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Old 2010-09-01, 10:42   Link #81
Wiggle Your Big Toe
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I'm going to pick a day to marathon my Kon collection. It's going to be a different experience watching these films now, but I believe I'll end up appreciating them even more.
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Old 2010-09-02, 14:48   Link #82
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Originally Posted by Yuutsu View Post
Satoshi Kon's last words were incredibly powerful. They brought tears to the eyes of a guy even as jaded as I am... (Here's a full English translation).
What a nice read. Glad it was translated. One of my favorite quotes (besides the closure) that set a nice tone to those final words to me were:

However, I want them [co-worker staff] to understand, if only a little bit. Satoshi Kon was "that kind of guy", and, that's why he was able to make rather weird anime that was a bit different.
I dunno why that one stood out the most to me, felt like it gave me a small glimpse at the passion he had to truly make standout anime from the rest.

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Old 2010-09-02, 19:11   Link #83
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Kon Satoshi has been one of anime's truly great creators, and it's a very sad that's he's gone now. While Kon work is relatively limited - just four films, a one-cour TV series, and a writing credit, the amount of topics and themes they covered have been extremely diverse. It's quite unusual that each work is regarded as one of the highlights of their respective genres, but I think that Kon has done just that.

For me, the best qualities that Kon brought to anime are the seriousness with which he tackles their subjects and his talent at taking the best elements of the anime medium, and using them to effect in his work. One example of this can be found in Perfect Blue. While it appears that the film could very well have been produced as a live-action work, it's hard to see how such a work could replicate the anime's use of surrealism.

For all of Kon's greatness, none of his works rank as my very favorite. However, I have no hesitation in placing him among the very best directors (#2 to be precise). I haven't watched anime in almost a year now, but I think that I'll go and watch a marathon of his works. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Kon Satoshi's contribution to anime.
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Old 2010-09-02, 19:27   Link #84
~Official Slacker~
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47 is still somewhat a young age to die

After hearing about Satoshi Kon on the topic of "Tokyo Godfathers" and after searching for him on wiki, and reading all the comments about him, he must have truly been a great person.

I'll get to see his work in honor for him (Tokyo Godfathers)
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Old 2010-09-05, 00:30   Link #85
Sander RX
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It is outright devastating to lose a person of Satoshi Kon's stature.What's more,he was still in his prime and rife with creative ideas.He could have done so much more.The accursed cancer wouldn't even wait until he finished his final project.

We have to find a cure for cancer,a cure that can handle the damn plague at any stage,no matter how terminal.
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Old 2011-08-23, 23:42   Link #86
Tetra Vaal
Join Date: Jun 2011
Thumbs down Madhouse shuts down production on Satoshi Kon's 'The Dreaming Machine.'

"The already tumultuous production history of Satoshi Kon's final film, The Dreaming Machine (Yume-Miru Kikai) has just become even rockier with word that animation studio Madhouse have very quietly put the production on hold due to financial issues.

The final work by the brilliant director of Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress, production on The Dreaming Machine began with Kon already aware that he was terminally ill and very likely would not survive to see the project through to completion. His one request was that the studio would see the work through until the end. And it appeared that was the case with character designer Yoshimi Itazu taking over the directing role - based on the detailed instructions left behind by Kon - in November of 2010 following Kon's passing from cancer.

But Madhouse founder Masao Maruyama recently acknowledged at Otakon that, due to financial pressures at Madhouse, production on the film has been halted with only six hundred of the fifteen hundred total shots from the picture completed. Maruyama says he remains committed to finishing the picture but, clearly, a major influx of cash is needed if they have had to shut it down less than half way through."
This seriously breaks my heart. Almost a year after his death and this news comes out? The worst part is, he really wanted this film to be completed and even left detailed instructions on how to complete it. This sucks so hard.
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Old 2011-08-23, 23:51   Link #87
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That is really sad news, but to put things in perspective, I wouldn't have been surprised if the article had simply read "Madhouse shuts down". They've been banking on Redline to make some money, but that gamble has failed miserably. At least there's a chance that somebody might pick up the film sometime.
The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won...
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Old 2011-08-24, 00:31   Link #88
Bittersweet Distractor
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This makes me very very sad. I'm rather devastated. It was a great director's final wish too .
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Old 2011-08-24, 01:45   Link #89
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
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Someone send Madhouse a goddamn check.
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Old 2011-08-24, 06:34   Link #90
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When I heard this news a while back now I was pretty shocked & upset to say the least as I've always liked his works over the years, and have still gotta check out & watch Paranoia Agent yet very soon
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Old 2011-08-24, 07:17   Link #91
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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This is heartbreaking news indeed

I was looking forward to the final work of my one of my favorite director so damn much. I really hope they'll complete it someday, even if it takes years to do so. It was the man's final request, for Christ's sake!
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Old 2011-08-24, 12:59   Link #92
Tetra Vaal
Join Date: Jun 2011
It's hard to believe that a year ago today he passed away. He was definitely one of my favorite directors.
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Old 2011-08-25, 05:42   Link #93
Wiggle Your Big Toe
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Location: Milwaukee
Age: 26
Wow has it really been a year ago?

sheesh, makes that news even more saddening. Hopefully the film gets finished before it becomes a lost cause.
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Old 2011-08-25, 05:58   Link #94
Team Spice and Wolf UK
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Well, if they've had to shut it down because of financial issues; not because they actually didn't like the project, then there is still long term hope, as either they might be able to move forward later; or someone else might pickup and finish the project.

If they were a 3rd of the way through the footage, then directorials had been done, likely all of the writing, storyboarding etc, a substantial amount of the work has been done; as the foundations are all there, it's just having the cash and staff to finish the actual footage, throw in some editing and voice recording and they're done. I kow thats a simplification, but at least it's on hold about half way through, rather than the early stages where there'd be even less incentive to go back and finish it (whereas in this state there's some incentive to continue when you can to try and get back a return on the work already done)

Sad news to come out a year after a director's death though.
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