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Old 2011-04-17, 04:37   Link #241
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Originally Posted by SpiritOfGray View Post
That is the MSY of the whole series right there. Most successful Yoma.

-He got killed by possibly the strongest Claymore ever.
-United Clare and Teresa.
-Awakened Priscilla.
-Saved the the Ghosts to be by having Clare partially awaken and kill Rigardo.
-Caused Isley to go South.
-Created the Destroyer.

And now look, he's causing an attack on the organization. lol

Although I think he's a scumbag for abusing Clare...which is why I like that scene of him getting chopped in half. I wouldn't be surprised if he came out in the last chapter as the final boss. Just look at that quote. "Eh?" He clearly was not impressed by Teresa and suppressed his yoki to levels she couldn't even sense. He's still out there I tell ya.
So then Rig is the real controller of the happenings?
Then I must say, thank you Rig. Without u would may be Claymore more boring.
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Old 2011-05-02, 03:32   Link #242
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My favorite scene has to be at the very end of chapter 77...
Spoiler for chapter 77:
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Old 2011-05-07, 01:10   Link #243
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In anime:
1. All parts with Ophelia.
2. The multiple faceplants of Clare.
3. When Irene saved Clare and was teaching her the quicksword. (Irene is so epic.)
4. The awakened being battle with Helen, Deneve, Miria, and Clare.
5. When Jean was stalking Clare xD

In manga:
1. All Clarice and Miata parts. (I freaking love Miata!)
2. Clare battling Priscilla.
3. When Helen and Deneve meet Dietrich.
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Old 2011-08-12, 07:51   Link #244
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One of my favourite scenes is this one:

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Old 2011-08-12, 08:01   Link #245
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My two favorite scenes ATM are:

-Priscilla decapitating Alicia
-Hysteria performing her elegant move on Miria (Actually have that as my wallpaper for my iPad)
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Old 2011-08-12, 09:44   Link #246
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Hm, there are quite a few. I'm a sucker for scenes wherein characters act out of character. A prime example is when Alicia awakened to help an awakened Beth against Priscilla. She knew doing so would mean both of them wouldn't be able to go back to being human, but she did it anyway because she knew Beth had no chance against Priscilla by herself.

A warrior "powering up" to help another... Nothing too special about that, right? What made the scene truly stand out was the fact that Alicia was supposed to be a mindless automaton, essentially without emotions. For her to do that, it was truly striking.

I'll try to come up with other ones later.
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Old 2011-08-13, 12:28   Link #247
Puff The Magic Dragon
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There are so many great scenes,
my favorite (in random order)

When Clare and Teresa cry together in the woods. (and Most scenes with Clare and Teresa)
When Clare was fighting her first AB and almost won single handedly.
When Clare kissed Raki.
When We saw Helen and Deneve again in the Northern war (and Miria).
When the 7 ghost showed up in Rabona to beat Agatha.
When Raki was owning all the organizations ninjas.

"King's to you, Fernand"
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Old 2011-09-16, 05:35   Link #248
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Oh, just remembered one.

Scene 66, when all the 24 warriors sent to Pieta crossed swords after Miria told them all to take half a yoki suppressant pill, wishing each other luck that they may survive the battle the next day. Such powerful imagery in that tiny box at the lower left side of the page.
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Old 2011-09-23, 17:58   Link #249
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Any time when Clare is working on her prostitute charm.
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Old 2011-10-16, 21:07   Link #250
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Most of the memorable scenes from the manga and anime that were mentioned here are pretty much in line with the ones that have affected me to some extent.

However, there is one scene from the anime that makes me chuckle inside every single time. At the end of "Clares Awakening" and they're waiting to leave Rabona, Gawk (sp?) throws a sword to Raki ....blade first. And Raki catches it with his bare hands by the blade. My mental image always wants to finish this scene with the sword slicing his hands off lol.
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Old 2011-10-17, 23:53   Link #251
Join Date: Feb 2011
Galatea: "the accuracy is better"? you cut my hair.
Clare: I didn't take your hair into account. if you don't want me to cut it....
Galatea: Yes. please keep that in mind.
Agatha: Dont **** with me you little whores!!!

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Old 2011-10-27, 05:53   Link #252
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There are just way too many epic moments to choose only one of them. What a Series! I really don't know why claymore is not much more popular than it currently is. If had to choose the best moment it would probably be all the cut-scenes of teressa and clare in the past

Claymore Live Action Project

Lets Make It Happen!
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Old 2011-10-28, 18:58   Link #253
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Originally Posted by malperd View Post
I really don't know why claymore is not much more popular than it currently is.

There are too many factors to consider whether a manga that gets published and serialized in Jump is popular like, for example, number of sales per volume, most voted series by the readers at weekly or monthly polls, etc.

Claymore's popular but within the scope of its intended themes delivered to the audience; it's shounen but NOT Mainstream shounen, that's why it gets currentlyserialized in Jump Square magazine and not in Shounen Jump magazine like other mainstream shounen like Naruto or Bleach. Because the latter magazine for the most part publishes manga that feature heroic themes, power of friendship prevailing over evil, justice, stories featuring a black-and-white morality tone but still having characters with human flaws.

Claymores' themes are set up in a dark-fantasy world featuring morally ambivalent characters within a dynamic gray zone. Their actions are driven more by personal revenge or to honor the memories of lost comrades, though most of the characters featured do care about others.
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Old 2011-10-30, 18:59   Link #254
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The Isley
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1. When Teresa jumps onto the tip of Sophia's sword as she's trying to stab her (best in the anime).

2. The black and white scene (in the anime) when Teresa stops Illena's QS in the hotel.

3. The entire Luciela/Isley fight.

4. Miata ripping that AB half with her hands

5. Anything with Galatea :P
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Old 2011-11-08, 00:59   Link #255
Madness Through Sound
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Best scenes.. hmmm it's a tough decision, but the emotional ones that pull the heart strings are really the ones that stand out for me haha. Like when Clare hugged Teresa and told her why she was by her side.

Scenes with Helen and generally good . Umm.. the male awakened fight with Miria, Helen, Deneve, and Clare..

When they owned Agatha.. umm when Jean saved Clare from awakening and idk.. that'll do haha
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Old 2011-11-08, 09:09   Link #256
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Originally Posted by Prinnydood View Post

When they owned Agatha..
I think this scene you've mentioned in passing is one of the smoothest, one-sided battles the Ghosts had. I loved how all seven of them work in sync with one another in cornering Agatha.
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Old 2011-11-08, 16:35   Link #257
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Originally Posted by shelter View Post
I think this scene you've mentioned in passing is one of the smoothest, one-sided battles the Ghosts had. I loved how all seven of them work in sync with one another in cornering Agatha.
Tell me about it -- it's the perfect example of a battle going exactly as Miria intended; with no shocking outside forces interfering (such as the AB actually being male, or Rigardo showing up).....everything went as it was expected too, and it was brilliantly executed.
"You know, their are as many ways to live as their are people in this world...and each one deserves a closer look."
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