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Originally Posted by Hisoka?? View Post
Hmmz, not too sure about the size of the ship. I don't recall that it is half the size of the island, but I could be wrong. I'm assuming that it is just a very huge ship (with some other features I guess).
1 very much doubt that the ship needed to really carry millions and even if so, people can be packed tightly. Hell, I don't even know why they need the ship given that they are fish... But anyway, in almost every migration story, the initial number of people is always much smaller than the current number.

Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
Wow...where was this? I don't remember any reference to Noah having saved the Fishpeeps before.

But yes, I remember it being stated that it IS half the size of Fishman Island.

My bad, they only mentioned that it was built in the ancient time by the people on Fishman Island. For some reason I kept thinking that it was build "before" they arrived to the island, hence Noah was used.

But it did the chapter did state that it's half the size of Fishman Island, and since Otohime stated that there are 5 million living on island, it's safe to assume that Noah can at least fit a million in there...

Even if it's not actually half the size of island, if you look at frames with Noah in it and compare with the surrounding, it should at least be comparable to a city as sea kings and buildings all look minuscule compare to it and it is the farthermost object drawn in those pictures.

Anyway, I re-read past few chapters and two thing hits me. First, on mini-story with Crocus and Laboon, there was a guy sitting across and drank with Crocus with his back showing. I wonder who that is, perhaps another of Roger's crew? (the potential Bronze guy?)

Second, it looks like Oda already shown us the one transformation that Chopper still needs rumble ball for is Guard Point. While fighting Kraken, Chopper was shown using rumble ball before Guard Point.
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Come n' get them new spoilers while they're fresh!
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