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Old 2011-08-29, 23:45   Link #21
Sawa-Chan <3 <3 <3
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Originally Posted by Detective-san View Post
The thing is, the crab was never really there, but you could also say that it's always there, since the crab is just her denying her own feelings.

The ritual put her in a calm state where she could realize that she can't get rid of those feelings and it would be better to carry her weight.

And no, I'm just another visitor at Baka-Tsuki.
Ok that make sense *_*. But that again raised a whole set of new questions as how she got stomped to the wall . But i guess as you said crab was and was not there. I guess it is just intended to be a complex, philosophical kinda episode so thinking too much about in a real sense would just contribute in frustrating me further *_*.

Thanks for the reply. I hope i could understand the stuff as well you did haha *_*.

I am studying Japanese right now, so who knows maybe in a year or 2 i can translate these kinda stuff ( more as a hobby learning sorta thing )

P.S. I can't give out more cookies but you have my thx <3 .
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