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You know, I still don't see why people believe EVERY genin team must be partnered with a Jounin supervisor...

The team wouldn't be nominated for the Chuunin exam unless the Jounin felt they were at Chuunin level. To do otherwise would be cruel and sadistic (setting up your people for disappointment), but possible in the case of some evil, evil Jounin.

To be nominated for the Chuunin exam is a vote of confidence; stating that your team is ready to take the next step and move out from under your wing. Failing isn't really as big a deal; remember, only a certain number (8 in this case) can pass the exam. The Rain ninjas Gaara killed in the forest seemed quite old. Some ninjas remarked that they had taken the exam 5,6 times. Should your team not pass, will you retract your statement and resign yourself to supervising over your subordinates until they become Chuunin (which may be NEVER?)

So my theory:
After the first time a team takes the Chuunin exam, they are officially released from the Jounin's care. Whether or not the Jounin makes the decision to stay with his team (Gai would do it, Kakashi maybe) is entirely up to him, though the Hokage may pull the Jounin away for special missions.

The Genin and Chuunin are all thrown into a big lump of ninja, and picked as the mission states.

Example: Protect minister. Risk of assassination attempt high.
Shikamaru - his Kagemane no Jutsu is one of the few able to stop many opponents at the same time
Kiba - his nose can sniff out enemies from far away
Neji/Hinata - the Byakugan can find enemies close-range (all around) and distant (focused, but loses 360 vision)
Naruto - his Kagebunshin + Henge - allows him to become 500 of the minister. Enemy ninjas won't know which one to attack

Well, I already picked Kiba and Hinata. What about Shino (the 3rd member of that team)? Well, his particular talents aren't quite right for this mission. (or at least not quite as good as the others')

I'm not looking for Shino-supporter 'well he's better than Naruto because...' I'm looking for responses as to whether or not people believe the theory that at a certain point, the Genin/Chuunin are switched around for different missions based on their specific abilities rather than remain locked in their teams until they become Chuunin (which again, many people will probably never pass).
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