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Old 2006-12-16, 19:09   Link #41
i am the mist
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Originally Posted by MrProphet View Post
And the source for that information is... ?
Oof sorry, I stand corrected there. I didn't actually look at the latest TV ratings, but there was a string of weeks a couple of months ago where I didn't find NANA in the top 10, so I prematurely assumed that it's still the same way right now. Anyway this is where I look:

Evidently the anime is still doing rather well.

About the movie box office though, I initially expected NANA to win, but Letters from Iwo Jima premiered the same week, and it took a lot of momentum off. Another Japanese movie, and Casino Royale, round off the top 3. NANA2 is at 4, then (surprising) Death Note 2 is still going strong at 5.
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Old 2007-04-18, 15:06   Link #42
Love Witch
Trying to think...
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Are there groups working on the subs of the second movie or is it already out? (if it's not against the rules to ask?)
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Old 2007-08-06, 15:45   Link #43
Kozukuri Shimasho
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i know there is a sub of NANA 2 out ... and as far as i can get out of the stuff i can read about it it got out a little month ago ... though still ... i can only find one(!) torrent for it ... and thats as far as i can see (have'nt downloaded it yet due to P2P restictions on the network i'm on) aren't the same ... but feel free to give it a shot
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Old 2007-08-06, 17:02   Link #44
ショ ン (^^)
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I watched Nana 2 last night decided to burn it and watch it on 32" Flat panel. Though i love the Nana series i felt like something was missing from the sequal i enjoyed it but not as much as the first movie. First Nana is hard to do both as anime and as a movie given the amount content for the story. I mean the manga has not even finished yet and the first season of the anime just finished. Trying to squeeze all of this is a barely 2 hours movie is extremly touch. For what it was a emotionally story about following your dreams and that life is not always kind it was fun.
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Old 2007-09-10, 22:33   Link #45
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Watched NANA 2 live action a while back. And watched the 1 episode NANA anime DVD over the weekend. Sorry I can't get pass the anime nana "dark" voice!

Anyway, now that I saw almost all of the formats, manga, live action movie 1/2 and the first episode anime, I must say the first movie is the BEST, par none. IMO it's even better than the manga!

The first movie PERFECTLY captured the spirit of the manga in the beginning. And I'm sorry to say this but the manga story goes into a complete mess with Hachi sex life and nana unknown background story... Hence the greatness of the first movie with the perfect casts (besides Shin!), story and mood. On top of that a PERFECT ENDING for an endless story!

IMO Aoi is perfectly smart to avoid the second movie. The first NANA movie will always have a place in my heart.


Li On
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Old 2011-07-25, 07:21   Link #46
ronin myael
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never read or saw the series for the simple reason that i thought it would be one of those complicated dramas with lots of romantic tensions, and i was right. but surprisingly, i liked the movies. probably because of the actors and the music. i like nakashima mika as nana. narimiya hiroki as nobu and even tamayama tetsuji as takumi. i wasn't too fond of the hachis though, but that's probably because i never liked the character so it didn't really matter who played her.
"Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly."~ Neil Gaiman (The Sandman)
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