" clip from this series that I saw on youtube. It was actually pretty impressive to watch so I was thinking maybe there was more of that in the series but boy was I wrong. None of the action scenes really lives up to that one small clip.

The OP and ED was quite beautiful tough if there was anything to truly take from the series.

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