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Old 2011-08-17, 21:47   Link #1
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Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth / Tsubasa Chronicles

So, my boyfriend and I met at work last easter, when I wore a Mokona hat (as a bunny dressup)

We eventually found out eachother was awesome.. and dating/engaged/etc,


he pronounces Mokona differently than I do.. Does anyone know whats official?

I had never seen magic knight rayearth before, and he did..

I looked up an episodes, and they do indeed pronounce it Mah-Cone-Uh...

Whereas I am used to Tsubasa Chronicles, where they pronounce is "Moke Ah Nuh"

So anyone know which is right? ;x
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Old 2011-08-18, 07:23   Link #2
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Mokona started out in Reyearth but became an integral character in the Tsubasa/xxx holic series. White Mokona for Tsubasa, Black one for Xxx holic.

Pronounce it as it is. Mo-ko-na.
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Old 2011-08-18, 07:35   Link #3
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Neither of you is right. You pronounce it as it's written, like ahelo said, Mo-ko-na.

Edit : I'm guessing you both watch anime with dubs... Dubs always pronounce names in weird way, no getting over that. Pronounce it like the Japanese do, the real way, Mo-ko-na.
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Old 2011-08-18, 08:15   Link #4
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Mokona kawaiiiii^^
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Old 2011-08-18, 08:51   Link #5
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Mokona was alright, but she was no Ryo-Oki
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Old 2011-08-18, 22:41   Link #6
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Ryo-ohki is just pure liver poison....

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