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Old 2004-06-18, 23:52   Link #221
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"Does anyone agree with me that the towards the end of the show, it started getting very disturbing; as in the blood and etc? the pointless killing of each other and the convo between the characters?"

I wasnt really saying i hated the was just disturbing u know? i felt very shocked because the countess showed like no emotion, *well she did but not enough..* Everyone died but then she kisses the man and etc...WTF? thats one deranged women if u ask me..NOW it woulda been more sense if she didnt drop the gun but kiss him and then shoot him...bmauahhaa.

**Ending** Am guessing their plan for cleansing flood didnt work or did it? am wondering if they planned the mutation of Kiyoko?(right name?) She happened to be the last person alived imo at the end of the show or they seem to hint...did she kill TEAR? with the tuning fork...damn them creators leaving us behind at the ending
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Old 2004-06-24, 14:19   Link #222
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Red face

Spoiler protection on this one, just so I wont get a bad rep

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Old 2004-06-24, 14:41   Link #223
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well, the show had this ominous atmosphere and that "sheltering sky" right from the beginning, so I think the ending itself is quite fitting to the series... not to say that this series is a 26-episode series right since the planning, so I guess the whole series is planned to end like this since the start. But I agree that the ending is a bit too fast and abrupt. Maybe if they expeand what happened in the last two episodes into another 6 or so episodes it will be much better and feel less rushed...

And again I wonder if that's because of what happened in the original manga by Ishinomori Shotaro (creator of Karmen Rider) or the anime series original creation?
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Old 2004-07-05, 20:20   Link #224
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I cant believe this series got licenced!

anyway I finished the series and I liked it a lot, the opening and closing were awful but they grow on me and eventualy I could tolerate them and even enjoy them a little bit, the art style was one of the reasons I start to download the series, I like it from the beggining, but the animation was really a let down, it improved lately but not much. However The gilgamesh kids are the coolest characters I've seen, and the story was amazing, a confusing ending but still enjoyable, and confusing endings give us material to discuss about, so thats a plus ^_^

Your theories about music are very interesting, and I would've never realized about the huge part music has in the series if it wasnt for your posts.


This is definately one of my favorite shows and Im sorry since it doesnt get the recognition it deserves only because the animation is not great.
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Old 2004-07-06, 11:56   Link #225
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Wow, I never thought this one would be licensed either. This is one of my 3 favorited animes, but I thought the themes might be too mature for a license- very cool. The only bad thing is that ADV licensed it. ADV=3 episodes per disc=RAPE

This is one of the few series I liked enough to buy on DVD even though I've already seen it and even though I know ADV will rape my wallet!

*Yells for joy*
*thinks about how Kurau, Kenran, and Shura were also just licensed*
*gets depressed again*
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Old 2005-01-04, 19:49   Link #226
a regent.
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my 1st post. this anime is amazing and leaves a really deep feeling inside.
i watched AnimeForever's fasubbed episodes...great job guys.
ending is great.didn't expect something like that tough.
last 2 episodes get confusing so maybe i can find some answers here.
so here we go.

i came to a conclusion that TEAR was an important part for the rebirth of ideal mankind based on Enkidus and Tatsuyas conversation in episode 26 (around 17:00). Enkidu says "All the matter on Earth will nourish TEAR"(Based on AnimeForever Fansubs). But Kiyokos child killed tear does that mean that the birth and evolution of the ideal mankind never happens and kiyokos child dies a lonely death?

What's the point of TEAR eating all the matter on earth(if i translated nourish correctly to my native language,or is nourish visa versa)? Will tear then become a world and being a part of that world then it will radiate its light everywhere and all the new humans born will have dynamis because of that?
where did the last scene take place(white, one tree,red corsses)?

maybe my conclusion was a big misunderstanding, since i didn't see anything about it on about 7 pages in this discussion.
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Old 2006-10-01, 17:32   Link #227
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I just finished gilgamesh and it was hell of a great and unique anime. Though I was a bit shocked by the ending too. But in contrast to what some others here said, the ending was defenitely not random. Its somehow a similar ending to that of neon genesis evangelion and some other animes I dont recall right now.
Its one of those ending that are showen because of their meaning and effect and not to satisfy our wish to see and end of the conflict and everything returning to a semi-normal life.
Though I was a bit disappointed because the buttler was told to return the developed pictures they made once everything is over, but this aspect wasnt really picked up again in the last episode.
I guess there was some biblical reference in the ending as for the "big flood" that will clean/kill all of those sinful humans. Still I wonder why the courtess accepted this ending. Was it because after everyone was killed see agreed on how sinful this world is?
And the last scene when Kiyoko comes out of her cocoon, I think it was the biblical equivalent of the creation of the world/paradise. There was this big tree and she was the first human (whether it was her, her child, or even both in one person). Maybe tear represents god and by killing him Kiyoko commited the first sin again to get thrown out of paradise; meaning that its in the nature of human and theres no way to change this.

Well but im not that sure about all that too. The ending has too many possibilities for interpretation and theres much i dont understand too. I guess im revieving and old thread, but Id be interested of what others though or interpretated of the ending.
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Old 2006-10-05, 17:51   Link #228
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the song...

does anyone know where i can find sheet music for the song that Fuko and Tatsia played (when he was giver her dynamus, etc.)?
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Old 2011-07-24, 14:43   Link #229
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*exhumes thread*

Originally Posted by dreamless View Post
And again I wonder if that's because of what happened in the original manga by Ishinomori Shotaro (creator of Karmen Rider) or the anime series original creation?
The manga doesn't have much in common with the anime. In fact, I'm rather surprised they credited Ishinomori as the original creator, seeing how much parts were changed. The art style is also totally different. In the animated Kikaider series, for example, they went with the manga's style.

In the manga, Kiyoko and Tatsuya En (not Madoka, same Kanji but pronounced different) visit their uncle's mansion. Professor Taruma got his hands on the mummy of Gilgamesh from Mesopotamia years ago, and cloned 10 Gilgameshs - superhumans, because Gilgamesh himself was 2/3 god and 1/3 human. While in the anime the Gilgameshs look different, in the manga they look all the same. Their names are also numbered, Ichirou, Jirou, Saburou etc. Tatsuya and Kiyoko are forced to serve the clones. Their uncle dies, he was poisoned by his former assistant Pepel Moko (who looks like Prof. Gill from Kikaider). Aliens show up and try to extinguish the Gilgameshs. It was these aliens who brought culture to earth (the pyramides of Gizeh, Macchu Picchu and the statues on Easter Island are shown as examples). Kiyoko and Tatsuya are able to do telekinesis.

Overall, it's very toku. Not so different from Cyborg 009 or Kikaider. I watched Gilgamesh because Ishinomori was credited as original creator and got trolled.
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